Cleaning gloves which are essential!

by Glenn Maxwell

Cleaning gloves which are essential

From protecting the hands to cleaning up the germs and bacteria or washing dishes, there are various sorts of cleaning gloves that one needs to use. Each and every glove has its own set of functions and one must use them depending on the purpose they are made for.

Types of cleaning gloves one should use

If one has a doubt regarding which gloves to use for which purpose then here are some ideas for them:

Microfiber Interior and Exterior cleaning gloves

It is a cleaning glove which can be used on both dry and wet surfaces. Dampen it with water to remove the smudges, grime and grease. One can also leave it dry to allow the electrostatic charges in the fibres so that it can act as a dust magnet. They are well made and they are also great in cleaning places which are hard to reach.

Reusable Rubber cleaning gloves

It is a set that comes with 2 pairs of gloves and 2 cleaning clothes. They can be used to clean the bathroom, kitchen, car and other things. These gloves can work to protect the hands from bacteria and grime along with chemicals and viruses. In fact, they are the best gloves to wash the dishes. They can slip on and off quite easily and being thicker than ordinary gloves they insulate better against extreme temperature as well.

Hagerty Silversmiths’ gloves

These cleaning gloves can remove the invisible and light tarnishes from the silver objects and can also provide with some tarnish prevention so that one can maintain the silver’s shine. These gloves are made of heavy gauge terry cloth and they are treated specially with Hagerty Dry polish which contains R22 which has a long lasting tarnish preventive agent. If someone is obsessed with their shiny silver, then this is the best thing to use.

Pet Grooming gloves

Do you have a pet at home? Then it becomes a necessity to keep their hair off the floor and sofa by grooming the pet with those gloves. They have an enhanced five finger design which ensures that one is able to tackle the hard to reach places like tail, face and legs. Also, the rubber tips provide a gentle and relaxing massage. Both dogs and cats find it comfortable when these gloves are used on them.

Silicone Dish Washing gloves with scrubber

As the name says, they are great for washing dishes, vegetables and fruits. These gloves can also be used for cleaning the wardrobe dust and bathrooms. They are made from 100 percent food grade silicone and the fingers and palms are covered with thick silicone bristles which help to easily wash away the dirt and oil stains.

Long Cuff Leather gloves

Genuine cowhide gloves which are heavy duty yet soft and supple. They are well fitting gloves which are comfortable on hands and they are the high rated gardening gloves that one can use.

These are the basic Cleaning Gloves that one needs to keep in their collection which are of great use.

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