51 Best interesting topics to talk on with your loved ones

by Carter Toni

Talking is one of the most interesting things that any person can do with their loved ones. As per psychology study, there are maximum problems that get solved through conversation, and for any normal person talking is important because it consoles people and there are people who cannot pass a single day without blabbering something to their loved ones. But sometimes it also happens that people run out of interesting topics to talk about, and they end up in silence and getting back to work. So, here in this article you will get 51 interesting topics that you can talk with your loved ones and it will be a never ending conversation. Let us look at them –

1. People – People is interesting topic that you can discuss about. We meet many people in our daily lives and come across. So, one of the interesting topics to discuss is about your experience with people and how you feel. For instance, in a shopping mall you meet a pleasing customer care who shows you all the clothes and directs you till the paying counter with your stuffs. So, you can discuss about that how you feel. Another instance, I went to a mall, bought 2 pairs of earrings but those turned out to be heavy, so I went back to return but the shop doesn’t takes back the earring, so I tried giving those earrings free of cost to one such customer care girl. But the sweet girl directed me towards the manager at the bill desk and helped me get it exchanged. So, this was my experience. So, likewise there are similar experiences that we have with people and it’s interesting to discuss.

2. Forgiveness – Forgiveness is something that is not easy. But you can discuss with your loved ones about someone who has offended you off late and you trying to forgive them. You can discuss even about your experiences and ask your loved ones their opinion, whether they should forgive or let go or should you hold back the grudges as a lesson well learnt or whatever may be the case. And I am also sure that every person has some topic about this hurt or forgiveness because everyone has a unique experience.

3. Existence of God – This is another interesting topic, which many people discuss and have doubt on. Most of the time we either experience the lack of presence of God and presence of God, so you can share your experience when you expected a miracle and it did happen or did not happen or that you doubt on the existence of God or need some proof about it. You can ask about this with your loved ones as to what they feel and their opinion about the same.

4. Love – Love is a topic that everyone talks about. You can discuss with your loved ones about your love for a certain thing or people. And ask them to share their experience about loving someone or some thing that they wanted like a car or a dress or etc. And this a very broad topic, so you will get or have all kinds of things to discuss on this topic.

5. Romance – If you are, single then you can surely discuss with your loved ones about how romantic you feel about someone, provided they are not conservative. You can discuss about your crush and about your past experiences. It will be an interesting topic to discuss about and do not forget to ask about the experience of your loved ones also.

6. Hate – Hate is also a interesting topic in which you can discuss about the person you hate the most and release your anger and locked up emotions en number of times. I am very sure every person is there in this world who dislikes someone or hates someone or something. Even if the one you hate is a thing of past, you can still discuss with your loved ones and may be the conversation can help you to know the real reason why you hated that person in the first place etc.

7. Enemy – Enemy may not be a very common topic, but people do discuss with their loved ones about their competitor or hater or enemy. So, if you are very confident about your loved ones, that you can discuss about your enemy at workplace and what you feel or what you should do to overcome their tactics etc. For office going people this is a very common topic and also for famous people.

8. Food – You can discuss a lot about food if you love cooking and tasting variety of food dishes. If you have frequently or in the past visited some good restaurant or have visited someone’s home where you ate a delicious meal, then you can discuss that and the recipes and many other things. Also, you can discuss about your daily meals whether its boring or interesting and how can make it tasty.

9. Drinks – This is a topic which mostly men discuss. If you have recently tasted some good mocktails or cocktails, have come across a new type of beverage, want to make a comparison between scotch and whiskey and which is a smooth one, or broaden your horizons on the same, then you can even take up this topic. Apart from that, girls can discuss this as well as teetotal drinks also.

10. Sweet Dishes – If you have a sweet tooth and love various types of sweet dishes, then you can discuss that with your loved ones. Also, if you bake then you can make the conversation interesting with getting and giving baking tips, decoration, and combinations. Plus, about your recent Cadbury experience or a good chocolate experience like that Swiss etc.

11. Places – Many people are traveler. So, one of the most interesting topics for you will be to discuss about various places and people and which you have visited and or are planning to visit. It can be a historical place, some spooky ancient structure that you visited, or a haunted palace. Plus, you can discuss about going there with your loved ones. See how interesting the topics become.

12. Hygiene – This is a topic that seldom people discuss. But its good if you exchange ideas and discuss about hygiene. It may be about cleaning the loo, or your home, or using toiletries or tissues or what is your definition of hygiene and how you expect someone to be hygienic etc. It may not be an interesting topic, but discussing with your loved ones can show your expectation of hygiene and others can follow it.

