Why are tote bags so popular?

by James Martin


Tote bags are everywhere, whether you are going to the beach, doing the grocery, attending school, or having a coffee with some friends, you will see them. They come in all colors and sizes, some of them are made out of canvas, leather, nylon or cotton. This basic item in every woman’s closet is unique, in the way that its name is exactly related to its function, as “tote” means to carry. In fact, this kind of purse has the perfect design to take with you whatever you can fit in them,  from clothes, to books, or any other thing you need to transport, which is very useful for modern women’s lifestyle from a practical point of view. That’s the reason why we see this type of shoulder bag in every corner, they have become part of our current culture.


Let alone the functional side of the tote bag, it is also a very trendy item, actually we have seen an increase in the demand for this article all around the world, and in the last few years it has become a must-have for every woman. It’s structured, plain style has immersed itself in the world of fashion since the decade of 1950. Like the famous saying “less is more” proposes, the relatively simple style allows a great space to store our items without complications. Now, you can see them at many social events as a casual accessory, but also just for hanging out around the town, these bags have a great acceptance.


The wide handles at the sides of the bag make it easier to carry the load on the tote bags. Being comfortable is one of the main points to take into consideration when purchasing your clothes and accessories, including your purse, so it is not a surprise that many women prefer tote bags over many other available designs in the market. With this bag-style you can finally rock a chic look while you are feeling comfortable, which ultimately has a direct impact on your overall well being and self confidence. In case you have a heavy load, you can simply change the bag to the other arm every once in a while.

Do It Yourself

An incredible benefit of the tote bags is that you can make it yourself, so you don’t have to break your bank to get a good look. You just need a bit of creativity and a few items that you surely have at home. It is enough by looking in your browser and you will be able to watch dozens of videos. Nowadays with the help of technology, literally every person can make their own bags according to their preferences. Nearly all the tutorials available will teach you to create your design out of your old clothes. Here, the great news is that whether you generate your bag out of some old pants, skirts or t-shirts, you will be upcycling your clothing, which makes a positive impact on the environment. As you can see, there are many aspects that have allowed tote bags to become so popular, if you haven’t yet, you should definitely make it part of your daily look!


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