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by Linda


You know, there isn’t once that we all run out of content ideas. Most of us have been in this situation most of the times. We become really unsure about what content to create and share. But, this doesn’t mean we should stop writing or producing content for Google. By somewhere or after sometime, we have to manage to find some of the resolutions to help keep a constant stream of content ideas flowing. At the beginning, we all have adequate number of ideas which flow out anywhere that works. Over the period of time, it becomes stimulating to create new ideas to share with the audience. And, one more fact is that as the audience increases, they begin to expect more from you. So as to remain on the good side of audience, it’s important to know how to constantly create epic content thoughts. The content will stagnate without great ideas, and you will be running in the risk of losing that audience which you have built after so much of hard work.

If you are thinking if content seriously has to do with the website success, remember regardless of how big you get, you never have enough Internet traffic. Content drive visitors to your website and it leads to more profit. A good content with great content marketing is a perfect way to attract website traffic. And, when we talk about content marketing, it is nothing but creating and promoting information such as podcasts, videos, articles, and images, to draw people to the website. Well, the content promotion doesn’t come into the scene until you produce a good quality content consistently. Now to produce the content we need ideas. Wondering where they come from? Read the article to know.

1. Create ideas on your own:

While generating content ideas on your own, there are a few things which you need to include:

  • What is happening on Quora?
  • What are your users’ reading habits?
  • What can you learn from your SEO efforts?
  • Which ways your competitor has adopted?

Let’s dig into this:

Understand the reading habits: First of all, while searching for the topic, try to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects. Try to empathize with them and learn about their challenges and pain points. What they want to read or which topic seems to be interesting them? Also, you can try to interview some of your best customers over a phone or email to find out about their reading habits. Finding out what customers like or not has a great influence on the creating the content. Moreover, it is easy to find which of your user has been engaged with your content. You can find their contact record to identify who visited specific content on your website, who has consumed a specific amount of your website pages and also you can find out what they like about your content, and what they would like to see more of.

Research your competitors: One of the tactics that comes in researching the topic on our own is especially researching the competitors. If you feel like you are unsure about reader’s reading habits, this is the time when you should look at your competitors’ content marketing efforts. And, this is even better option when you share a similar target audience. So, if the content that they have published is appealing the customers it likely the content will also appeal to your prospects.

Quora is savior: It sometimes happens that you may not be able to find out where your audience lives online. And, that’s totally fine. One of the approaches with content generation ideas is to start with a set of keywords. And when you do that Quora provides a set of questions & answers.

2. Successful brainstorms

You know brainstorming is an art and everyone brainstorms. However, there are only few who do it well. To set yourself up for success, brainstorming is important. This means you have keep searching for ideas where ever you go or whoever you meet. While searching for the topics, a good brainstorm is needed. Yes, you can always involve as many people as you want. But, if you are in larger groups, break yourself into smaller teams that can then report back to the whole. We have to agree on the fact that some people are great brainstorms and some have other talents. So, don’t be afraid to switch up your groups for a perfect mix.

Maintain the brainstorming spirit by outlining a few crucial parameters at the beginning of your brainstorm. The important thing is what your audience wants. So, you have to keep on thinking around the same to get a topic. Below mentioned are some of the tips to run a great brainstorming session.

  • Icebreaker: You have ensure that the creativity is flowing throughout. Try an icebreaker on the group if it is unusually quiet to get them into the brainstorming spirit.
  • Be welcoming: Remember one thing, all ideas are good at this stage. It is important to keep the conversation on a positive side rather than saying ‘No’. By this way you can recognize the validity of each idea and ensuring to incorporate it in a perfect way.
  • Find the spark: Look for ideas which grab interest, stir desire, spark attention, and inspire action. Focusing on the brainstorming to help bring the truly off-task brainstorm back to a more productive place.
  • Record everything: Recording and capturing all the ideas is important. It can be done on a whiteboard or in a microphone. You can also take a picture or write good notes. Record of your process so you can go through it in case you need to find a second idea.

3. Make Use of analytics

Using your analytics is among the fine ways to know what the liking of your audiences are. If you really want to tell what is working and what is not, social media analytics is the best way to let you know. All you need to do is, just study your posts that are top-performing and re-create them for your users.

Below mentioned are some of the ways to find your top-performing posts with the analytics. Here is how:

Facebook: On the Facebook, one of the ways by which you can find posts that are top-performing is by going to your Page Insights > Posts. And, over there you can easily watch for posts with greater engagement. “Overview” tab is a shortcut which you can use to go to the Pages to watch feature. Click on the Page and Facebook will allow you to see your top posts for the week.

Instagram: If you are looking for Instagram analytics, it is mandatory to have your own business account. Under that account, click on the analytics icon and then, tap on “See more” under the section of “Posts”. Here, you will be able to look top posts that are segregated by impressions. Moreover, you can also organize it by reach, engagement, and more. Moreover, there you can also adjust the time period. You can also get top posts on various other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn using the individual analytics.

Safeguard customers

For the people, who are using Pro or Business plan, they can easily find analytics information under Buffer dashboard. You can directly Posts report by going to Analytics tab. There, you can look for “Most Popular” to watch the most-engaged posts of yours. More to this, you can sort your top posts by clicks, comments, Likes, and more.

So, by some of the ways mentioned above, you can find your top posts and later you have to try to observe a pattern between them. Below mentioned are some of the questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the content piece is from a specific source — like the blog post or any other publications?
  • Does it has a particular type of content— image, text, or video — that is performing better?
  • Did any user leave interesting comments?
  • Is there any common topic of discussion among them?

4. Refresh the Existing Content

You know there is one mistake which businesses repeatedly do that is ignoring their formation of mind-blowing content after its initial success. Believe it or not, but there is a huge amount of value that a content gets when you re-visit it and refresh a few months after it was launched initially. We are not saying to give your content a look only once, but give it the chance that it needs to shine. This way, it will also be possible to make it obtainable to a part of your users who had missed it for the first time around.

Below mentioned are some of the different ways through which you can refresh your amazing content:

Updation of content pieces that are already existing

This is an easy to do. What all require is to go through a top-ten list which you have written six months ago. You can always update and re-publish but don’t forget to provide explanation why? This will not only ensure that you are putting it right to your audience, but it will also show them that you’re dedicated in staying relevant. A blog which is frequently refreshed and updated becomes a hit again definitely in front of the customers.

Visualize it: Updating a blog is great option, but remember one thing that most of the users are visual thinkers, and a long blog may not interest them a lot. They may not want to read the content piece. So, consider to make a blog posts more interesting by adding infographics, or informative videos. And, shareable infographics and videos are amazing as they can make the blog post content go viral.

Make it Socialize: Here the great bulleted points which you have mentioned in the blog post comes into action. You can separate them and turn them into a series of tweets or individual posts. Moreover, make sure to publish small and nice snippets on social media to keep your brand present.

Expansion is important: One of the easiest way to make content more intriguing is to go deeper on it. You can always make expansion of the points which you have mentioned in the blog. Expanding the content by adding something even more unique and to the point is an amazing way to re-engage with your readers.


We have covered some of the best ways to research content topic. However, it depends what type of content you are searching for what our audience wants to read. We understand all the great writer’s suffer from writer’s block from time to time and the struggle is real when you have to come up with new content ideas. Well, we have mentioned most of the things in the article so it could benefit you.  Go through it and let us know which one worked for you.

What is your opinion on researching the content? Share your views with us!

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