4 Reasons for Poor Productivity & How to Avoid Them

by Carter Toni

Being productive may sound like a dream for someone. We live in a world where self-control is a must-have rather than an option. Distractions from notifications, too much work, lack of work-life balance and remote work make it really hard for some to stay productive without being overwhelmed. Here we collected 4 key reasons for poor productivity and ways to overcome them to reach your goals.

Lack of Self-Control

Another popular reason for slow work is a lack of self-control. The thing here is that we used to work at an office where we knew our regimen, but with remote work, it became much harder for most people to control their working hours. Yes, we are all different, but there is a point where self-control can disturb your productivity. 

Work on keeping you organized so you can manage your time by yourself. Set small tasks and try to achieve them. Use apps like Headway that can help you track your progress and allow you to boost personal growth in a fun and easy way.


Again, most people are working remotely today. Let’s say half of them work from home and half from cafes. 40% of those who work from home have animals, kids or people at home. And this could bring lots of distractions to your working day. Since kids may want something, animals want your attention, or your family constantly asks you questions when you try to focus. Sounds familiar? If yes, this is one of the biggest reasons for poor productivity. 

If you work from a cafe, you can also experience distractions in the form of people or coffee machines working. While remote work isn’t easy for those who can’t properly focus on work, you can still remove maximum distractions, like notifications, ask your family to give you space or find a coworking space near your house to work from it.

Poor Sleep & Exhaustion

The key reason among most people who can’t finish their work on time is poor sleep and exhaustion. The speed of modern life doesn’t usually leave space for mental health or work-life balance. As a result, most people tend to overwork, which causes sleep issues and mental burnout. 

If you also feel tired, have an increased appetite and can’t perform tasks you usually can, it is vital to establish healthy sleep hygiene and take a few days off so you can recharge and repair. Healthy adults require 7-9 hours of sleep, so stick to a sleep schedule even on days off or the weekends.


Procrastination is currently the leading cause of poor work quality and lack of concentration. However, it can be caused by mental breakdown or mental health issues; in most cases, people procrastinate because they believe that the task they have to complete is too hard and prefer to ignore it as much as possible. Procrastination is very common in modern people, but it can be cured. 

Procrastination is different from laziness. One of the easiest ways to be productive and overcome procrastination is by keeping your phone away while you work. This feeling also often occurs when you believe that you won’t be able to do the task you are supposed to perform, so you can break down this big task into small pieces.

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