10 Examples of Successful Content Marketing

by Carter Toni

Today people are working on all factors of digital marketing one of which is content. People who think that just writing something related to product or service is just enough are wrong. Today content marketing is given more importance as it has a deeper effect as compared to any other strategy. But the question comes is how to work with content marketing? So, here are some of the successful examples of content marketing which can be useful and can help to think out of the box.

1.    Zomato

It is one of the top restaurant finder mobile apps, which is running in 24 countries. It uses humor library where they share images, which reference some particular culture, and it easily attracts people. The main aim is to make customer mouth-watering with their simple yet creative approach and thus is leading the market.

People are sharing it on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many more which has helped to gain a big fan following.

2.    Buffer

The main aim is to come up with high-quality content, which is especially for their influencers. This is one such company that keeps posting content frequently in a day on different sites which are high in SEO. It is one of the trusted brands which has a million followers on social sites. It even shares content using email marketing.

3.    Superdrug

Superdrug works with a mission to bring awareness regarding body images issues. It uses social media and publishing placement to remain in audiences. It has a team of graphic designers who are living in different parts of the world to work on perfect image regarding beauty standard.

It has nearly 1 million shares on social media and even opts for celebrity endorsement, which has a great impact on readers.

4.    AARP

Before working on content marketing, it is important to know about their requirements. AARP is one such magazine, which delivers the best content that fulfilled the requirement of readers. This magazine is working very hard on the quality of content and photography because of which it has won many awards. They communicate with readers through email and social media market.

5.    JetBlue

It is one of the best Airlines, which always come up with the best content marketing strategy. Their creativity helps to come up with videos that make it visible and also gain brand value. One such fresh example, which has inspired people to use this airline, is flying with infants. These brands always gain positive response and have been viewed by millions of people.

6.    Babylist

People who are becoming parents for the first time find it very defunct to manage the arrival of baby’s, Babylist comes up with powerful content which will answer all their question and thus make easy to plan everything before arrival.

It also has quizzes where you are just required to answer some questions based on your lifestyle and they will come up with all the things, which you would need for baby. Babylist content helps parents to be prepared and it is one of the reasons of its fan following.

7.    Nike

The main aim of Nike was to encourage people to complete a marathon in 2 hours, which was an impossible task. Nike offered them an option by which it is possible to complete a marathon and it is through wearing their shoes. This documentary was recorded with three famous runners and it got famous on YouTube. The main aim was to push people beyond their limits using a documentary that was shared on the social media platform.

8.    Shopify

Websites always needs to understand the requirement of their customers and come up with all the required solutions. Shopify blogs can answer related to e-commerce business and thus help people to start their livelihood. They offer stock photos, forums and also free e-courses to help people understand this business.

People who are willing to run such a business will find Shopify as the best tool that could answer all their problems. The while working of Shopify is to reduce customer’s requirements and answer all their questions through their content.

9.    Coke

Everyone might have heard about Share a Coke campaign, which has made this brand gain popularity. The main aim was to encourage people to share their favorite drink with people whose names are there on the bottle. The popularity of such campaign resulted in people to customize their bottle and share with that particular person.

10. Shutterstock

We all have heard about Shutterstock, which is known for creating images that can be used by the end number of people. Images that are available in Shutterstock is been shared on a large scale. Infographics always attract people and so Shutterstock has high-quality images, which are shared on large scale today.

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