10 best ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

by Carter Toni

Some occasions come in life like a dream moment; one such occasion is a wedding. A wedding is like a dream come true in a person’s life; a ceremony of being connected to their soul-mate for the rest of their life. It is an occasion that resonates with the promise of sharing everything in life together. This bond gets stronger with every passing year, and celebrating the wedding anniversaries makes the couple feel how far they have come. Here are the 10 best ways to celebrate wedding anniversaries.

1) Bake a cake together:

Celebrating the couple’s day is perfect when they choose to spend it with themselves, doing some celebratory stuff for their closest ones. No celebration is complete without cakes. And since YouTube has made making everything easier with tutorial videos, it would be a thrilling celebration of baking their favorite cake together on their special day. They can choose to bake their favorite cakes for each other or together. Such an effort might not end in a good taste and shape, but the experience of creating something together would enrich their love. Or one can just buy anniversary cakes online and celebrate.

2) Reread your wedding vows

A wedding is the social ceremony of declaring two soul-mates as a couple. As we all belong to different religions and cultures; our wedding rituals might be different from each other, except the wedding vows. Every couple at the time of their wedding takes a few vows that they promise to keep together forever, till their death and beyond. One ideal and unique way to celebrate the wedding anniversary is by re-reading the wedding vows and feel how much strengthened their bond has become.

3) Flowers & Balloons Decoration for parties

The decoration is another intricate part of celebrating occasions and making colorful memories to cherish forever. On your beloved’s anniversary, one can arrange for a surprise party at their favorite place. One can choose to use the couple’s favorite flower to use as decorative props. And to greet them with immense love, it is best to scatter happy anniversary balloons on the floor. One can also choose to buy letter balloons to wish them a happy anniversary in the grandest way. It can be one of the best wedding anniversary ideas on a budget.

4) Visit your first date place again

The first place, the first day- remains so special in the couple’s mind as fresh as yesterday. They might have spent years after that, yet the place holds the most special place in their heart. Hence, recreating the same first moment from where it all has started would be a mesmerizing way to celebrate their anniversaries. Going to the same place, wearing the same clothes, booking the same table, recreating the same gesture of proposing- all such things would bring an ocean of nostalgia on them. It will make them feel happy to see how far they have made it together.

5) Home Cinema for movie night

The time that we are facing is a weird one; however, being socially isolated does not dare to stop us from celebrating another year of togetherness. Hence, the most convenient way to celebrate anniversaries these days is to plan for a home-cooked dinner and a non-stop movie marathon night. The choice of the movie can be each of the spouses; or can be a mutual favorite one- depending on the time. Such an idea would let the couple spend some cozy time with each other.

6) Virtual vacation

This pandemic has made many traditional things impossible; however, it also has evolved many other new ways for different things as well. It might not be possible to go for a vacation now, but it is possible to bring the vacation home. A virtual tour to the couple’s favorite place would gift them a wonderful evening on their marriage anniversary day. There are different Video blogs available on YouTube from which they can choose and enjoy.

7) Plan your honeymoon again

Romance might wither away with time; however, love always stays stronger. And there is nothing that one cannot do for love. Hence, on this anniversary, the couple can plan their honeymoon again to the same place, booking the same suite. Such a vacation would bring in some sweet and intimate memories of this place. And this gift would be a very precious one on their special occasion day. This would be a little better if this is a surprise gift by their children or best friends. Check out luxury Coonawarra accommodation for great choices of stays.

8) Hold a wine for celebration

Some things in the world are amplifiers of the happiness of the occasions. Wine is one such exotic element that makes the essence of the wedding anniversary celebration the best. A handful of the couple’s closest and nearest buddies, a table with burlap table runner bulk selection that you specially bought for the event and it is filled with evening platter, bottles of the couple’s favorite wines in their hands- what else can be the other divine way of celebrating an anniversary like this. For fulfilling this atmosphere you should add cigars and enjoy your favourite bottle of wine with cigars which will make your evening more luxurious. Cohiba cigars will be a good choice in this case as it has a smooth taste and mix great aromas. A toast made by the guests to cherish the couple’s togetherness with their favorite wine would be the most precious gift to them on this occasion. If the couple is not around, it would be amazing to send wine online in France to make them the happiest.

9) Couple tattoos

If the couple is smart, fun-loving, and crazy in love, this would be the maddest gift they can gift each other- a couple of tattoos. The idea can be executed in two different ways- the couple would make each other’s favorite tattoos on their bodies; or it can be a common tattoo that both the couple would make, to share a stronger bonding. This idea might sound crazy but it is one of the coolest ways of celebrating a wedding anniversary.

10) Plan a good dinner

We all live a very busy life; we can hardly make time for the ones we love and care about. On this special day, dinner with the whole family would be a remarkable way to celebrate this day, creating some quality memories. The couple can choose their favorite restaurant and pre-book a table for their nearest and dearest ones. They would share some good laughs and relive some old moments over the quality food. Or the family can arrange the same surprise dinner plan for the couple as well. It would be a great choice of celebrating an anniversary with the family.

Celebration of wedding anniversaries is very special for the couples. They want the celebration to be the grandest one. Above are the best ways to celebrate wedding anniversaries for a couple.

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