10 Gift Ideas to Thank Medical Professionals

by Carter Toni

Medical professionals have been through a lot this past year. From crippling waves of the still-raging pandemic to combating huge bouts of burnout, medical professionals definitely deserve our thanks. Here are some great gift ideas you can use to thank medical professionals!

1. An ornament. Doctors and nurses love ornaments! They’re the perfect gift solution because they are small but mighty. With unique phrases and imagery that represent the sacrifices that many medical professionals make every day, ornaments make great gifts for doctors that patients, staff and others can give to doctors and other medical staff.

2. A pen. Let’s face it — doctors and nurses are always losing their pens and can never have enough of them. Whether writing prescriptions, vitals or excuse notes for work or school, medical professionals always need quality pens to use in their everyday job activities. A set of fresh, new ink pens is a great gift to give a medical professional to tell them thank you for all they do. Take a quick peek at the pens they use the next time you’re around them. Each person has different pen preferences and that will greatly impact which pens you purchase for each of the medical professionals you’re giving gifts to.

3. A photo frame. Photo frames are sweet keepsake gifts to give for any medical professionals who you would like to get gifts for. Of course, you don’t have to put a photo in it, but if you do have a photo of the two of you together, then that definitely will make the gift feel more personal! A unique photo frame is a great way to show a medical professional who’s your close friend or family member that you care about them and are thankful for all they do every day. They can hang it up at home or use it at their station or on their office desk!

4. A travel mug. If you know anything about medical professionals, it’s that they’re always on-the-go. Whether they’re working two doubles or simply managing patients and their day-to-day life, most medical professionals survive by bringing lots of caffeine with them. Personalized coffee mugs with names or initials are great gifts for medical professionals! Not only are they a great gift, but personalized coffee mugs are beneficial for doctors and nurses simply because everyone on staff probably drinks coffee or tea, so it’s easy to mix up the mugs. When they’re personalized, that happens much less often!

5. Business card holders. Doctors are proud of their achievements, so they deserve unique business card holders in which to store their cards. Glass is obviously the premium material, but if they work in an emergency room or have a very busy office, sometimes it’s best for them to have a business card holder made from leather or even wood. Either way, a card holder created specifically for them can speak to their dedication to their profession.

6. A new stethoscope. Stethoscopes aren’t cheap, and a quality one can take a medical professional far in their career. No matter whether they’re just wrapping up medical school or they’re finishing their 20th year in the profession, a stethoscope is a great gift to give a medical professional. They’ll love having a new one to use with all their patients!

7. A badge reel. Medical professionals are constantly carrying their IDs around. That’s mainly because they need it for everything! Opening doors, accessing patient records — sometimes they can even use it like a gift card and load funds to use in the hospital cafeteria! A badge reel, or the round clip that the ID badge attaches to, is a fun way for many doctors and nurses to show their personalities in a space where they typically have to wear similar colors for their scrubs. They don’t always have the freedom to wear whatever scrubs they’d like, so a badge reel is just one of the ways they can show some of their personality off to others. Badge reels come in all different forms, colors and patterns. From TV shows to superheroes and simple stripes, there’s a badge reel out there for everyone. It’s perfect for the medical professional in your life!

8. Compression socks. Medical professionals are on their feet all day — especially nurses. They go from room to room quickly and with barely any questions asked, which means they’re in need of quality socks and footwear to stay healthy. Compression socks are perfect for medical professionals because they help to ensure proper blood flow to the muscles. When on your feet for a majority of the day, this is an absolutely essential part of staying fit and able to work!

9. Moisturizing lotion. Medical professionals wash and sanitize their hands frequently. This can lead to dry and cracked skin. Get them a bottle of nourishing hand lotion to apply at the end of a long shift or during the middle of the work day. It’s a great way for them to practice a little self-care on the clock, too! When they need a quick break to step out and fill their cup back up, taking a couple of minutes to apply some calming and moisturizing hand lotion can do just the trick.

10. A plant. Greenery is good for the soul! Doctors and nurses aren’t exempt from using plants to feel healthier and more energized. In fact, having some greenery in the doctor’s office can make the space feel more warm and inviting, for patients and staff alike. Rather than feeling stuffy and clinical, the office instantly becomes transformed into a more welcoming place to be. For doctors and nurses, who spend most of their time at the office, having a warm space is necessary to ensure they’re providing quality care to patients. A plant is perfect for that! There are many plants that require little water and lots of sunlight. Snake plants, spider plants and even aloe plants are all great options for medical facilities.

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