When to Max Out Your Moving Budget: 6 Moving Expenses Worth Paying For

by Carter Toni

If you’re moving out of an apartment or house you’ve been renting, it can be challenging to know which luxuries you should spring for and which you should leave on the shelf. There are a lot of expenses involved with moving, but a few costs are nigh-non-negotiable for a stress-free move. Here are six moving expenses that you should pad your pocketbook for the next time you relocate.

Expedited car shipping

When you need to transport your car to a new city, and you’re not driving it, you want to arrive as quickly as possible. Expedited car shipping is the best way to ensure your car is there when you need it. When you’re looking at expedited car shipping services, consider a company like Guardian Auto Transport (https://guardianautotransport.com/) to help you get the job done.

Cleaners for your old residence

When you’re moving out of an old apartment, you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning a place you’re not going to be living in anymore. And if your soon-to-be former residence is a rental, you’re likely counting on your security deposit to help offset moving expenses.

Hiring a house cleaner for your old residence is worth it. It will allow you to focus more of your energy on the other pressing tasks and still ensure your old place will look nice when you turn the keys over to the landlord or the new owners.

Professional painters

If you’ve been in the same place for a while, there are probably plenty of marks and dings in the walls that need repairing. The best way to do that is with a new paint job. But painting is time-consuming and hard to do correctly if you’re not a professional. That’s why this one makes the list of things that are worth paying for when you’re moving out of a new place.

Expert movers

Whenever you hire movers, make sure you hire the best. You’ll need to plan for this expense. Make sure you check reviews, ensure the company has their license and insurance, and give them the time they need to provide you with an in-home estimate

The biggest moving truck you need

Whether you rent a truck or hire movers, rent the biggest truck you think you’ll need. It’s worth paying a little more to only have to make one trip. If you’re looking at trucks with ramps and low beds, that’s another area where it wouldn’t hurt to splurge. The process will be faster and more accessible for everyone involved, and your joints will thank you. You can find trucks of any size at Toronto trucking companies like RoadLinx, which specializes in big and heavy trucks.

High-quality packing material

If you’re executing a do-it-yourself move, invest in good packing supplies. Fighting with inexpensive packing tape and constantly looking for the end of the roll isn’t worth it.

Buy good packing tape and a quality tape gun, bubble wrap and a Saran wrap in a rolling wand, colored labels so you can separate boxes into different rooms, and a nice wide-tipped permanent marker. Go to grocery stores to collect boxes if you can, or use smaller liquor boxes for things like books. You can also find special packages for items you want to keep safe and sound during the journey.

Final word

Some expenses may max your budget out when you’re moving, but they can be worth it for the convenience they provide. If you spend as much as you can afford on these items, your stuff will arrive quickly and in one piece, and you’ll save time on the things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do when you’re moving.

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