What Types of Fitness and Playground Equipment do Schools Provide?

by Carter Toni

At schools and education establishments across the country, new students will find that a range of fitness and playground equipment has been provided for them. Some of the facilities will be available for free play sessions at breaks or lunchtimes,while other facilities will be used for specific lessons in various sports as part of PE classes. These types of equipment and facilities will have been provided as part of the recognition that physical exercise is a vital part of any student’s overall education experience. Educational staff recognize that students who engage in regular forms of physical exercise will benefit from improved levels of concentration in the classroom. In addition, it is of paramount importance that students of all ages benefit from exercise and physical activity so that they grow up into strong and healthy adults. In this article, three of the main types of fitness and playground equipment that most schools incorporate into their premises will be discussed.

Playground facilities

A school playground is likely to have a wide range of play and exercise facilities that are supplied by companies such as huckplay.co.uk. This type of equipment may include swings, slides, and climbing equipment that is ideal for smaller children up to the age of teenagers. Many schools will take steps to ensure that these facilities allow children to play safely and with a minimal risk of suffering injuries if they experience falls or slips. As such, it is common to find rubber flooring in these playground areas, especially where there is equipment such as slides, swings and rope bridges. Having a strong but flexible surface such as rubber helps to minimize any potential for injuries that children may sustain when coming off a slide or falling over in these play areas.

For older students

While playground facilities as described above tend to be most suitable for younger students, many high schools will have fitness facilities that are aimed at older pupils who are in or entering their teenage years. Today, many high schools will have a dedicated gym area on their campus. Students may be required to do circuit training, weights or athletic training on exercise bikes or treadmills as part of their physical education lessons. In addition, some schools will even have a dedicated swimming pool where sports instructors can teach advanced swimming techniques (such as the butterfly stroke) to their students.In short, schools that have older students will tend to have a wider range of dedicated fitness equipment on their campuses.

Track and field activities

It is rare to find a school or college that does not have its own dedicated sports field on site. These facilities are ideal for a wide range of students of varying ages and are often where team games take place. Many schools will have their own sports teams and team games such as football, rugby and athletics are common as part of the range of physical activities that are provided in the wider curriculum. Team games are a great way to foster leadership and communication skills in students as well as offering the potential for sporting competitions to take place between rival schools in the region.

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