Ways to maintain employee engagement

by Carter Toni

With so much change to the way we approach our work life in the past couple of years, maintaining employee engagement has become more important than ever.

With recent reports from YouGov revealing that 50% of Brits still work from home since the outbreak of the pandemic – it’s clear to see that many companies are adopting a hybrid or remote working style across 2022.

In this article, we discuss a few top tips on how to keep workers’ engagement levels high, and what the benefits are of doing so.

Why is employee engagement important?

Maintaining a good level of engagement across your team directly leads to positive results. It keeps everybody’s brains switched on and fired up – which is particularly important when you have team members working remotely. Reports show that 66% of employees find they get through more work while working from home. However, less social interaction in this setting can often result in a lack of connectionwhich can negatively impact work output. To avoid this, employers need to get creative in finding ways to maintain levels of engagement across each department.

Reward systems

A little praise for positive results across the business goes a long way. This could be as simple as highlighting individual work from a team member which has stood out for all the right reasons. A small shout out of recognition can hugely boost a person’s confidence and overall productivity levels. Another, more general way, of increasing employee engagement, is through granting everyone excellent work perks. These rewards could be anything, such as a later start time or earlier finish once a month, food vouchers, and even gifted mailers sent out to teams in the post. Many mailers can be an interactive activity for everyone to get involved in over a video call – such as arts and crafts projects, pasta making, or a fun Friday quiz for everyone to take part. These are all great ways to increase the connection between employees who are working remotely.

Provide the best tools for the job

No matter what industry you may work within, equipping your workers with the best tools for the job is essential to productive output and high-quality results. This applies across every sector, such as bakers having an electric whisk for smoother mixtures, garage owners having the appropriate tool storage cabinet to organise equipment, and office workers having a fast laptop, monitors, and ahead mic if working from home. In a nutshell, providing your employees with the latest gear will adequately equip them for the task at hand, making their job quicker and easier in the process. This is a huge benefit for the company as it means larger sums of work can be completed in shorter time frames.

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