Being a parent nowadays is incredibly difficult and you dedicate a great deal of your time to your children to make sure that they grow up being very productive members of society. There are many things that you have to teach them and one of them is being responsible for the clothes that they wear and taking other people into consideration when they make their choices. Kids are spoiled for choice nowadays and they have so many different kinds of clothes and brands to choose from. It makes a parent’s life very difficult indeed and kids tend to experience peer pressure from other children mocking them when it comes to the clothes choices. This is why many schools insist on all children wearing the exact same uniform because it stops children comparing their clothes to others.

One of the most difficult times in any day for a parent is bedtime and getting the kids to go to sleep can sometimes become a complete nightmare. They know their bedtime is coming up and so they start to act up because they still want to watch TV or play their video games. As a parent, you need to start thinking outside the box and coming up with ways to make bedtime more appealing to your children. One way to do that is to incorporate kids pjs into their bedtime routine. Making sure that your child wears a pair of pyjamas instead of the clothes that they were wearing that day or a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, is very beneficial for them and for you for the following reasons.

  • Lesser issues at bedtime – If there is a specific pair of pyjamas for a specific night of the week then this makes getting your kids undressed and into them much easier for you as the parent as well as getting a sleep podcast. There isn’t any long drawn out discussion about what they want to wear when they go to sleep because Tuesday’s pyjamas are blue and so this is what they reach for every single time.
  • Less washing for mom – If your child is wearing different kinds of clothing every time that they go to sleep then the clothes are going to mount up in the washing basket and this is going to take up a great deal of your time. The clothes have to be washed, dried and then pressed and as we all know, moms and dads hate to do the ironing.
  • It makes bedtime fun – Children will actually look forward to getting into a particular pair of pyjamas every evening as it makes bedtime a lot more fun to get ready for and they are wearing clothing that they are incredibly comfortable in. It means that they get a better night’s sleep and this is good for both child and parent.

It’s likely that you haven’t thought about the above benefits before but now that you have been illuminated, maybe it’s time that you made the right purchasing decision and got your children some pyjamas.

By James Martin

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