What Are the Health Benefits of Cannabis?

by Carter Toni

Cannabis has been used for centuries for its alleged medicinal properties. From India to China, many ancient people believed this herb could prolong life, induce sleep, and even reduce fevers.

However, medicine has come a long way since ancient times, and you’re not likely to find cannabis on your local pharmacy’s shelves anytime soon. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any potential health benefits. Researchers are currently working on discovering these potential benefits.

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It’s crucial to note that although some research has been done and several health benefits have been studied, much more research is needed to make any solid claims for its health benefits. Not to mention, cannabis has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition buy weed online.

The benefits we’ll cover today are only potential benefits and not proven, approved treatments or cures for any medical condition. In addition, you should always consult your doctor before starting any new supplement.

Cannabis may have a positive influence on blood pressure.

positive influence on blood pressure

study conducted in 2017 found that cannabidiol (CBD) may positively impact blood pressure in humans. In this study, participants found that their resting blood pressure had lowered after taking CBD and completing stress tests, including mental arithmetic and isometric exercise. As a result, there may be a link between CBD and blood pressure that may be utilized in the future after more research has been conducted.

CBD could potentially help with an overly active mind.

CBD could potentially

One of the most commonly reported effects of cannabis is that it helps people with an overly active mind. Many studies have looked into this effect with occasional anxiousness and reported varying results. Clearly, more research is needed, and it appears as though some of these effects with occasional nervousness vary from person to person.

Cannabis products show potential when it comes to discomfort.

potential when it comes to discomfort

Dealing with discomfort is one of the first avenues researchers began studying with cannabis products. Numerous studies have shown the potential for this product’s influence on discomfort. However, further studies are required to conclude its effects on physical pain.

Cannabis products may one day help combat the opioid epidemic.

Cannabis products

The opioid epidemic has spread well around the United States. This epidemic has reached people from all walks of life. Recent studies have shown the potential of cannabis products as a prospective way to combat those struggling with opioid use. This research is still currently underway, and more results are to come in the near future. So, only time will tell if cannabis could be taken advantage of for this situation.

The FDA has approved one CBD treatment for rare forms of epilepsy.


In 2018, the FDA approved EPIDIOLEX®, a CBD-based oral solution to treat two rare epilepsy syndromes. EPIDIOLEX® can treat these two syndromes, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in people two years of age or older. Not to mention, this is the first FDA-approved treatment for Dravet syndrome.

More research is needed, but the medical community is making headway.

Despite how much more research is needed to prove the potential health benefits of cannabis, the medical community is making headway. Most benefits vary between people and haven’t been solidified by the FDA. However, treatments like EPIDIOLEX® are setting the foundation for more potential uses for cannabis products in the future.

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