Why do Peoples love living in Bentonville Ar!

by Sean Dixon

Bentonville Ar!

Bentonville, a county found in Northwest Arkansas is the headquarters of Walmart and was quite popular for many incredible events and facts including plenty of apple trees and livestock diaries. With its rich culture, tourist sites, local foods, and tourist sites, the city offers an incredible charm that draws people from far and near to its centre.

With all these unique charms, it is not hard to decipher why people love living in Bentonville. But just in case you are still wondering why the city might be good for your living or moving, we shall take you through the specifics in this article of why people love living in Bentonville, Ar.

Art culture and adventure

Bentonville is a destination site for recreational activities such as biking, cultural sites and art displays. The city has some 130 miles of biking trails which also connect and empties into other trail systems. The city of Bentonville is today popularly acknowledged as the mounting and biking capital of the world.

Well, you might say not everyone is into biking. Well, the city has got other adventures for all living in Bentonville Ar, such as hiking and kayaking. If you are also into swimming, the city has just enough rivers for our adventure. It also features an outstanding climbing gym with more than sixteen thousand square feet of boulders with rope climbing sections.

Bentonville film festival, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Arts, the Bentonville Momentary Art Museum, and some thirty other listings the city has on the American National Register of Historic Places, include some of the cultural and art activities that get people busy and wanting to move to the city of Bentonville.

Plenty Job Opportunities

Bentonville city is one area where the search for jobs is never so much a stress. The city boasts of mega-companies such as JB Hunts, Tyson, Walmart and a host of others that make the city’s economy robust with employment opportunities and a great place to move to find a career for yourself.

Food, restaurants and tourism

Bentonville is one city in Arkansas where local dishes and restaurants are valued and priced for their unique tastes and flavour. The Hive Restaurant, Preacher’s Son Restaurant, and the Oven and Tap Restaurant include some of the top restaurants making the city of Bentonville the foodie hub of Arkansas.

These restaurants parade menus that are just typical of the culinary identity of the state of Arkansas. You would find dishes such as black walnuts, mealed corn meals, peaches, melon, pimento cheese and potato, grilled bread, house pickles, and grain mustard. The plethora of dishes and drinks you would find in Bentonville would convince you that really, the city is a foodie paradise.

Friendly cost of living

You might think that with all these unique and incredible events in Bentonville, it is going to be a city with a high cost of living. Surprisingly, Bentonville is one of the cities with an affordable cost of living. In fact, its cost of living falls below the national average.

When the city is compared with other cities which offer the same local feel and attraction, it still falls below most of them in terms of cost of living. Bentonville has a value property growth of 5.06%. Getting a house of your own either by buying or building one is both a great investment as well as a not too difficult task to achieve. Once convinced to move to Bentonville, the cost of living won’t be a setback.


Bentonville boasts of some of the best schools in the state where you would like to send your kids or family members.

The Fayetteville School District for instance hit the number 3 spot, on the state grading, while Springdale came 19th in the state. The Rogers School District stood at number 22.

Bentonville boasts of some well-rated elementary schools for your kids such as Willowbrook Elementary School, Central Park at Morning Star, Osage Creek and Cooper Elementary School.

University of Arkansas, University of Central Arkansas, and Northwest Arkansas College are some of the educational attractions universities that draw people to move to Bentonville Ar.

Moving Companies Bentonville Ar

Convinced to move to Bentonville Ar? You can either undertake your moving yourself or let a professional moving companies Bentonville Ar that will take the pain of your moving. You need a team of moving company like Young’s Moving with a wide array of services to make your moving fun.

At Young’s Moving, our team has worked together in the Rogers, Arkansas area, and beyond, for years, and we understand the emotion that comes with a move. Not only are we careful and professional, but we know how frustrating and overwhelming moving can be.

No move is easy, not even the exciting ones, but with our help we can make it simply pleasant. We can take care of every aspect of the move, from packing up your stuff to transporting it, to unpacking on the other end, and we can do both your Local and long distance moving. We promise you a wonderful experience with us!


Bentonville Ar is one of the hot destination points for moving and living in the state of Arkansas. As we have pointed out in the article above, the city hosts some of the best adventure sites, rivers, cultural and art sites, maintains an affordable cost of living and some of the best schools in the state. Moving to Bentonville Ar can also be made easy and full of fun with some very professional moving companies, such as Young’s Moving Services.

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