13. Fitness – Fitness is again a topic, which is commonly discussed. But with your loved ones you can talk about the diets that can keep you fit and healthy and certain food items that are allergic and makes one lethargic and so much more. You must experienced that after having a particular food item you felt very lazy and in some places where you had a less diet you felt more energetic. So, such experiences you can share with your loved ones.

14. Workouts –You can also discuss about your recent workout experience in the gym with any new equipment and how it felt? Tiresome or energetic etc. Also, if you have plans to join a workout center then do discuss with your loved ones and ask a suggestion whether yoga is better or workout, or a simple exercise at home etc.

15. Yoga –Yoga is a beautiful way of keeping your body healthy. With each type of yoga, your body feels different, dynamic and relaxed and better. So, if you find any benefits with Yoga or want to know about yoga and take opinion asked your loved ones.

16. Dance – Some people love to dance, whereas other people love to judge the dance of others. So, you can discuss about a recent TV show that you have seen on either dance or how you feel about dancing. There are many things to discuss and that too about the entertainment industry.

17. Character – This will be a interesting topic where you can discuss about what are the qualities needed for a good character. Also, if you know some person who has strong personality traits then you can discuss about them, their qualities and admire it and ask opinion of your loved ones on the same topic or person, if they know them.

18. Boyfriend/Girlfriend –Your loved ones like your siblings or parents or dear friends are the best ones who can suggest you wisely. If you have any doubts or want to discus about your bf/gf then you can ask them, if you find it tough to judge them or are likely to use your heart rather than your head in such situations discuss them with your loved ones.

19. Past Experiences –Every person has a good or bad past experiences. It can be anything or any topic related. So, make sure to discuss that with your loved ones, it will help you get some good advice or you may know something similar that they have experienced.

20. Fun – What is your definition of fun? How do you have fun? All these can be discussed with your loved ones and you can take their idea of having fun too. It may be a pool party or a drinks party with movie watching or whatever.

21. Jokes – If you want to make your loved ones happy, then do not forget to crack jokes. And, if you run out of jokes, then you can check online in Google for the best jokes of the day, where you will get plethora of funny jokes, that you can read for your loved ones and enjoy the conversation.

22. Beauty – Beauty is a topic that every girl talks with her loved one. In addition, it is a vast topic. You can either discuss about your beauty or someone else beauty and bitch around or you can discuss the beauty tips that you found online and it works. There are so many things to discuss. You can even ask your loved ones about their idea of beauty.

23. Dream Home – Every person desires to have a beautiful home and every person has some or the other problem in their home. Its too small or less spacious, or wrong ceiling or etc. etc. So, many people do converse about their type of home. Most of them even plan to resale their house.. So, this is another topic on which you can have endless conversation.

24. Dream Car/Bike – Mostly teens talk about interesting topic like a dream car or bike. But there are adults also who plan to buy such. So, if you have any plans to buy a car or bike then do discuss with your loved ones to get an idea about it and whats the best one. Even if there are no plans, you can express your feeling about dreaming to owe one.

25. Kids – This is another interesting topic which mostly married women discuss whether to have kids or not or late. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t discuss this. You can always take opinion of your loved one about any kind in the family or whether you love kids, and can discuss about child psychology or something that you have recently read about kids, their safety etc.

26. Christmas –Christmas is approaching and many people have preparations to make. So, this is another exciting topic to discuss and plan about spending your Christmas vacations and decorations and so much more.

27. Decorations –You can discuss about various kinds of home décor or furniture that you checked online. If you plan any renovations at your home, then you can discuss that with your loved ones. And what all you like in furniture and did you make any recent orders online etc.

28. Relatives – With your very closed loved ones you can always discuss about your and their relatives and hit the likes and dislikes buttons of conversation. Or what you did for them and how they were thankless or thankful and so much more is there to discuss on the same.

29. Boss –You can always discuss about your boss and his behavior with your loved ones. Whether he was generous, cruel, or strict and it is a common topic. You can also back bite about the same with your loved ones.

30. Work – Work is a very familiar topic with the homemakers and office goers. But if you get a break with your loved ones, then one of the best ways of releasing tension is to talk about your work. It will give you relaxation, break, and a sense of accomplishment. Office goers can also discuss about the work pressure at office that they face and may be your loved ones could give a solution to manage the pressure.

31. Quilts –If you love being under quilts or blankets in winters, then this is one of the most interesting topics to discuss. You still be under the quilt and discuss with your loved ones about the latest quilts that have come up in the market, rates and which is the best one, your favorite color, its softness, weight, ease of keeping it in cupboards and so much more.

32. Clothes–Clothes are also a common topic of discussion. But you can discuss some unique topics about old clothes or used clothes and selling them online. Also, if this Christmas you have plans to give something to the poor, then you can discuss with your loved ones about giving clothes etc. Do not talk about old topics like how many clothes you have or no place to keep etc.

