5 Ways Cannabis Turns You Into A Top Employee

by Carter Toni

Most people assume cannabis turns you into a lazy person. If you spark up straight before work it’s not going to do you any favors, but the plant has positive benefits too. It could help you become the top employee in the office. 

Does your employer have a zero-tolerance policy on cannabis? If not, it’s worth thinking about testing it out provided it’s legal where you live. Let’s discuss a few of the main ways it’s going to send your career into overdrive. 

1. Speaking To Groups Of People 

Smoking too much cannabis will make you feel anxious, but low doses will lower your anxiety. You might want to order a Surrey weed delivery if you need to speak in public. It’s not easy speaking to large groups of people. 

If you’re more comfortable with CBD, keep some gummies on your desk. If you get called into a meeting where you need to speak you can pop one. A little boost of confidence will help you climb up the corporate ladder quicker. 

2. Brightening Up Your Tired Face 

The way you look shouldn’t play a part in how you’re treated at work, but it’s going to happen no matter what. In most cases, it’s a subconscious thing. Peers don’t know they treat you better because you’re good-looking. 

Once you’ve been stressed out it starts to show in your face. Wrinkles and acne will make an appearance. Companies can deliver marijuana easily once you finish work to help you melt the stress away. 

3. Falling Asleep A Lot Quicker 

It’s horrible when you spend hours in bed waiting until your brain switches off. You know it’s going to be an absolute nightmare in the morning. How are you supposed to work if you can’t open your eyes to look at your computer? 

Not only will cannabis help you fall asleep quicker at night, but you won’t wake up at random times. Indica strains are great if you’re an insomniac, whereas Sativa strains will likely give you energy and keep you awake. 

4. Concentrating On Your Tasks 

If you have trouble focusing on work you might have ADHD. Unless you’ve been diagnosed in school, you probably don’t know you’ve got it. Climbing up the ladder to upper management is tough if you can’t concentrate. 

Thankfully, certain cannabis strains will improve your focus. CBD will also help you block out all distractions while you work. Scientists have been impressed by their findings when looking into CBD and its productivity benefits. 

5. Don’t Call In Sick Any More 

Have you worked with someone who always seems to call in sick? When it’s time to hand out promotions they’re nowhere to be found. Once you begin to supplement with cannabis you will be off work less often due to sickness. 

That’s because weed helps with lots of illnesses, including cancer, MS, chronic pain, and much more. Ask your doctor about a medical marijuana prescription if it’s not legal to purchase recreationally in your city. 

Do You Want To Earn More 

Becoming a top employee at work will help you earn lots more money, so it’s worth looking into at the very least. If you don’t want to smoke, you can use edibles or sprays.d

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