What Makes monday.com Ideal for Startups?

by Carter Toni

In case you start up your business with only you and your co-founder, perhaps you still see collaboration and distribution of work to be very easy. In fact, you might don’t really need any system.  However, once you need to get a few employees, the case will be completely different. It will take a lot of work for everyone to do the right thing at the right time, and on the same path. This is exactly where project management software for startups will really help. With the right solution from the monday demo, it will be easy for you to streamline workflows across your organization. Additionally, you can allow your team members to manage themselves. But what makes the software ideal for startups? Let’s dive further!

How Does monday.Com Software Work for Startups?

The best project management software such as monday software provides not only task management. Instead, it also offers workflow automation and customer relationship management. Aside from high-level features, your startup business needs a product that is easy to use. Eventually, this software will never slow down your workflow or onboarding process.

Another important thing is, the monday.com demo has shown how it helps a lot in training new employees. As an entrepreneur, we know that the important part of growth is the ability to hire new employees quickly. Even more, you also need to build an efficient corporate culture.  Well, this software will support you through this process.

What Features Doesmonday Software Offer for Startups?

monday software comes with many useful features to support startup businesses. What are they?

Resource Management Feature

monday demo has presented how the software allows you to effectively catalog, monitor, as well as manage your company’s resources. This applies to technical equipment, rental locations, and even your human resources.

You will get a real-time dashboard of available resources on the software. This allows you to make better administrative decisions.  For example, you will be able to schedule building projects. This way, you can minimize rental equipment or contractor costs. Additionally, you will also be able to figure out how to assign talent across teams. This can eventually assist you to deal with changing demands and last-minute projects.

Time Tracking Feature

Many monday.com reviews mention that the software provides a time tracking feature including specific project tasks and work items.  This feature will be highly useful to help you in managing outside contractors and freelancers that you pay on an hourly basis.

Another important thing is, this feature will help you predict your monthly labor costs. In addition, you will be able to see which projects and processes are using most of your resources. Another benefit offered by time tracking is that the feature allows all employees to work on a flexible schedule.

With the time tracking feature from the Monday software demo, you can let your employees set and track their own hours.

Hence, if you have this functionality right in your project management software, you will get better results.

Employee Onboarding and Training Feature

We know that hiring and training employees are the most essential crucial part of growing your business. If you want to get successful, you will need a reliable process that scales your company culture.  How can you do this properly?

You can do this properly by using a standardized workflow for hiring, onboarding, and training new hires from the monday.com software demo.  On a monday review, users mention that you will be able to use custom templates like this employee onboarding checklist. Then, you can simply assign it to every new hire.

In addition, you can also include files and explanatory docs directly to tasks. This will enable you to standardize and streamline the entire process.

After all, a new hire can be difficult to contribute to the team if they don’t know what to do or what is going on. Accordingly, it might take a while for new hires to reach full productivity. Yet, this is not something you can afford as a startup business. This is where monday.com software comes to your rescue.

Document and Knowledge Management Feature

In case you are working with emails and spreadsheets, it will be very easy for data to simply get lost in endless email threads or any hard drive.  In startup businesses, when team members and projects are often changing at a faster rate, this will even be more important.

The monday demo shows how the software will also act as a skeleton framework for managing essential knowledge.

With monday.com, you can easily add all documentation and files directly to project work items along with deliverables.  As a result, you will not need that struggle to find a wireframe, prototype design, or product specifications in case any employee leaves the job.

Workflow Automation Feature

Apart from helping startup businesses organize their work, the monday demo displays how this software can also help you eliminate meaningless tasks.

Most startup businesses use a wide variety of different software apps and tools to help them manage their business. Unfortunately, this means that there will be a lot of checking different dashboards, data entry, copy and paste, as well as collating data for reports.

In simple words, you will find a ton of menial tasks related to data. The good news is, with monday.com, you can start getting rid of some of that unnecessary work. Using its seamless integrations, real-time dashboard, and automation builder, you will be able to create a new, smarter workflow.

Customer Relationship Management Feature

Some startup businesses are struggling to adopt a CRM platform. Instead of using complicated enterprise software, you can eventually handle CRM-related activities with Monday software. Only a few project management tools can handle this case. Apart from the reasonable monday.com pricing plans, the software also offers an extensive range of customized templates and workflows to do just that.

Marketing Planning and Management Feature

Planning a perfect marketing campaign is highly important for startup businesses. On the Monday demo, you will find a way to set up an integrated marketing dashboard. This will automatically retrieve data from advertising platforms such as Facebook ads.

This way, you will be able to monitor:

  • Spending across all channels
  • Incoming leads
  • The performance of individual campaigns

Even better, you can also use the virtual whiteboard app on monday.com to get early-stage ideas. Once you have decided on a few, you can then add them to your detailed campaign calendar. Or else, you can also add them on the Kanban board.

Final Ideas

Without any doubt, the Monday demo has presented how the software is the ideal solution for startup businesses. Apart from the cheap monday.com cost, the platform offers innovative features.

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