8 Romantic Flower Gift Ideas you can Show Unconditional Love

by Carter Toni

Romance is one such feeling around the world that is universal. There might be a different language to express the ultimate three words of love, the feelings for everyone are the same. As language or ritual seems to be a bar, the best thing that expresses our feelings for them is the quintessential flowers. There might be a myth about love being only expressed by only the rose; here in this article, we will discuss the other 8 romantic floral gift ideas to express unconditional love.

1. Red Roses Flowers

When the talk is about love, the name of the rose that won’t be present is unreal. Hence, let us first choose the flower that is the absolute expression of love- red roses. Red is the color of blood; something that reflects the connection beyond blood are the red roses. Lovers gift each other red rose on any occasion; there are different shades of love that are perfectly resembled by the different shades of red roses. The blood-red rose is for pure love, the blackish rose is for lusting love and the pink rose is for the intention to start a relationship. To get the best quality of roses, it is perfect to order flowers online.

2. Hyacinth Flowers

Hyacinth is the flower that is replacing the different lovers’ choice of floral bouquets on the universal occasion of eternal love day, Valentine’s Day. Hyacinth has a pick season of blooming from February to April. The flowers bloom in star shapes on strong stems and can last up to 2 weeks fresh if watered regularly. Again bringing in the historical significance, hyacinth was a sport flower in the Victorian era. The origin of the name is from Greek mythology. White and red hyacinths are symbolic of love and recreation. This flower can be found in the best quality from the romantic flower delivery sites.

3. Pastel Carnation

People have different personalities; some are out open like a book and some are like the innermost core petals of flowers. For the latter category person, an introvert, the best flower to express and impress their lover is the pastel carnations. Their feeling for the people is pure and admirable. The white carnations express love while their admiration can perfectly be epitomized by the pink carnations. A carnation is a seasonal flower, it blooms in January. Hence it can be a gift on any occasion related to their lovers at that period.

4. Geranium Flowers

This generation of lovers feels rose is a common and over-rated flower to express love on Valentine’s Day. Hence, they choose this wild alternative of bright geranium flowers. Receiving a bouquet of an exclusive and unexpected flower would surely bring a warm smile to the recipient lover’s face. Geranium has different shades; all of them are expressions of love just like the defining adjectives. A combination bouquet of different colored geranium flowers would be an amazing and romantic flower gift idea to impress one’s love uniquely.

5. Iris Flowers

If blue is the warmest color; therefore iris is the best flower to express these feelings of love. Blue is an exotic color that radiates the mystery in everything it represents. And indeed love is mysterious. The iris flower bouquet is a symbol to your beloved that your love, faith, and trust in them are unconditional. Connecting it to mythology, Iris is the Greek goddess of love, representing eloquence and sophistication. Such a bouquet of the iris hues would leave your beloved person awestruck at the universal celebration of love- on Valentine’s Day.

6. Sunflower Flowers

Your beloved is too happy to have you in their lives; hence a bouquet of bright sun-facing sunflowers would melt their heart on a special occasion, Sunflowers are warm, yellow, large blooming, exposed flowers that always face the sun and when it is cloudy they face each other to appreciate their beauty. Appreciating your love is the perfect emotion that this bouquet would do for them. Hence, a bouquet of sunflowers would be one of the most romantic flower gift ideas for him/her.

7. Stargazer Lily

Love is all about being courageous; at least at the very first place where one has to leap to go for the smooth ride. Stargazer lily is the boldest choice of love flower. Lilies are symbolic of prosperity and wealth; different shades of lilies are there. The pink lily with the white accents is the most popular one. Occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are apt to send your beloved a bouquet of stargazer lilies; sometimes Valentine’s Day also works differently. This flower expresses the sender’s love for the recipient’s vibrant personality.

8. Protea Flowers

Protea is a very pleasant and decorative flower. It is as ancient as time, yet being recognized as a love flower quite recently. It is a commercially grown flower; it also originates from the Greek mythological character, Proteus; the son of Poseidon. This flower resembles diversity. If your beloved is from a different culture, staying away from you, it is best to send romantic flowers to Germany or wherever they are residing, like a bouquet of protea flowers.

When we fail to express our love for someone, flowers come as a savior. There is no singular flower of love; every flower represents love. Above are the best romantic flower ideas to show undisputed love.

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