Why consider getting a concrete canvas!

by Glenn Maxwell

When it comes to a concrete canvas, this is employed for many erosion control as well as weed suppression applications. This helps concrete construction occur with minimal plant as well as specialist training. It is often ten-times quicker to install in comparison to conventional solutions.

What is concrete canvas?

Concrete Canvas includes a 3-dimensioanl fiber matrix that has a specially formulated dry cementitious type of mix. With the help of a PVC backing, the concrete canvas can remain totally waterproof. It can be hydrated with the help of spraying or full immersion within fresh or salt water. When set, the fibers can reinforce the cementitious mix, stopping crack propagation and also giving a safe plastic failure mode. This is why concrete canvas gives a thin, durable, water proof as well as lower carbon alternative to the traditional concrete.

Benefits of concrete canvas

The following are some reasons why you should consider getting concrete canvas:

Quick installation

Nowadays everyone wants stuff to be done quickly as time is more precious than ever. When it comes to concrete canvas, this is fast to install. It can be laid at a rate that is of 200m squared per hour. This is up to 10 times quicker in comparison to conventional concrete solutions that are present.

Simple to use

Concrete canvas is said to be easy to use as it needs less plant, less personnel and even no on-site mixing and measuring. You will only need to add water. You can find it in man-portable batched rolls.

Less project expenses

If you choose concrete canvas, you can lower project costs. The speed as well as ease of installation allows concrete canvas to be more cost-effective than the conventional concrete. It also has less logistical burden present. This is why you can save money when you opt for it.

Eco-friendly in nature

It is important to look for sustainable solutions if you want to limit your carbon footprint. Concrete canvas is a low mass and lower carbon technology that employs up to 95% less material in comparison to conventional solutions.

Main properties of concrete canvas

The following are some key properties present of concrete canvas:

Sturdy- The fiber reinforcement present will stop cracking, it will absorb energy from impact and also gives a stable failure mode.

Durable in nature- Concrete canvas is said to be five-times as abrasion resistant like standard OPC concrete. It has wonderful chemical resistance, amazing weathering performance and will actually not degrade in UV.

Flexible- It has good drape characteristics and can closely follow the ground profile moreover fit around the present infrastructure. The unset concrete canvas is able to be cut or tailored employing basic hand tools.

Waterproof- It is the PVC backing which makes certain that concrete canvas is totally waterproof.

From the above you can see that concrete canvas is indeed beneficial. You can check out concrete canvas cost before getting it. Check out the price from different sellers before choosing any one. It is better to invest in something of a good-quality here.

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