Where to Look for Customized Tiny Homes Suitable to Meet your Requirements

by Carter Toni

With the increasing awareness for sustainable living, the customized Texas tiny homes movement has become immensely popular worldwide. People across the world have supported the environmental-friendly, efficient, and creative living solution. These prefab tiny homes come in a wide variety of styles and sizes with numerous features suitable for meeting the specific requirements of the resident.

Despite numerous people looking forward to building a home for themselves, various designers near them begin offering pre-made tiny homes. These homes could be delivered directly without any hassle. Find below a list of companies dedicated to providing quality control, environmental-friendly practices, comfort, design, artisanship, and consistency. In the event, you were looking forward to saving money, energy, and finding a simple living space, rest assured a tiny home could be your best bet.

In case, you were contemplating building a tiny home of your own, consider checking the following guide of tiny home resources and plans suitable to meet your specific requirements.

1. Tiny Heirloom

The company offers you the chance to own a home reaching with these specifically designed tiny homes for families, couples, and individuals. The modern homes by Tiny Heirloom could be personalized to suit your design preferences and specific requirements. They are available in a wide range of sizes. You could also make the most of a double-story tiny home customized to meet your requirements. The company also caters to you with in-house finance, delivery, and trade RVs and cars.

Tiny Heirloom

If you were skeptical about the model to choose for your tiny home needs, consider going through the website of the company before you contemplate buying a tiny home for you. The base price for Tiny Heirloom ranges from $55,395 to $132,395. You could also consider opting for the pre-loved tiny homes available at discounted prices.

2. Tiny Cocoons

If you were searching for both sustainable and environmental-friendly homes, consider looking for Tiny Cocoons. Rest assured the professional team of architects, specialists, and designers would assist in bringing your dreams to life with their wide collection of tiny homes. Most of these tiny homes would be inclusive of wheels for ease of movement. The tiny homes with wheels would be specifically made from recycled natural materials, energy-efficient, and come equipped with solar-powered electric systems, and composting toilets. You would get what you ask for in your tiny home.

Tiny Cocoons

You could choose your tiny home from the five base models or a personalized design from Tiny Cocoon. These homes would be adequate for you or accommodate up to eight people. The price of Tiny Cocoon homes would range from $55,000 – $170,000 for twelve inches to forty inches. It could be personalized to meet your specific requirements. You could get the home delivered to you at a fraction of the cost by the Indiana-based team.

3. New Frontier Tiny Homes

For the best in luxury tiny homes, consider looking for options offered by New Frontier. The company believes in quality housing with a great design made attainable and affordable for everyone. They have more than forty years of design and building experience. The goal of the company would be to assist in improving lives by supporting financial freedom, planned living, and sustainability by building and designing personalized and luxurious tiny homes in the region. You could get the tiny homes certified with PWA & RVIA for an extra amount.

New Frontier Tiny Homes

The price range of New Frontier tiny homes would begin from $89,000. However, these tiny homes could be personalized based on your preferences. The prices would be relatively higher than most of the others available on the list with the company. Nonetheless, the New Frontier would stand out for its luxury and design features.

4. Tiny House Listings

The best prevalent tiny homes you could purchase for rent would be that from the Tiny House Listings. The company was founded in 2010. Since then, the company has become the leading online marketplace for tiny houses worldwide. The user-friendly online platform has become a reliable marketplace for various people to purchase, sell, and rent tiny homes and properties across the world. Everyone could make the most of the platform to own a tiny house personalized to meet their specific needs. You would come across million of listings and posts to explore various options suitable to meet your preferences and budget.

Tiny House Listings

The price range would largely depend on the requirements and desires of the user. The individual or group intending to rent, buy, or sell the tiny homes would decide the prices.

5. Escape Traveler

For the best tiny home suitable to meet extreme climatic conditions, consider looking for the options offered by the Escape Traveler. The designs emphasize letting the sunlight in providing you with a sense of openness in a relatively small space. The homes would cater to you with full kitchens, climate control, storage, dryers & washers, large bedrooms, panoramic windows, and more. These tiny homes would make you fall for their beauty and alluring appearance. The tiny homes would withstand extreme climates, as the homes have been handcrafted in the certified RVIA plant of the company.

Escape Traveler

The price range for Escape Traveler homes would be from $44,000 to $87,000. The price of personalized tiny homes would be based on additions made and the delivery distance.

6. Wheelhaus

Are you looking for the best non-mobile modular tiny homes? Consider Wheelhaus offering you an opportunity to live large without burning a significant hole in your pocket. The style of the company complements contemporary and rustic trends with the log cabins inspiring them with their sturdiness. These luxurious contemporary homes could withstand snow loads and hurricane winds. They would be conveniently delivered to your address. Every Wheelhaus home comes equipped with energy-efficient insulation of High R-value. It would also be inclusive of eight-foot doors, oversized windows, and high ceilings. You could add an outdoor deck to it as well.


The price for Wheelhaus tiny homes base models ranges from $109,000 to $174,000.

7. Tumbleweed

To invest in the best tiny homes inspired by nature and certified, consider looking for Tumbleweed. The company has the motto to Dream Big, Go Tiny. The company founded in 1999 has become the largest manufacturer of tiny home RVs across the North American region. The dedication of the company to innovation, artisanship, and customer satisfaction has made them the leading designers in the industry. The company caters to you with the assurance of RVIA certification and extensive sessions of feedback. The company is competent to produce certified nature-friendly RVs.


The Tumbleweed tiny homes price for the existing models range from $81,000 to $93,000. However, the personalized models could go as high as $250,000. Tumbleweed offers buyers 23-year loan plans with a monthly payment as low as $574.

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