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by Carter Toni

Have you ever worked with Pinterest SEO? Pinterest has slowly but surely developed into a very profitable Social Media platform. This social media channel is being exclusively popular among the savvy marketers.

Pinterest currently has more than 150 million users, who use this platform or channel in a monthly basis. This social media channel has proved to be an advance and refreshing alternative to Amazon, Facebook or Google.

Pinterest has promises to be a hidden untapped opportunity, in the Search Engine Optimization Industry, for many of us. Pinterest has proved to be something different than the Google focused efforts, as a social media platform also.

Pinterest Search Engine Optimization is an avenue of success for you, which you should know and adopt. We all must accept this difference between Google and Pinterest social media platforms and welcome the opportunities being provided by Pinterest.

Pinterest gives us sufficient space for being creative and to be able to tell our stories. Pinterest also takes the pride and honor of being a platform for discovery. Here the Pinners can find new ideas. The multi skilled modern SEO professionals must be now aware of these relatively new terms.

The value of Pinterest as an alternative Search Marketing Channel can be assessed with the following data

This data proves Pinterest to be a great search engine. Pinterest is different from other search engines, such as Bing or Google. But the traditional tactics still prove to be valid. A Search Engine will always have the opportunity for optimization. You need to deeply understand the Pinterest SEO strategy, for this.

Back links and technical SEO do not prove to be the premium ranking factors for Pinterest. The social shares and the engagement metrics are more related with the ranking factors on Pinterest. Social shares and engagement metrics are natural byproducts of a good content. The people in the SEO industry must be aware of these factors.

It is very important to understand properly the ways and processes the search results are being ranked in Pinterest, as there many important distinctions on Pinterest also. We also have to understand exactly what constitutes a great content. If not, then we all will struggle to achieve success in Pinterest SEO. We have some SEO tips for Pinterest, for you. These are the best tips for SEO in Pinterest

You need to get the basics right, before you start posting on Pinterest

The following issues should be taken care of, before you can start posting your contents on Pinterest

1. You have to create a business account, which will give you access to analytics and the Pinterest Ad Manager.

Pinterest create a business account

2. You be sure to choose a name that is SEO friendly. This username should be included in your profile URL. It will be worth considering as to what your consumers are searching for.

3. You have to optimize your profile. You have to fill the “About You” section with every relevant detail. You should also include a high resolution company logo to optimize your profile. This will allow people to locate and save your Pins conveniently.

4. You need to set one board, at the least, to get started. You need board to add pins. It is a very important first step for you.

You got to prepare your website next

You will be able to take data from your website to feed more Pinterest campaigns you target, exactly similar to all other social media platforms. You can make transactions by sending people through your website. You have to link these two of your assets together.

You have to follow few basic steps to achieve this. If you are interested to report accurately on your efforts of Pinterest SEO, you have to get all of these in their correct places.

  • You have to the Pinterest Tag, which is a fundamental part of setting up a paid or organic campaign on Pinterest. Pinterest is equivalent to Facebook pixel. This small piece of JavaScript will enable you to set up conversion events, on your website. It will also segment your audience. It will then provide a reliable report on the performance of your profile. You can take the help of Pinterest team to help you implement it.
  • You then have to add the SAVE button, with the help of a short piece of HTML code. It will also enable you to reach your campaigns, way beyond Pinterest. The users will be able to save images on your app or on your website, to their boards. This has two options. When the user hovers over the top left section of an image, the button appears automatically. Or, there is one Pinterest Chrome Extension, which allows visitors to convert images into Pins, on your website.
  • You have to follow a few easy steps to verify your website. This will help in adding your profile picture to all your Pins. This requires a few lines of HTML code.

You must set correct goals for your business

You may find to have a lead on Pinterest takes much longer than on Google or on Facebook. Pinterest is a very valuable social network as a lead generation tool. 87% of Pinners purchased a product because of Pinterest and 93% of people claim that they use Pinterest to plan purchases. Pinterest is important in journey of making purchases.

Set Appropriate Goals for Your Business

(Image: © SearchEngineJournal)

You have to realize what Pinterest means for your business and set your business goals accordingly. You can do this from your historical data. You can formulate aplan and can stick to it. Here, you can decide the aspects those are most suitable covered by organic search efforts.

A wide variety of Pinterest tag can be used by you to set up a wide variety of conversion events on your website. You can start with metrics, such as, traffic or re-Pins, within a Pinterest SEO campaign. You can do this before layering conversion goals.

You should wait to start pushing commercial messages, till you are considered trustworthy, by both your audience and Pinterest.

You should be thorough with your Keyword research

You need to carryout Keyword research on Pinterest. Pinterest is ideal data source for all keyword research tasks. It has wider view of semantically related concepts. It also is deep driven by a thorough understanding of how are our culture visual in the 21st century.

  • You could use guided search on Pinterest that will help the users to narrow their focus, to find more relevant results. Pinterest automatically suggests semantically related modifiers, which are excellent indicators of the most popular search queries of every topic, for you to copy and paste on some other document.

Pinterest Content marketin

  • You could engage with Promoted Pins first. In case of any hesitations, you can have high performing keywords on Google and use Promoted Pins. You can check if they follow on Pinterest also.
  • You can explore a number of topics on Pinterest. It has lot of legwork, with neatly categorized and sub categorized topics in almost all areas. You can also come to know how your competitors are targeting specific queries, by exploring.
Explore topics

(Image: © SearchEngineJournal)

Your boards should be organized and optimized

When you create your boards, the keywords and consumer research should be your prime consideration. They provide you with best of the opportunities to inform Pinterest’s search engine, the process of your categorizing your products. This helps in better visibility. The users see them first when they come to your profile.

The insight of a consumer is always combined with the suitable trends of Keyword search. They include the popular keywords and yet do not disrupt the user’s experience.

The main objective must be to create and optimize Pinterest boards. They should be populated with high quality Pins, to gain popularity.

You should know the Anatomy of a Pin

You should know how to create a perfect Pin. There are certain clear thumb rules to follow, while creating a perfect Pin.

  • You have to get perfect proportions in a Pin.
  • You need to use many colors to make a Pin.
  • You should have a clear objective for a Pin.

Your narrations must be descriptive

It is very important to have correct descriptions for SEO on Pinterest. Text is very important and it should be in detail. It is always great to add to the image, the description space. Your audience must know how your products are beneficial for them, the directions for their use and other interesting facts of your products.

You are allowed to use up to 500 characters that can be viewed by a user, by clicking to see your Pin. Some sentences of 100 characters in total are sufficient to provide a good detail. Never use hash tags in your descriptions.

You should aim for engagement

You can improve your Pinterest engagements by:-

  • Linking your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts.
  • Inviting relevant Pinterest influencers to collaborate on your board.
  • Including good texts as an overlay on your images.
  • Using a relevant website to create mosaic and multiimage Pins.
  • Pinning frequently.
  • Following relevant boards.
  • Measuring your performance.

You should consider visual search and related items

The lens technology of Pinterest is a market leader in visual search. Pinterest can identify any object and suggest thematically related Pins for the object, just by pointing a Smartphone camera at anything.

Lens is a wonderful technology for image optimization. It has

Basics Right

SEO basics, but it collaborates with photographers and designers. Pinterest is good in understanding the component parts of an image.

You never forget about Google

For Pinterest, SEO is a serious job, since it is the cost effective way to drive traffic. Pinterest is fanatical about finding the right SEO formula. The most profitable queries can be optimized with Pins and boards.

Pinterest Analytics

Do you have any additional information about optimizing Pinterest SEO? Comment and share with us.

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