Ways to personalize your home and leave your mark

by Carter Toni

For most of us, the purchase of a home is the single biggest investment we’ll make in our lives. Given the costs involved – not to mention the fact the majority of people sign up to a lengthy mortgage – it’s perhaps just human nature to want to leave our mark on our homes and truly make them our own.

Personalizing your house is as complex or as easy as you want it to be. From simple touches like photo collages to more lasting ideas like planting a tree, below are just a few ways to personalize your home and make a statement.

Hang personal photos

Sure, professional artwork and prints might look good, but nothing speaks as loudly and creates an instant impression of who you are and the things you enjoy better than personal photos. If you want to go all-in, think about putting together a photo collage featuring you (and/or) your loved ones in various activities or locations.

Perhaps you traveled the world once – or were in a sports team or a band. Whatever, so long as it’s personal to you, it will speak volumes about you as a person and will become an instant talking point for anyone visiting your home.

Replace an outer wall brick with an engraving

If you want to stamp your mark on your home, you could think about replacing brickwork with a specially engraved brick – either on a free-standing wall or the exterior of your home. Installing an engraved brick somewhere around your home will leave a lasting message for generations to come while marking your time spent in the house. Of course, thinking forward to when you could come to sell your house, you might want to pick somewhere relatively subtle and unobtrusive.

Repaint your front door

The first thing most visitors to your home will see is your front door, so the condition and quality of your door make an instant impression. It’s a good idea to keep your front door in good order both from an aesthetic and security perspective.

Change the lighting

The lighting in a home can make a tremendous difference to its overall ambiance and sense of welcoming. Indeed, if you want a very cost-effective way to alter the feeling a home creates, changing the lighting can be a very good place to start. At a minimum, think about dimmer switches, so you can change the brightness in rooms, but also consider modern LED lights that can change color at the flick of a switch.

Change up your drapes

The windows in your home provide your view on the world – but, equally, they also provide a view into your life from outside. Even just a simple change to the drapes you hang can make a difference to the exterior look of your home – plus, they can provide an effective ‘frame’ to your windows from the inside.

When replacing drapes, again think about color (choose shades that match your existing interior or furniture), but also consider fabrics and styles for the ultimate effect.

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