What features should a modern mushroom picking trolley have?

by Carter Toni

modern mushroom picking trolley

Mushroom picking trolleys are a big (and necessary) investment, so in most cases, before making a decision, potential buyers want to learn as much about the available products as possible. However, it may not be obvious what exactly to look for to make sure that the trolley won’t disappoint.

Modern, top-of-the-line trolleys have many interesting features regarding automation, safety, worker’s comfort and so on that are worth paying attention to. The most important ones will be explained in more detail below.

Automation features are a must-have

Automation is something that has made a world of difference in many industries in the last few decades – including the mushroom growing industry. Previously, many actions had to be performed manually, which was slower (and thus less efficient, leading to lower profitability of the company) and more tiring for the workers.

Nowadays, a modern mushroom picking trolley, such as the NEWTON model, can automate both the up and down and left and right movement (the latter is optional, however). Another feature that makes the work more comfortable and less tiring is an ergonomic seat that can be moved to accommodate the worker (their posture, for example).

Thanks to special profiles, made of very durable materials, the whole trolley frame is very stable. Non-slip platform, together with an automatic stoppage system that pauses the movement of the trolley when an obstacle is detected, ensure a high level of safety. Barriers placed around the trolley and a door that opens to the inside (so that it will always be closed before starting work) prevent accidents as well.

One other thing worth mentioning is the battery capacity. Optimal capacity will allow for relatively infrequent charging (only once every few days), so the workers won’t have to deal with the battery becoming empty in the middle of the shift. Modern trolley batteries don’t require employee supervision during charging, so the whole process is easier than ever.

Modern trolleys are made with harsh conditions in mind

Conditions in a mushroom growing farm can be quite harsh, mostly due to high humidity. Therefore, a high-quality trolley must be made of durable material that can withstand such conditions without frequent maintenance or costly repairs.

An important example is the wheels – high-quality trolleys are equipped with special heavy-duty wheels which ensure appropriate adhesion, durability and resistance to corrosion. It’s worth noting that, in such a trolley, electrical components are placed in a special, tightly sealed electrical box that prevents dirt, liquids and other potentially harmful elements from causing a malfunction.

When choosing a new mushroom picking trolley, it’s best not to compromise on quality. Such features as automatic up and down movement, optimal battery capacity and stoppage systems can heavily impact the efficiency and safety of mushroom picking, leading to higher profitability. To acquire a trolley with such features (and more), it’s best to contact a reliable, proven supplier, such as GROWTIME.

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