Three Top Tips For Safely Storing Your Possessions

by Carter Toni

Whether you’re moving house, moving abroad, or are between homes, there are plenty of instances in life when you need to store your possessions outside of your home. During these periods, you’ll be looking for a secure facility, and a process through which you can all but guarantee your possessions won’t get damaged on the way to or from the facility. This guide is about protecting your treasured possessions by storing them—and how to avoid damage or loss as they’re packed and transported.


You won’t carry your possessions to a storage facility without first wrapping them with protective material. You’ll also place them in boxes rather than bags, so that you can stack your possessions neatly in the corner of the storage box that you’re planning on using. When you’re packing items such as vases, you should be careful to protect their exteriors with newspaper before taping bubblewrap around the paper. Other items may require less protection, and can be packed tightly into boxes.

Furniture is another matter. It’s large and bulky, which makes it difficult to bubble wrap or place into boxes. Instead, you can use sheets, duvets, sleeping bags, and other large sheets of materials to cover the fragile parts of your furniture. Make sure you stack them safely once they’re in the storage facility you choose to use.

Storage Boxes 

There are hundreds of storage box locations that’ll happily take your items. You won’t even need to engage with the owners of these facilities if you don’t want to – St Neots self storage allows you to do the process swiftly and in your own time with only a brief check-in and paperwork signature before you can get cracking with storing your possessions. Before you pick your storage unit, do just check whether it’s a professional and well-reviewed service. The protection of your possessions is of paramount importance.

When you do sign up for a storage box, you’ll be offered boxes of different sizes. The smaller ones, of course, are cheaper. You don’t want to end up with a box that’s too small for all of your possessions, so it’s advisable that you opt for a size larger than you expect you’ll need.


Getting your possessions from your home to the storage facility, and eventually from the storage facility to your new home, exposes your belongings to risk. Everything you carry could be dropped, and rain falling on your possessions could cause lasting harm if that water stains wood or seeps into electrical items.

Be extra careful with how you pack thevan that you’re using to transport your belongings. Use ropes and straps to secure items that could fall or move in transit. If in doubt, use more sheets to cover items that might rub against one another as a result of the movement of the van. Drive slowly, without sharp turns, so that nothing falls as you drive. That’s how you’ll prevent damage to your possessions while they’re in transit.

Bear these key tips in mind in order to store your possessions safely when you don’t have a home to place them in.

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