10 Festive Clothing Ideas For Christmas Lovers

by Carter Toni

10 Festive Clothing Ideas For Christmas Lovers

Christmas is coming! Did you hear me screaming? I know it’s overdramatic, but who doesn’t love the holiday season, especially when it’s Christmas. With stunning winter views, warm clothes, and everyone partying on the 25th, amazing time of the year, isn’t it? Although festive gatherings are unlike other parties, they are still cozy. Planning a Christmas outfit is tricky and becomes even more complicated with dress codes. Christmas looks different for everyone; while some of us will be wrapping in pajamas and spending time in bed, and on the other hand, some will be partying their hearts out in theme parties. So, have you planned what you are going to wear? What would your OG gang wear? Or have you planned gifts? If your answer to these questions is no, don’t worry; we have planned this for you. These matching Christmas pajama sets can be used during the festive season and also as a gift for someone. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on for some exciting ideas on your way:

Customized Fleece sweatshirt: When you’re talking about winters, the sweatshirt has a special place in our wardrobe. It’s nostalgic for so many memories we spent in the cozy winter holidays. The soft and comfy outfit that will never go wrong, and not to forget, you love snuggling in sweatshirts all winter. Therefore, the sweatshirt is always the top option, but this time do something different and ditch your regular sweatshirt. How? Design your own clothes online with various pre-created designs, or design your own clothes, print that design on your hoodie, and you’re ready to stand out.

Customized sweatshirts with your design elements are an excellent idea for gifting to make someone feel special. It shows you put effort into making them smile.

Printed shirt:

One thing we all love about custom t-shirt  is it’s comfy and will never disappoint you. Those who believe in Santa can print custom long sleeve shirts with Santa or Christmas quotes. It might seem silly right now, but it’s a unique idea to come out of your stereotypical festive clothing. You can print similar shirts for your gang to twinning when you go shopping or randomly strolling. You never know all eyes might be on you.

Hand Knitted woolen beanie: As much we adore winters, they can be pretty harsh too. Don’t forget about hand-knitted woolen beanies if you don’t want to miss the festive fun because you fall sick. They will keep you warm throughout your outing or even inside. And you know the best part? You don’t need a hairstyle; it’s going to save your time to think about hairstyles.

Go aesthetic: Customised quotes or Christmas elements on your hoodie is surely an aesthetic yet cool way to put your shoes in festive vibes. When you do something out of your comfort box, you’re bound to feel different, and designing your own clothes is one of them. Get out of your regular comfort zone and pull out your creative side. PrintShop by Designhill offers you to create various designs per your requirement, and they also provide pre-designed prints; if you like it, go for them.

A dress to the rescue: if you’re spending your time in a late Christmas night party formal dress or gown, you might be thinking but hesitant due to winter. Seawater dress is a great alternative for formal dress; it will make you feel confident like your formal dress and keep you warm in winter.

Customized t-shirts for your family: The best part about custom long sleeve shirts is thay are designed by you, which gives a sense of uniqueness, intimacy for your family. We all have something that is only shared in family, and spending time with family making incredible memories for a lifetime to cherish is not what you want to miss. Customizing a full sleeve shirt for Christmas for your family is another way to show them your love and care. That will make them happy and not forget it’s also good for your Instagram pictures.

Socks: when talking about Christmas, socks are bound to come, be it for outfits or for hiding your gifts. Wearing customized and theme-based socks will help you stand out and feel warm and comfortable in the weather. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for an outing or spending time at home; customized socks are worth your time and money.

Denim or leather jacket: A jacket is part of the basics in winter but can make it unique by special design. Create your unique style statement with a quirky jacket paired with jeans or over the dress. Either hand paint a similar design or use the vinyl technique for printing. Screen printing is also one of the ways to create your own design on jackets.

Turtle neck jumper: Whether you’re spending time home chilling or decorating your house with lights. Turn on your music and let the magic happen in a turtle neck jumper. Cozy, warm, and easy to pair is what you need. Pair it either with jeans or a leather pants skirt. A cute outfit is perfect for family time at your terrace or backyard.

Simple yet stylish for a walk around the neighborhood: Christmas is not complete without watching lights in your neighborhood or visiting giant Christmas trees in the city. If you’re planning a walk or strolling to soak in all the Christmas vibes, then a sweater, sweatshirt, and beanie are perfect for your time. To save you from harsh weather outside, at the same time keeping your style statement on point.

Bottom line: Christmas is all about cozy winters and spending time with your loved ones; it doesn’t matter indoors or outdoors. It’s always something to look forward to out of your comfort zone. Although we all plan to keep our outfits warm yet stylish, doing something different wouldn’t hurt. Therefore, design your own clothes or custom long sleeve shirts this Christmas for yourself and your loved ones, apart from your stereotypical outfits.

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