What to Add to the Exterior of Your Home to Improve Value

by Carter Toni

Adding equity or value to our homes is one of the issues we all encounter as we look to move up the property ladder or simply improve where we live. There are a number of certainties that will serve to add value to your home. Forget all the other must-do home renovation lists; below are the top four additions to your exterior space that have been proven time and time again to add value.


Decks can be used in both front and back yard gardens and will provide a seating area that will maximize the beauty and functionality of the outside spaces of your home. Backyard decks especially have replaced the porch and patio as the place to hang out and relax with friends and family. They must be weather and slip-resistant, and the best decks include some cover for shade and protection from the elements. It also provides for improved privacy, and as such,it has been one of the main aspects of a home that people are looking for. There are some great modern designs, and the picture frame deck is definitely one that is both modern and stylish.

Outdoor dining areas

Whether it’s an overhang or pergola, an outdoor kitchen, or a patio, any space that you have for a table and chairs that will allow for a sit-down meal is a magnificent home addition. It’s proven that such an area can add up to 10 % of value to the property. You must, however, ensure that there is lighting and don’t go too big; you want to keep the green space.

Add a pool

This is a tricky one because you do need to be in a climate zone (like Florida and Texas) that would encourage the use of such an asset. Unless you have the finances to heat a pool, it is an addition that will require solar and green tech to run and maintain economically. Therefore, before you start digging, you also need to consider the maintenance and running costs. A good-looking,functional swimming pool will add value, while one that isn’t will simply serve to detract, and in fact, many homes with unused pools requiring major maintenance simply do not sell.

Update landscaping

Simply having a flowerbed replanted or re-designing the flow of the green and hard landscaped garden components and tying these all together is a wonderful way to add color and current design aspects to the grown element of the garden. Look to add usable green space by terracing slopes and having well-maintained, hardwearing turf or lawn. You may also need to consider buying larger trees to add immediate shade, which is always a garden essential. To add the perfect added value, put a mailbox post with a shape and color that matches your garden.

Before you start calling the contractors or designing a new fire pit and kitchen, you need to have a budget in mind. One of the main risks with setting out to add value to the property is that you may overcapitalize and spend more than a prospective buyer is willing to pay. Do your homework and speak to estate agents, and if adding value is the key, spend some time looking at other properties for sale and work from there.

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