How to keep Indian Straight Hair Extensions Sleek and Straight?

by Glenn Maxwell

Virgin Indian extensions are typically the most popular among women. They’re unlike every other hair due to their thick and coarse textures. Indian locks are up there along with other premium hair like Brazilian and Malaysian hair with regards to quality and flexibility.

Indian extensions are donated by Indian women for religious purposes, typically in temples. Your hair is first pulled right into a ponytail, then chopped to avoid locks from falling towards the floor.

This meticulous method of hair collection guarantees that cuticles remain perfectly aligned. This concentrate on alignment leads to the tangle-free quality that Indian hair is renowned for. These extensions are very versatile are available in a number of textures like straight, curly, or wavy hair.

Straight extensions can certainly become flat and dull because of over consumption in extreme heat tools. That is why nearly all women use proper hair care essentials like hairsprays, serums, and much more to resurrect individuals limp roots.

Virgin Indian Straight extensions are easiest to handle and remain attractive with correct maintenance and shine, which makes them a well known hair do choice.

Whatever kind of virgin Indian extensions you decide to have inside your hair, there are numerous methods to ensure that it stays sleek and straight.

Why Won’t Extensions Stay Straight?

Why extensions won’t stay straight

If you’ve committed to Indian extensions and therefore are unclear about why they won’t stay straight, you aren’t alone. The primary offender for the them not remaining straight is the fact that Indian locks are naturally curly or wavy.

When extensions become moist because of humidity, they’ll go back to their original texture. That being stated, there’s also some other reasons..

Now, it’s time for you to explore some other reasons on their behalf not straight and solutions against it. Humidity as well as heat. You are aware how damaging damp air is usually to hair. Humidity makes hair frizz, along with a straightener doesn’t help.

Not shampooing hair first. Should you style hair which has product accrued, it’ll appear a tragedy, particularly if you apply heat frequently. Before styling hair, make certain it’s totally clean. Make use of a sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo, and correctly rinse the merchandise before drying.

Purchasing frizzy hair that’s been treated. Should you bought curly extensions, you will notice that it time a lengthy time for you to straighten them and just a short while to go back to their original condition. This is because it had been produced to become curly for any reason so it’s easier to not tamper using the texture.

Each locks are unique. If you purchase 100 % real hair, you’ll realize it originated in an individual. Everyone’s locks are different some are simple to straighten easier and remain straighter longer, although some don’t. This isn’t simple to manage and can be something must accept.

Not straightening before treatment. You have to make use of the proper products in your hair before manipulating it. There are many products for frizz and hair serums available on the market that can help hair appear sleek and straight a bit longer.

Straightening the extension just before drying completely. Whenever you straighten hair, you may cause major harm even if it’s somewhat moist. Furthermore, hair will frizz and curl rapidly once you complete straightening it. Before using any hot tools, make sure that your locks are totally dry.

While using wrong hairbrush. Using incorrect brushes, particularly when manipulating will damage your hair texture considerably. When styling, make certain to select a paddle brush with rubber thistles because it will likely be friendlier in your extensions. A harsh brush may cause breakage and frizz inside your hair.

Tips & Methods For Sexy Straight Hair

Once we pointed out above, Indian straight extensions are among the best hair types. It provides the right quantity of luster, letting it merge more effortlessly with your personal hair. It’s lightweight, however the strands are dense and lengthy-lasting enough to become fashioned like natural hair.

Straight extensions also retain moisture, so it doesn’t frizz. Like several hair types on the market, Indiana straight extensions require good care to keep them in good shape.

Everyone knows that straightening your extensions is a factor, but maintaining them is really a different pastime!

Here are a few easy tips and methods for sexy straight hair.

Blow-drying just before straightening hair extensions. Make certain the extensions are totally dry before manipulating them. Manipulating moist hair will damage your hair and cause frizz.

Utilize a suggested hair straightener. Professional straightening irons transmit heat uniformly in your hair. The suggested straighteners may also straighten hair faster, and provide you with the chic look which will last all day long. They may be more costly, but they are worthwhile!

Spritz on dry shampoo. Spray just a little dry shampoo in your extensions before straightening. This will aid in removing any other moisture buildup, which might cause hair to get rid of its sleek appearance.

Condition hair just before styling. Apply hair serum for your extensions before straightening. This helps it maintain its straight texture a bit longer.

Make use of the suggested conditioner and shampoo. Using certain hair products to wash hair affects how lengthy it remains straight. Use sulfate-free cleaners to maintain your hair from becoming excessively dry and clogged with chemicals.

Don’t straighten hair regularly. Straighten hair extensions a maximum of a few occasions each week. Straightening hair too often will ultimately create heat damage which effects can look in your hair.

Lower heat setting. Use hair straightening tools at low temperatures. High temperature settings can damage your extensions. Use a greater heat setting in your natural hair due to the skin oils contained in hair that fight heat damage. Since extensions tend to be more delicate, use heated tools in low-temperatures whenever possible to increase the existence of the extensions.

Insider Tip: You mustn’t straighten your extensions too often because this can dramatically damage the standard and pressure you to definitely purchase a new set before you decide to understand it!


The crowning glory of the lady is her hair. So, if you want straight extensions, it seems sensible to purchase high-quality extensions that attain the preferred straight hair do and serve you for a lengthy time.

Indian virgin locks are a cult favorite for ladies who love extensions because of its density, deep color, and quality. It-not has only an excellent texture, but it is also versatile enough to hold a number of styles and fits well with many ethnicities’ hair types.

Buy yourself premium Indian extensions and essential proper hair care products from Indique Hair, a tight schedule-to hair brand for ethically sourced virgin Indian hair at attractive prices.

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