Why Do Chiropractors Use Drop Tables?

by Carter Toni

Let us discuss the importance of the drop tables for chiropractors. Chiropractic is a healthcare practice that includes the diagnosis and treatment for preventing musculoskeletal disorders. Drop tables are generally used to ensure that the chiropractors get both hands on the patient during the whole spinal examination. If the chiropractors notice abnormalities in the cervical spine, they will quickly apply the adjustments through the drop table. You may have questions in mind, like arechiropractic drop tables safe?

We have discussed chiropractic drop tables’ various benefits below so you can get a clear insight.

Benefits Of Drop Tables

Chiropractors will use the drop tables to adjust the patients’ spines with very little force. This process is advantageous as it will keep the patient’s vertebrae in the proper place. As less energy is required, chiropractors will not be burdened with physical stress. The patients are also benefited as they do not have to go through painful and forceful treatment procedures.

It is also helpful if the patient is pregnant or bulky in size. The doctor will use the drop tables for gravity and movement to make better adjustments. Depending on the type of injury, the right amount of tension will be used after customizing according to the patient’s requirement. The doctors should make the patients aware of the chiropractic drop table technique to make them feel safe.

Easing Concerns Of The Patients

The researchers have been researching drop tables for over 50 years, and thousands of chiropractors are now using the portable chiropractic table. Many patients are concerned about the safety of this process. So demonstrating the patient before going through the actual process is necessary. Before getting the experience of the drop tables, the demonstration will help the patients overcome their fear and make them understand how the action will take place.

Consistency plays an essential role in applying this technique; therefore, chiropractors need to be consistent with every movement. This ensures that the adjustments are made correctly for every patient.

Additional Drop Tables For Safety

Patients’ needs should be the priority, and additional drop tables will give that safety consideration. Some drop tables provide easy access to the knobs for the adjustments, which otherwise would be difficult to adjust the side postures of the patients. When the drop tables come from a reputed manufacturer, there is less chance of problems throughout the life of the drop tables. You should check out different companies and select one experienced in providing quality chiropractic drop tables.

Leg Length Analysis

The drop tables adjust the performances and analyze the patient’s leg length. This analysis is done through a unique technique known as the Thomson technique. The imbalances of the nervous system cause muscular issues. Muscular issues may lead to one leg being shorter than the other. With the help of the Thomson technique, the chiropractors will analyze the length of the legs and may prescribe X-rays. The doctor will guide you with the X-ray reports about which drop table adjustments will best suit you.

A Chiropractic adjustment table is mainly advantageous for the Sacroiliac and the pelvic joints. During the examination, one leg may appear noticeably shorter than the other. The discrepancy in leg length and the quick leg syndrome is caused due to the misaligned sacroiliac joints and contracted muscles around the pelvis. After the drop table adjustments, immediate improvements are noticed sometimes. Just as the spine is adjusted, the joints of the feet, arms, legs, and wrists are also changed.

How Does The Drop Table Work?

The table has different sections which are lifted and dropped in other motions. The drop table allows gravity to work with the combination of manual adjustments.

The different sections of the table are lifted to 1 to 2 inches depending on the patient’s body. As soon as some specific areas of the table are lifted, the stiffness of the table is adjusted depending on patient’s body weight. Twisting positions may also be required according to the condition and the injury of the patients. When the chiropractors use a gentle force, the table drops down by releasing the particular sections. Though the table comes to rest, the patient’s body remains in momentum for a while. This moment helps in correcting the alignment.

Positive Outcomes

For many years, patients have been experiencing positive results by using chiropractic equipment. After receiving the treatment, the patients start feeling better immediately. Patients’ strength, sleep, and flexibility will start improving after the technique.


After getting chiropractic treatment, patients have reported decreased aches and pains. To eliminate the pain, you may require more than one adjustment. Some patients may start feeling better instantly after the procedure; for some, it may take a few appointments with your chiropractic doctors.

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