Why are disposable vape pens so popular?

by Carter Toni

Disposable vapes have gained in popularity over the past few years because many vapers find them far more convenient than larger devices.

Disposable vape pens do not require any charging or refilling, and there are no messy clean-ups. There is also no learning curve, you just pick them up and use them.

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Here are our top 7 reasons why disposable vape pens are popular:

To try vaping without committing.

An e-cigarette or vaporizer is a big purchase, especially if it’s your first device. Vaping isn’t like smoking. It can seem a little complicated at first, and you’re going to have to learn about e-liquid, coils, batteries, ohms law, and all that jazz. If you don’t know where to start or what terms I just mentioned even mean it can seem a bit daunting.

It’s also a far cheaper option. Some disposable vapes are less expensive than just purchasing e-liquid.

Disposable vapes also give you a better idea of what size and power is best for you before committing to a larger device that requires buying replacement parts, charging it regularly, and general upkeep.

If you don’t plan on vaping very often.

The above can also apply to someone who is not a heavy vaper or isn’t planning on vaping very often.

A disposable vape is a far more ideal device in this scenario, as it will still last you a long time and you don’t need to worry about refilling or re-charging the device. It’s also easier to carry around than other vape devices.

To try out different flavors

As disposable vapes pens are so affordable it makes it easier for you to try out different flavors and really find what kind suits you.

You may primarily like a tobacco flavored e-liquid and be hesitant to try out some fruity mixtures. This way you can try some without a massive outlay of buying the liquid, and if you don’t like it you can gift it to somebody else.

As an emergency backup.

It’s a common thing that some vapers have to contend with when out and about, that they may not have enough battery power in their vape device, or spare vape juice to make it through the day.

Rather than having to carry around a spare battery or charger, packing a disposable vape pen in your pocket is far more convenient. It will give you that please of mind in case you run out, and if you don’t need it, then it can be used another time.

To vape discreetly if you don’t want to use a larger device.

As discussed above disposable vape pens are some of the most compact vaping devices on the market and they have everything you need.

So if you are in a social situation where you need to be discreet about vaping, then disposable vapes are a great option. They generally fit in the palm of your hand, they don’t have lots of flashing lights or a screen like some vape mods. So you can easily have a stealthy vape with them.

When traveling abroad

If you are already a vaper then you know it can be quite stressful when traveling abroad thinking about what vape gear you need to pack.

You might not want to take your best vape devices on holiday in case you break or lose them. Then there’s working out what coils and e-liquid to take.

It’s also a great option if you are not sure what the laws are in the country you are traveling to. If they get confiscated at customs, then it is not as much of a loss as if you took an expensive vape mod.

To gift to someone who is a smoker

Do you know someone who is wanting to make the switch from smoking to vaping, but finds it all too daunting?

Many smokers are looking at vaping as an alternative, disposable vape pens give you a good idea of what vaping is like without buying a starter kit which can cost upwards of $50 dollars for just the mod device.

So if you want to gift somebody who is interested in vaping but doesn’t know where to start then disposable vape pens are an excellent option.


Disposable vape pens are becoming more and more popular in the vaping world, for this reason, this article tries to give some reasons why they are so popular.  To summarize, disposable vape pens are very simple devices that are great for new vapers, or as a backup to existing vapers.

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