What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Roofer?

by Sean Dixon

local roofing contractor.


A roofer is a skilled professional who instals, renovates, and maintains roofs. They may be specialised in a particular design of roof or specific roofing materials. A roof is an essential part of any building structure. Therefore, it makes sense for homeowners to hire only qualified individuals to work on their roofs.

Personal Attributes of a Roofer

Working as a roofer comes with risks. You will work in different weather conditions and geographical locations. You must be physically fit, as you will be working on your feet. You must also exercise safety precautions.

Some of the personal attributes you must have as a roofer include:

Attention to Detail

As a roofer, you must pay attention to the details, especially the measurements. One tiny mistake can cause leaks or extra expenses for the client. You don’t want to deal with an angry client or have a bad reputation either. It’s also important to be careful about your safety as missteps can cause injuries or even fatalities.


This job isn’t for the faint-hearted. It is physically demanding and involves climbing, carrying heavy materials, and working at heights.

Communication Skills

You must know how to communicate with your clients respectfully and professionally. Possessing active listening skills is also important to ascertain exactly what the client has in mind and what their budget is.

Computer Knowledge

In today’s world, most business interactions are done with the click of a button. Having basic computer skills is necessary.

Qualifications for a Roofer

Compared to some other professions, a roofer has the advantage of learning while on the job. An essential qualification is that one must have undergone and completed an apprenticeship program.

Other additional qualifications a roofer must have:

  • The latest knowledge and skills in the roofing sector. The more updated you are, the more you are likely to satisfy the needs of your clients.
  • A reputable name. This can be built by having good and positive reviews from previous clients. Alternatively, if you work in a reputable company, clients are likely to trust you more than other roofers. Work clean, always finish the job, and go the extra mile.
  • Certifications from relevant training schools or seminars. Having academic proof of your skills and knowledge will set you apart from the crowd
  • A licence that allows you to work on roofing projects. This will ensure that clients trust you because you know what you are doing.

Apprenticeship Programs

To build a career as a professional roofer, it’s important that you enrol in an apprenticeship program. To qualify for this program, you must have a high school diploma or its alternative, a GED.

In this program, you’ll be trained by experts, get practical skills and be able to earn money at the same time. Some of the skills you will learn in this program are installing different types of roofs, various roofing materials, math skills, blueprint reading, building code essentials, measuring and cutting, first aid skills, and other safety measures as well as additional skills in line with the construction industry.

Once you successfully complete the program, you will qualify as a journeyman.


For a qualified roofing contractor, contact your local roofing contractor.

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