5 Accessories That Will Make You Look Fashionable on Your Vacation

by Carter Toni

When it comes to a vacation, including the right accessories in your suitcase will help you to vacation in style. Designer sunglasses, belts, headbands, scarves and jewelry can add style to any outfit. If you want to be fashionable and still travel light, the trick is not to pick too many accessories but to take the right ones. Here are some essential accessories to take along when heading out on vacation

1. Designer sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is an absolute must when heading off on vacation. Not only will they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but designer sunglasses are a real fashion statement. There’s a very good reason why celebrities and fashion icons wear sunglasses. They add drama and mystery to their looks.

On the beach, a striking, trendy pair of sunglasses is the perfect accessory. Your sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, reduce glare and prevent future eye problems as well as make you look stylish. Even when vacationing in a snowy place, your need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun on the snow.

If you’re in a hurry for a pair of designer glasses fast delivery is possible. Today you can place an order online and receive your glasses the following day.

2. Belts

Belts can completely transform the look of an outfit. A classic belt in black or brown is a versatile piece you can adapt to on many different occasions.

Picking out a specific belt style that resonates with your personal style means you can wear it with a number of outfits. Cinch a mini dress at the waist for a statement look, or use it with a pair of your favorite jeans and a t-shirt. Wear it with a shift dress in the evening, and all heads will turn.

Don’t ever be afraid of belts because they are an invaluable fashion accessory. A wide belt works wonders for most waistlines. You just have to choose the type of belt that suits you best by taking your shape, height and personal style into account.

3. Headbands

A headband is a favorite vacation accessory and offers you a great way to upgrade your look and add flair to any outfit. From a gold-plated crystal headband to a leopard-print satin one, there are many choices to suit every personality and style. You can even make your own headband out of a ribbon, a choker or a special piece of fabric. Princess Diana famously wore an emerald and diamond choker as a headband on a visit to Australia.

Headbands are both functional and fashionable. When wearing a headband, you can wear your hair down, put it into a ponytail, try a braid, or go for an up-do. There is no right or wrong way to wear a headband, so you can style it as you wish. Keep your hair out of your eyes when walking on a windy beach and look amazing at the same time. Use a headband with an up-do on a night out to create a trendy, eye-catching look.

4. Scarves

Scarves are one of the most convenient accessories to take with you on vacation. You can wear a scarf in so many different ways, and they take up very little space in your suitcase. You can wear them in every season because they come in a range of weights, materials and fabrics.

You can wear a large scarf sarong-style over your swimsuit when it starts to get cold on the beach. It can cover your hair when you’re traveling, and you don’t have access to a hairdryer. Wear it over your shoulders for evening wear or around your neck to add a pop of color to a plain top during the day.

A scarf in a special, exclusive fabric will make you look more sophisticated. You can get a couple in the color trend of the moment to look trendy without having to invest in a whole wardrobe of new clothing.

5. A touch of bling

Your vacation wardrobe will be boring without a touch of bling. You don’t have to take along your most valuable jewelry. Bringing along a few pairs of earrings, a couple of pendants and some bracelets offers you all the versatility you need to coordinate with your outfits while vacationing.

If you’re going to spend most of your vacation lying on the beach, you don’t need much in the way of jewelry. Take what you need to glam up your outfits for special occasions like a night out. Stud earrings are a good choice because they are small and dainty but can pack a stylish punch with most outfits. Instead of opting for chunky, statement pieces, rather choose versatile small pieces.

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