Zorbing – Different Kinds That You Need To Try Out By Yourself!

by Glenn Maxwell

Differet kinds that you need to try out buy yourself

Zorbing is an activity that involves rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball. The Zorb firm in New Zealand coined Zorbing to describe this practice. There are numerous names for this activity. The Zorb is sometimes known as an orb. If you have ever experienced its ride or have seen it in a video, it might have captivated your interest. It resembles an oversized hamster ball, and it appears to be irresistible fun for adventures.

Zorb is a large ball with a diameter of 13 to 14 meters. Its weight is around seventy-five to eighty kgs. It is made up of two layers. The two spheres are about a meter apart and vary in size. You will air between the gap in the outer and inner spheres. The air helps to maintain the ball’s overall flexibility. There is a single entrance hall from which humans can enter.

Advantages of Zorbing

  • There are so many companies that make Zorb. Every company makes Zorb balls of different quality, but Zorb balls rarely cause damage to stones that fall onto the road. The ball’s exterior is very dense, and it does not get affected by any outer damage. When Zorbs are dropped from the planes at a specific speed, it gets damaged only when it collides with a stone. Other than that, Zorbs are safe.
  • It is believed by many people that Zorb should be made to face the external obstacles so that it rips apart when the internal pressure cannot withstand the outside pressure. This is not true. As already mentioned, the Zorb ball does not cause much damage, but if they do, still the ball will not rip apart. The bubble will be blown away, and its speed will also slow. It might freeze in one place.
  • Zorbs are made in such a way that they can withstand the cold. Although, people do not take a chance to do any activity in Zorb ball. But if they are, the winter Zorb is almost the same as the summer Zorb. The Zorbs does not crack in the winter as it is made of a material that withstands temperatures as low as twenty-five degrees.
  • Zorbing is new and a fantastic sport to enjoy, making it a great option for individuals who are adventure lovers. People who want to try new activities will surely love Zorbing. Most people are drawn to it because of its newness. It is also good in terms of safety.

What are the Types of Zorbing?

A drop from an uneven surface is called ground zorbing. There are two varieties of Zorbing. Harness zorbing is where a person is held in place by fittings within the bowl. Stock zorbing is where the person is fully free of the bindings inside the bowl. Let’s see a few other types of Zorbing.

     Hydro Zorbing

As the term states itself, Hydro zorbing is done in water. The person will be sent in the hamster ball. He will be fastened appropriately and entirely free while performing this Zorbing. The pleasure and enjoyment in the ball and water down are the best. There will be completely different emotions while zorbing down a hill because of the bounciness of the water.

     Free Zorbing

In this kind of Zorbing, the passenger within the Zorb ball controls the speed of the ball at which it rolls or descends. Hence, the person can roll the ball as he wants while moving the ball. This Zorbing is ideal for people who wish to have complete control over the ball and is used to do Zorbing very often. You can also purchase your ball from Kameymall.

     Bubble Ride

Aqua zorbing is related to hydro Zorbing. In both kinds of Zorbing, water is there. People who love to ride on the water should do this activity as it is really fun walking on water while you are in the ball. They seem the same but are radically distinct in every other way. Aqua zorbing is a water sport that involves walking the ball across the surface of a specific pool. An example of water walking is a bubble ball. There is no water inside, but you will feel like walking on water.


Aerosorbing feels the same as flying in a wind tunnel. The difference here is that instead of a human, a balloon is used. In this type of Zorbing, the person will not feel his weight when hovering in the air. It is similar to floating in a soap bubble. But the exceptional case is that the bubble ball will rotate with speed.


In conclusion, if you have not tried Zorbing, you must research it and try it as soon as possible. Then, find online where to get the best experience of Zorbing. You will get the best experience for the rest of your life, and this is possibly an ideal advantage of Zorbing.

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