What Are The Latest Outplacement Strategies For HR?

by Sean Dixon

Outplacement started in the 1960s for upper management executives as a way to get back into the working field without any challenge. Today outplacement services are offered to various individuals throughout an organisation, especially during a layoff period, to help former employees get back on their feet. 

In today’s world, no one sticks to one employee. On the contrary, people are always on the lookout for constant change and better opportunities. If you end on a bitter note with your employee, they might go around giving your organisation a bad name affecting your reputation negatively. For reasons like this, there should be outplacement Strategies for HR and help employees and companies handle this transition period. 

To help you with this process, you could also hire outplacement services that can help your employees land their next opportunity. These firms can provide assistance in resume writing and career coaching and seek out target companies. This process needs to be handled carefully as this can be an extremely sensitive and difficult time for the employee being fired. 

You can implement smarter strategies after incorporating smarter HRMS like Knowva in your organisations. Follow the blog post to know more.

Outplacement Strategies For HR Teams To Implement For Smoother Exit Management:

Work towards building a reputation.

Nothing solidifies a company’s position in the market like a good reputation. But, on the other hand, a bad reputation will demoralise the organisation and perhaps even sink your business. To avoid this, you must treat your employees respectfully and communicate clearly. 

They may have a lot of negative emotions, so helping them through this period should be the fundamental step of your outplacement strategy. This will let you end things on good terms, and if there is ever a possibility in the future where you want to rehire the same employee, that door is always open.   

Cut down costs for severance packages.

One of the many downsides of laying off employees is that paying their severance packages can be expensive for your company. However, there is an outplacement benefit you could use to your advantage. A severance package is a pay and other benefits given to employees when they are asked to leave an organisation against their will. 

To help your employees out during the outplacement process, you could let them choose between their severance package or helping set them up in another company. There is a strong possibility that your employee will go for the latter, and this means you can potentially save money.  

You will get to know these insights about your employees’ psychology when you conduct exit interviews with them. The layoff shouldn’t stop you from asking them the right questions and offering them the compensation they wouldn’t refuse. 

Smarter HRMS like uKnowva helps you do that. You can upload the surveys there and run an analysis at the backend. Then, the HR analytics suggests the right compensation to provide. 

Support your employees.

There may be various reasons why you had to fire an employee. Regardless of the reason, you need to understand that being fired is very tough for people to handle emotionally, and that means they might need your support during this trying time. 

Show compassion and try to empathise with their struggle. Some of them might want to talk to you about what they are going through, so you must listen to them as much as possible. This will help you build a safe space for them, and you can use this opportunity to walk through the outplacement protocols and help them get career guidance so they can get back on track professionally.  

Resolve complaints with clear communication.

You must communicate with your employee as to why you won’t be extending their future in the company. This is important because it leaves no room for misunderstanding and provides context. 

Sometimes with protocols, it might be difficult for your employees to find a clear communication chain to put across their grievances. uKnowva’s HRMS is built with features like the Grievance Management System and dedicated Helpdesks to resolve complaints faster.  

Enable virtual outplacement with smoother exit management.

Remote work has been on the rise since the pandemic, and sometimes it can get complicated handling outplacement for your remote employees. One strategy that can help you with this is implementing a virtual outplacement system with technology. 

uKnowva’s HRMS implements an exit management process for all your employees, helping you automate the millennial paperwork and proceed to conduct exit surveys for your employees. This feature ensures that the departing employees exit smoothly through a structured process. So, it leaves no confusion or security threats or issues from any end. The google email ID also deactivates as soon as the employee leaves with their full and final settlement. This feature is enabled in the uKnowva HRMS.


Easy to work around outplacement strategies are mentioned above. Apply them to keep your employees on good terms when they leave. One way to ensure this process is hassle-free is to make your outplacement services easy to understand and guide them through the learnings. 

uKnowva HRMS helps organisations to set the right rules for their new and impromptu layoff or outplacement scenarios. There will be less friction and more clarity with automated exit management on uKnowva HRMS.

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