5 Reasons to Consider Electric Cars

by Carter Toni

Consider Electric Cars

Debates around gas-powered cars and electric vehicles have long been here. However, we see that the demand for EVs is growing rapidly, backed by perks offered by the government and their sustainability. The key thing about EVs is that they don’t use fossil fuels, so they don’t emit harmful greenhouse gases that damage our Environment.
Although this is the key driver of the EV’s success in the market, they also provide a more exciting driving experience thanks to their ability to deliver instant torque and a more efficient, smoother, quieter ride. Let’s explore key reasons for choosing EV over a gas car in 2023:

They’re Better for the Environment

If you want to bring a positive impact on our Environment, electric vehicles are the top choice. These cars produce zero emissions, cleaning the atmosphere from any further unwanted greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, and other nasties produced by diesel exhausts.

Even though some of these harmful greenhouse gases can be produced during the manufacturing of electric vehicles, the market is actively working on resolving this issue. For example, Audi has already implemented carbon-neutral plants in Brussels and Győr, while the company’s goal is to make production plants entirely carbon-neutral by 2025.

They are Much Cheaper to Run

Another crucial reason to choose EVs is that they are cheaper to run. Much cheaper! Electric cars just need access to solar energy, so you will never need to pay a cent for fuel ever again.

Even if you have to charge your car using EV charging stations, you’ll naturally have to pay for it, but the cost is significantly lower than what you’d have to pay to fill your tank with petrol or diesel.

They are More Efficient

Based on the report provided by the US Department of Energy, EVs convert more than 77 per cent of the electrical energy from the grid used to power the car. In contrast, ICE cars convert approximately 12-to-30 per cent of the energy kept in gasoline to power the vehicle.

As a result, electric cars require less energy to power, saving money and offering higher efficiency. The money you save from buying EV can be put on more valuable things like buying fuzzy dice made of recyclable materials.

Better Driving Experience

Electric vehicles provide smooth and more responsive acceleration and regenerative braking, while an electric motor hardly makes any noise, offering a silent and comfortable driving experience. Also, specially designed EV charging apps UK and Europe show EV chargers near me and save you time looking for specific network providers.

Less Maintenance Required

Electric cars have around 20 moving parts in the motor. Just compare this number to about 2000 in an ICE vehicle. In addition, EVS do not require engine oil, pistons, or even complex transmissions (most EVs use only one gear), so they are cheaper in maintenance and usually require the smallest amount of regular servicing.

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