Diwali Gifts You Can Make Yourself Or Purchase

by Carter Toni

It’s the holiday of lights, sweets, new outfits, and, of course, presents!!! I can’t help myself; when it comes to Diwali gifts, I’m as thrilled as a child, and everyone knows it! Birthday presents are not the same as Diwali gifts. They have a more festive feel to them, which birthday gifts simply cannot equal! It’s a true instance of ‘the more the merrier’ when everyone is gifting each other all around! However, buying gifts for everyone may be costly, not to mention harmful to the environment. It can also be tedious, particularly when you receive identical sets of the same item from different persons. Why be ordinary when you can be unique with simple Diwali presents that you can make yourself? Yes, we’re talking about going handmade, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most simple ideas that are also functional and don’t require a lot of time or money to create. Yes, the kids can include these in their Diwali activities, especially if you’re throwing a special Diwali party for them! You may also buy Diwali gifts online at a low cost to make your Diwali even more spectacular.

Easy Diwali Gifts to Make or Purchase Online!!!

Dry Fruit Crackers for Diwali:

Diwali is synonymous with crackers, but The Craftables’ dry fruit crackers are the safe type! These multicoloured crackers are simple to make with a short trip to the craft store. You could fill them with candies or sweets, but I think you’ll agree that dried fruits and nuts are healthier!

Rangoli Powder:

On Diwali, everyone wants Rangoli powder, so give them a handmade version that will make everyone happy, including the environment. This Fun Littles Rangoli powder recipe is simple to create and can be coloured with vegetarian food colours to achieve the appropriate tones.

String Lights Made of Paper Cubes:

Don’t you think regular string lights are boring? They’re everywhere, and they’ve become a bit of a cliche. Make these paper cube string lights, to spice things up. You won’t be adding any more plastic to your Diwali celebrations because they’re made of paper!

Tealight Holder with Pistachios:

This is real recycling at its finest!! Don’t throw away any cardboard boxes you have lying around from your internet purchases. Don’t chuck the shells if you’ve just finished a movie or Netflix binge while eating pistachios! Follow The Crafties and put them all together to make waste into treasure!

Diyas that are environmentally friendly:

No Diwali celebration is complete without the lighting of a few (or many) earthenware or clay diyas. We’ve got a recipe for making diyas with chapathi dough! Yes, plain roti dough can be transformed into adorable small diyas that may be decorated before being given as gifts! You can even order edible chocolate diya from the comfort of your own home.

Tin Jewelry Box Repurposed:

Here’s another repurposed project that appears to be quite costly!! Make a beautiful jewellery box out of an ordinary tin box with a lid that’s perfect for any occasion, not just Diwali! The best part is that you can make it exactly as you want it! Visit any Crafts Site for the directions.

Pressed Flower Candles:

This Diwali, there are lights and diyas in every nook and cranny, but how about giving someone something a little more natural? See how to make these pressed flower candles with beeswax and real flowers online. They’ll look and smell fantastic!

Masala Chai Blend (Homemade):

As the cold weather comes, one thing is certain: there will be an upsurge in demand for chai, particularly masala varieties! As a result, this ready-to-use masala chai blend will be a much-appreciated present, especially because it eliminates the bother of grinding and blending the spices from scratch. Because winter is approaching, you might want to fill these lovely jars with a soothing turmeric milk masala.

Mithai Hamper:

Yes, giving Diwali sweets is nothing new, but it will be when you do so in a custom-made mithai hamper! Do Crafts has created a lovely box with compartments for various handcrafted treats. You can fill each one with a different colour or a theme, such as dried fruits or khoya.

Bookmark in Madhubani Style:

Do you have a reading-obsessed friend or family member? Then give them this Craftsy Madhubani style bookmark, which honours the historic Indian art form of Madhubani. The best part is that you may print the template and colour it as you want just to make it gorgeous! Or you may order a Corporate diwali gift and make your friends or family feel more loved.

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