20 Awesome Toy Vehicles as a Birthday Gift

by Carter Toni

Birthdays are very special and kids want a special gift from their loved ones, family and friends. A month before the birthday they start their birthday party preparation. So it is very important to give them what they love and want. If the birthday kid is a speed and car lover then go for the gifting ideas mentioned below.

1. An LED remote control racing car is the perfect gift for a racing car lover kid on their birthday. Big Led fitted wheels are good for any type of surface and means nonstop fun. All direction movement, 360-degree tumbling flip gives some stunt experience to your kid. The rechargeable batteries of the remote control device can be charged with electric power or even by a power bank as there is a USB port also available.

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2. Car Carrier truck toy with the tiny car in a carrier is a nice gift as it comes with bunches of different size cars. These toy cars can be played separately as the tiny runs with the pullback formula, but no hurdle stops them. Carrier trucks are remotely operated and all gates and loader systems are functional from remote. Battery and USB charge port, light sound system, and colorful fine finish attracts kids.

3. In today’s normal life, lots of pickup vans come to our doorstep and deliver goods and provide a variety of services to make our daily life easier. Kids are always fascinated with these vans. The day started with a milk van, then a school van, the street cleaner list is endless, give your kid a set of these type pickup vans. Lots of options are there in the market with different features, advice is to go for branded one as they follow standard protocol.

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4. Animal shaped pullback car toy set is very much popular among kids as it comes with double dosage fun. Pull back and leave and these toy cars will start running, you can even open their doors and come back after hitting any obstacle. Multicolor multi-shape toy cars also act as educational toys, kids learn about animals and colors and also work on eye-hand movement for toddlers.

5. GPS tracking and microchips fitted is a next-generation toy car that will give the next level of fun to kids. This app-based toy is supported by a cloud server that updates the features and adds new features to your kid’s playing experience. This digital playing card gadget is designed by a couple of toy manufacturing companies that have changed their thought process according to time. The whole experience has given some teaching to kids also.

6. Car designing and launch of a new car are watched very frequently in the news and read in the newspaper. Kids become fascinated watching these new shining cars and this is the inspiration for toy manufacturers and also for the buyer. Die-cast metal model toy cars are very impressive and smart-looking. Shining colors unified with unique features are liked by birthday kids.

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7. Die-cast metal, rubber wheels, robust look, shining color, and perfectly finished electronic kids toy car will become the dream car of a birthday kid. Battery operated remote control toy cars are featured with door opening and music and light. And if the battery is not working then please don’t worry, the manufacturer has embedded a pullback feature, just pull back and enjoy the ride.

8. Early 1970s long from the front car are in the imagination of toy car designers, their imagination is widely liked and loved by car lover kids. Almost all toy manufacturing companies are producing these well-crafted durable material embedded cars. This fine finish and the shining car comes with a pull-back moving formula, and kids can even open all doors front and boot space. These are also very educational toys which tell the journey of cars.

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9. Hollywood and Bollywood Movies also create a desire among kids to have toy cars of that shape and design. The market is flooded with fast and furious series and other signature movie cars. These have multiple features so please go for what you think birthday kids will like most.

10. The police patrolling set is very much liked by all age groups. This set includes racing cars, bikes, jeeps, mini trucks, big trucks, ambulances, and on top 2 helicopters. Pullback, remote-controlled, fictional movement who have almost all movement formulas in your bucket. The kid’s group will enjoy playing with this set. This set also includes the bad boy’s car which is to be chased by the police team from all possible directions and the helicopter also.

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11. Cartoon and cartoon characters have a special place in a kid’s life. Present them their favorite cartoon character toy car. They will love this gifting idea but go for a branded one to check all necessary security measures before going for the purchase. Paw patrol, Disney cars are some of the ideas you can go for.

12. Colorful car toys with carved eyes and smiling faces attached with string are loved by the toddler who has just started walking. As the car moved, a music light show flashed all around. This will make the kid happy and believe us you will see a dancing kid with moving lights all around.

13. A dancing car with rainbow lights is a very popular and old toddler car toy. Battery operated light fitted toy cars having long wheels move 360. The best and most amusing part is the dancing of toy cars to the musical tune. The transparent rooftop throws light all around all these activities. This also teaches sound eye and mind coordination to the little one.

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14. The racing track and racing car collection is the perfect birthday gift. Colorful racing track and fiction control small cars will run to win the race on this track. Let your kid fix the racing track by himself, this will help to boost the confidence level in the kid.

15. Monster truck powered with friction movement is very much popular among kids. Coming with head-twisting rotators the truck turns 360 degrees at any speed and will not break down easily. Usually, these come in a pack of two, and kids can play on any type of surface.

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16. The remote-controlled sports car is every kid’s favorite. Awesome Looks, advanced design, fine/stylized bodywork, and kid-friendly features like adjustable seat, seat belt, and funky interior will be a cool and stylized gift for the birthday kid.

17. A coupe toy ride is a unique gift for kids. Coupe has all features built on the dashboard just to give the kid the feeling that they and the car are getting ready for the drive. Kids easily and safely steer the coupe with its kick and push feature. Apart from this feature, it has a back handle by which anyone can easily push and move. Easy rotating wheel, head and tail light, and horn make the ride enjoyable.

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18. Battery-operated 4 wheeler kids cars are available in the toy market. Loaded with all required features like this kids car, it is very easy to operate. Just get it fully charged and hit the service lanes. Fashionable dashboard, relaxing and adjustable seats with seat belts, alloy wheels, and almost all other elements are in place.

19. Four wheel pedal car will give a unique pedaling experience to kids. Molded seat, steady and sporty steering wheel gives control in children’s hands and they will enjoy getting the control and getting control on speed.

20. Simple truck with a kick and push feature is very popular in every family. Almost 15 years of generation has played with this truck which has a simple but solid look and elements are robust wheel, steady body and steering.

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