We’ve Got the Top Cat Hashtags For Cat Lovers Right Here!

by Carter Toni

If you spend your spare time perusing Instagram looking for gorgeous cat images, then we can help.  We have scoured the web to find the best cat hashtags for you to use during your search.  Of course, you might be a cat fan with a cat that needs to be seen by everyone on Instagram!  In which case, using the right cat hashtags will make a difference to how your cat images perform on the platform.  Read on for more information on cat hashtags.

Got a Cat Related Business?

Growing a business online takes time but it also takes skill.  If you have a cat business, a cat-food business or a pet business then you need to know how to use the right cat hashtags.  When you post on Instagram, you should always add some cat hashtags.  While Instagram recommends no more than 30 hashtags per post, we would advise to use approximately 10 per post – otherwise, your post ends up looking far too cluttered!

We would also advise dressing up your post by using emojis, stickers, filters and adding tags of other businesses or people and tagging your location, if you’re a local business.  Additionally, you might want to learn how to highlight your post to really drive engagement.  Still want to learn more about getting the best out of social media? Here’s another very interesting piece on social media strategies for black-owned businesses.This will help you grow your cat business and get noticed on all the right platforms.

Just Like to View Cat Images?

Maybe you don’t have a cat business or you’re not interested in turning your cat into a Cat Influencer.  However, you do love images of cats, fluffy cats, kittens, black cats, white cats, ginger cats – heck, all cats!  They’re your favorite animals and you want to know how to search them in the search bar.  It’s all about using the best cat hashtags so we’ve got a list below to help you discover even more cat-related content on Instagram.  Remember, you can also click on cat hashtags in other cat fans’ posts to see cat content too, as well as using the search bar.

A List of Cat Hashtags To Find The Best Cat Pics on Insta!

Here’s our list of the top cat-related hashtags to help you boost your cat Influencer career or to just help you to find even more gorgeous cats to look at:

  • #cat. The most obvious cat hashtag of all and the most popular.  Basically, this one does what it says on the tin.  If it’s a picture of a cat, keep it basic!  This is the biggest cat hashtag on Instagram, really, we don’t think we need to explain why!
  • #kitten. Yes, another obvious cat hashtag and especially for kitten-lovers (who doesn’t love a ball of fluffiness after all?). Cat pictures also use the #kitten to push their photographs up news feeds.  You can too!
  • #catlovers. If you love cats, use the #catlover post to search and also beneath your own cat content.  It’s a seriously popular cat hashtag that most cat-related businesses use.  Just have a go searching this one in your Instagram search bar and see how many millions of results it lists.
  • #catsofInstagram. This one is a specially created cat hashtag for Instagram users and always delivers plenty of cat images and videos.  Cat fans made it for you – so use it on your posts and when you search for feline photos and videos.
  • #catsagram. Slightly shortened version of the above cat hashtag and a very popular, much-used cat hashtag. This is a must-use when posting pictures of your favorite feline and when searching as well.
  • #kitty. That’s what your cat is – a kitty, so use this hashtag as it’s immensely favored by cat fans and cat posters. This one should be in your list of ten hashtags on your cat posts – remember, you can always mix it up, you don’t have to use the same hashtags time and again.
  • #instacat. Here’s another Insta-only hashtag that is favored by cat fans on the social media platform.  Try it alongside your cat posts and see what engagement you get.
  • #blackcat #whitecat #graycat #gingercat. This is all about specifics.  Some people simply can’t get enough pictures of ginger cats, others have a fascination for black cats so type up a hashtag with your cat’s color (don’t make it too obscure or you risk not reaching a wide audience).

Cat Hashtags – The Last Word

Hopefully we’ve helped you with some cat hashtag ideas.  Stick to around ten per post and mix it up to see which combination works best for your images.  You can also add your own ideas (as long as you use the most popular hashtags as well). Before we go, if you’re just setting up a cat account, this is a useful piece to help with finding a name. Happy cat hashtagging!

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