33. Accessories – Boys and girls both love accessories. So, you can discuss about the latest chains, scarves, watches and earrings, bracelets, etc. and the cost online and so much more. Plus, you can discuss which is the latest accessory in fashion today. Celebrity worn accessory etc.

34. Watches –Another important and trending topic people talk about is the smart watches, cost, features etc. You can discuss about your brand and what type of watch you would like to have in future or for Christmas etc. Any plans to gift watches or buy one.

35. Shoes – Many good brands of shoes have come up in the market as well as online. The price differs online and in land based shop. So, you can discuss about the same with your loved ones and ask their opinion and so much more.

36. Jeans – Jeans and its brand are another important topic of discussion among the teens and as well as adults. You can discuss and share your experience about the recent brand, cost, about your past brands and how long it lasted and so much more. Plus, you can discuss some dressing ideas like what tops to wear, which is trending the most etc.

37. Beaches –Beaches are another interesting topic. If you happen to stay in a place or state where there are beaches then you can discuss about partying in the beach or a walk in the beach or spend a dinner night in near the beach side and so much more. If you don’t stay in such a place then you can discuss your idea about visiting a place which is beach like or with beaches etc. If you don’t like the beach then why and if like it why ..there are plethora of things that you can discuss about this topic and also your past experience.

38. Restaurants/Hotels – You can also discuss about your recent or past experience with any restaurant or hotel or whether you have any plans with a loved one to go in any restaurant or hotel and try out the cuisine. You can also compare about the cost of the different types of restaurants and hotels and whats the best and affordable ones, about fresh food etc.

39. Education – This is one of the most experience sharing topics and you can discuss about the education system that you had in your time and the latest one. You must be definitely having a child in your family where their education system is tough ones and complex ones compared to your time education. So, these are some such topics that will refresh your mind and broaden your horizons about the current things.

40. Exams – Exams are also exciting to discuss about, especially if you have given one. You can also discuss about your past exam experience and guide someone in your family. If your loved ones are younger then you can train them by conversing about the exam type and patterns and how to crack it successfully.

41. Heaven and Hell –Discussing about good deeds and bad deeds is also a mind-boggling topic. It enhances knowledge and apart from that you can discuss as to who goes in heaven and who in hell. Many people do discuss these topics and it becomes interesting especially when you refer a scripture or some books talking about deeds, judgment after death and so on. It can be like a moral awakening.

42. Life After Death –One of the most thought provoking topic that you can discuss about is life after death. Many of them have questions like what happens, do we become spirits or ghosts, or do we get a new life soon after death in another form like animal, insect, or human being etc.

43. Rebirth –Rebirth is another interesting topic. If you have seen a movie on the same or have anyone else’s experience on the same, then you can discuss on this topic, take the views of your loved ones.

44. Ghosts – You can share your recent or past ghost experience and also share about some movies on the same. There is so much to talk on this topic including about myths and other factors like what happens to our body if a spirit or ghost is around us. You can check on Google for more such signs and discuss with your loved ones on a good winter night near the fireplace with a mug of hot coffee.

45. Ugliness –You can discuss about your ugliness or ugly side, whether thought or beauty and listen from your loved ones, the same. Many people discuss about many ugly things like a face, clothes, person, or nature or animal, or other.

46. Instincts –Instincts are another good topic to discuss about, if you have recently experienced something with someone, where your instincts worked faster, then you can discuss that and also on how to improve your instinct skills etc. exchange of opinions and ideas and so much more.

47. Sixth Sense –Very rare people get this sixth sense working. If you have experienced the same or know anyone in your circle where they have experienced the same, then you should discuss that with your loved ones and there are many things that you can talk about with them on this topic or what you read in the internet.

48. Déjà vu –It is a feeling that something or incident is happening the second time with you. If you felt the same then you can discuss them with your loved ones and there is more material on the internet regarding this that you can talk about.

49. Digital World – Laptops, mobile phones, watches and there are so much more that you can discuss. Including some topics about new apps and websites and video games, streaming sites and platforms and best alternatives there are many things to talk about if you are tech-savvy.

50 Aliens – Aliens have always been there in the News. Either the Nasa discovered something or someone has experienced weird thing or people or alien like being there are many things that you can discuss about them. If you research online then you will get many materials with evidence on the same and taking your loved one’s views is always best.

51. Sky & Nature – If you are a nature lover and animal lover, then there are many things that you can discuss about the nature, sky, especially people love the starry sky, they do trekking, and visit the places of nature and so much more. You can plan good holiday with loved ones in natures surrounding and talk about experience also..

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