Bingo and Bingo Lingo For Dummies

by Carter Toni

The classic and timelessly entertaining game of bingo is a game that can be traced back for hundreds of years.

Bingo became incredibly popular and somewhat mainstream, however, around the end of the Great Depression, when other forms of entertainment like theatre and dining out were impossible to afford for the majority of people.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is the classic game of bingo explained as well as some of the most accepted and proven health benefits of playing bingo, explained for ultimate beginners.

The Basics

The main and most fundamental element to understanding the game of bingo is learning about the bingo tickets themselves. Traditional bingo players have six tickets per game, all of which display the numbers 1 to 90, with no number being repeated on any single set of tickets. To make it easier for the player, the numbers are grouped together in columns from left to right, in singles, 10, 20s, 30s etc.

There are basically three ways to win at bingo and be the envy of everyone else in the room when you jump out of your seat and call out loud. Your first option of winning is if the bingo caller calls out an entire line of numbers on your ticket and, traditionally, this line can only go across the ticket, rather than diagonally or downwards through the numbers. Conventional bingo games offer two-line wins as well whereby, rather self-explanatorily, the player must have two completed lines of numbers going across the ticket to win. The main and most lucrative way to win a bingo game is when your entire bingo ticket is completely crossed out and this is always called ‘Full House’. Earning a full house is truly the holy grail of bingo and, when this happens to you, shout ‘bingo’ as loud as you can!

Modern Bingo

If you would prefer to hone your skills, or even learn the game of bingo in the privacy of your own home, you might be considering playing bingo online, be that free games for practice or playing for real money. If so, make sure you use an experienced and established bingo sites reviewer to ensure you choose the site that best suits your individual needs, specifications and player level.

There – you’re now on your way to becoming a bingo pro.

Bingo Benefits! 

Aside from the obvious benefits of a cheeky monetary win, there are copious other advantages of joining a bingo community, be that in a traditional bingo hall or in an online space from home. These bingo benefits include, but are absolutely not limited to;

  • A reduction in stress, depression and anxiety and a general improvement in mental wellbeing
  • A potential improvement in cognitive skills and functions
  • A significant and regular exercise in boosting memory and overall brain health
  • New friends and a new community to be a part of
  • A contribution to a sense of overall belonging and active participation in life
  • A release of endorphins, the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals

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