What is Convalescence Care?

by Carter Toni

Convalescence care is a temporary form of healthcare used to help older adults with chronic illnesses recover from a sickness, injury, or surgery before returning home.

Moreover, it is for people who struggle with mobility or day-to-day functionality. This type of care aims to provide older adults with the care and support system they need to help them regain their strength and independence.

You can learn more about convalescence care options here, where we’ll discuss its details, benefits, what to bring during the stay, and how to prepare for discharge.

Eligibility requirements for convalescent care

Let’s discuss the general requirements for convalescence care. Criteria may be different for each service provider.

  • Complete an assessment to determine whether this care type makes the most sense for an older adult.
  • Confirm ability to pay the cost (if not subsidized)
  • Agree to leave the care facility after the set period of stay.

Costs of convalescent care in Ontario

The cost of convalescent care depends on location and whether public or private health offers services.

Ontario uses a co-payment system where the government and the individual contribute to the cost of staying in a Long Term Care residence. Fees also vary depending on the room type (basic, semi-private, or private). The daily rate for a short-term stay is $41.25.

There are additional fees for hairdressing, TV and phone services, the internet, and transportation.

Costs of convalescent care in Alberta

Alberta’s system is a bit different. While the government covers personal and medical care costs, the older adult handles accommodation charges, including temporary rooms, meals, housekeeping, and building maintenance.

Let’s review the costs residents must pay until June 30, 2023, in Long Term Care or Designated Supportive Living. Note that feeds can also get adjusted throughout the year.

The daily rate for a private room is $72.35, with the monthly cost being $2,201. The daily cost for a semi-private room is $62.60, and the monthly fee is $1,904. Last, the most affordable price is for a standard room. It will cost an individual $59.50 a day or $1,810 monthly.

Benefits of convalescence care

Now, let’s consider why convalescent care could be an excellent option for your loved ones.

Fast recovery

Older adults that use convalescent care services often recover faster because they receive the necessary resources to manage their condition. Services are tailored to the individual’s treatment pay and may include medical treatment, rehabilitation, and emotional support.

Reduction in complications

Since someone is always watching out for the older adults who receive convalescence care, there are lower chances of complications during recovery. Issues, challenges, and difficulties get addressed quickly, leading to faster recovery times and a healthier recovery in the long run.

Improved mental wellbeing

Staff who support convalescence care practices are trained to be empathetic. Beyond just providing medical care, healthcare aides will be there for emotional support, which can be particularly important during recovery.

This support can help patients manage stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges that can impact their recovery.

Enhanced quality of life

Overall, convalescence care improves people’s quality of life by providing them with the tools and resources they need for a fast and successful recovery.

All the things to bring to convalescence care

Older adults should bring certain items for a comfortable stay when preparing for convalescence care. These items may include:

  • Comfortable and washable clothing: Guests should bring washable clothing that can easily be taken on and off. This typically includes loose-fitting clothing and slip-on footwear. Remember, as individuals go through treatment, there is no need to have restricting garments.
  • Personal items: Since the stay is temporary, individuals should bring their toiletries, towels, and other hygiene products. If not, it may be an extra charge to supply them.
  • Medical aides: Bringing walkers, wheelchairs and other medical aides will help older adults stay more comfortable. Since the stay is temporary, service providers will only have a limited number available. Bringing one’s own helps to ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible.
  • Entertainment: To help pass the time, older adults are encouraged to bring anything that interests them. This may include books, magazines, or other forms of entertainment.

Preparing for discharge

Preparing for discharge is an integral part of the convalescence care process. To prepare for discharge, individuals should follow these steps.

Communicate with the team.

During the stay, individuals will regularly meet with the healthcare team to ensure they are on track with their recovery goals. This is an opportunity to speak to all the professionals about the next steps.

Follow the at-home care plan.

When an individual leaves the service care provider, they should follow the at-home care plan to continue with recovery goals.

Arrange for follow-up care.

In addition to following the at-home care plan, some older adults may need to schedule follow-up appointments to ensure recovery is continuing. Such arrangements may include physical therapy or medical care.

And, when in doubt, it is always best to ask questions, even after leaving, as the staff is happy to clear up any last-minute details and alleviate any concerns before you leave.

Conclusion — What is convalescent care?

In conclusion, convalescence care is an essential part of the healthcare system that provides older adults with a temporary stay, support and resources to achieve their recovery goals.

Both public and private health services offer convalescence care, and fees vary from location to location, making it crucial to have a predetermined budget.

As a result of this type of care, older adults can expect to have a faster recovery, reduce complications, and improve their emotional and mental well-being.

Overall, convalescence care is a great temporary option to help older adults recover in a safe environment with access to support if necessary.

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