66 Interesting affirmations to start a day with positivity

by Carter Toni

Many people are there who want to start their day with positivity. Most of them do not know how to start the day with positivity. Many of them want words of positive hope to start the day with positivity. But the fact is that mere words cannot help. Certain actions are needed. So, here is a list of actions that you can do to feel absolutely positive throughout the day. In addition, it will even help you to solve some problems or negativity in your life that has happened due to your timetable or routine. If you follow these actions, you are sure to start your day with positivity. I would not comfort you with mere words or phrases; you need to work towards making your day positive. So, here are some such actions –

1. Prayer – Praying before going to bed and early in the morning is one of the best ways to start your day with positivity. You can recite a small rosary also, if you cannot give so much of time.

2. Good thoughts – Positive thoughts will come when you read Bible verse and keep your actions straight. For good thoughts, you can also read some inspiring quotes from books daily and that should keep you positive.

3. Forgiveness –Unless you do not forgive someone for their wrongs, you can never lead a positive or happy life. Forgive, forget, and stay happy and positive. Life is a cycle of experiences both good and bad. Wait for the Lord.

4. Happiness –To stay happy you must wake up every morning with a joyful heart. You can also read some jokes online to stay happy or subscribe for daily jokes to stay happy.

5. Peace –Peace comes with Faith and Forgiveness. So, always stay in faith and forgiveness. No matter how messed up the day may be just stay peaceful and cool. Keep telling in your mind you need to be at peace.

6. Renewal – You need to renew your faith daily by renewing your actions and switching to things like sharing your experience about faith and God and positivity, etc.

7. Celebrate – Now, you will think why am I asking you to celebrate, you should celebrate because you are waking up every day in a new morning with new hopes and new chances to accomplish something. So, you should celebrate the day.

8. Brave – No matter what the situation always be brave and take charge of things bravely. Do not be afraid to open your mouth at the right time and defend your cause.

9. Be Proud – It is one of the most important thing. You should be proud of yourself for whatever you have accomplished until now. Whenever you get up in the morning always remember this, be proud of your yesterdays actions and works in office, the hard work that you do. Even if it is a small work.

10. Simple – Stay simple and noble. One of the best ways to stay positive is to stay simple and not complex or too fancy.

11. Talent – Every day you get a chance to show your talent in your office as well as home. So, instead of letting the other person fix it, you fix the problem. For instance, the shower is blocked, you know how to unblock it, but you depend on the plumber. No don’t do that, simple works you can show talent and work yourself. After the work you will feel positive.

12. Heart–Whatever work you start doing early in the morning, make sure that you do it from your heart. If your heart is not, there in the work then you can never feel positive. For positivity, involve your heart in the work.

13. Music – Music is another way of starting your day with positivity. You can put a nice pop song or good song of your choice and dance your way through all the work at home or other.

14. Reading – Reading a good book in the morning, like a novel or positive thoughts book or some spiritual quotes can help you to stay positive throughout the day.

15. Dancing – Dancing is one of the best ways to stay happy and feel emotionally positive and energetic. So, make sure that you stay tuned to music and dance early in the morning. You can even dance with your partner.

16. Exercising –Getting up in the morning and exercising can also make you feel positive. That is why most of the people start the day with a simple exercise or a work out.

17. Thanking – Thanking someone is one of the best ways to feel positive and start your day with great positivity. Seldom do people thank other people for their services. You can get up in the morning and say a ‘thank you have a good day ‘to the milkman or newspaper man etc.

18. Gifts of Service –This is another best gift that you can give to someone like by cleaning your old neighbors porch or cleaning their car if they are old and cannot work etc. are some of the ways in which you will feel very positive and with hope and energy.

19. Helping – Helping is another way to stay positive. If you get up early in the morning, make some tea for your wife or old parents and make breakfast if you have time. This way you can start the day with much positivity.

20. Donating – Donating is another best ways to feel positive. You can donate some money or old clothes to the poor. Like you can get up early in the morning and visit a charitable home and do the needful. You will also be thankful for your life after visiting the charitable home for aged and homeless and orphans.

21. Feeding – Feeding the pauper or any stray animal early in the morning is another act or kindness and can make you feel great and positive. So, make sure to feed the poor animal or human.

22. Pets – Having pets is great and seeing them greet you early in the morning can make you feel much positive. You can keep dogs, birds, squirrels or other sweet pets to make you feel positive.

23. Washing Car/ Bike –We all have cars or bike that many of us seldom wash because of the hectic office timing. So, one of the best ways to feel positive is to get up early in the morning and wash your car or bike. You will feel great after washing it.

24. Eating in Restaurant –Cooking at home everyday can be hectic. So, you should give a break and visit a brunch restaurant in the morning with your family and feel positive through out the day. Also, you get relaxation and break from cooking, which sometimes upsets people or makes them negative.

25. Packed Food – Housewives most of the time feel negative because of hectic schedule and daily cooking. So, give them a break and get packed food from outside to make them feel good and positive. So, that one day they can do what they like.

26. Laundry –If you are tired of washing and ironing clothes, and that work makes you feel bored or negative, then hire a laundry boy who can do the work for you. This way you can get rid of that negative feeling and also it will reduce your work and you will feel positive.

27. Taking a Commute – Every day driving can be hectic and gives a negative feeling as there is so much of traffic. So, take a break, take a commute, chat with the driver or take a bus and meet new people, give them a smile, say a thank you and you will feel positive.

28. Saving Money – One of the common reasons for many people to feel negative is the money problem. So, you should remember, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’. Therefore, make sure that you save $5 or more everyday at least that will help you to stay positive when you know your money is being saved.,

29. Cutting the expenses –Another way to stay positive is to cut down the extra expenses or unnecessary expenses. So, when you know your penny saved you will be happy in the end of the day, if that’s what was making you negative.

30. Recycling Old Clothes –Do not throw your old clothes, sometimes wearing old clothes can give you a happy old and positive feelings. If they are in good condition then do wear it.

31. Going to Church – Early in the morning going to church and attending mass can also make you feel great. After all for everyone their faith is important. So, stick to your faith and pray always.

32. Meeting the Priest – Some times one of the best ways to feel positive is to meet a priest, make a quick short discussion about your life, take a positive energy, and hope from them like a word of comfort or advice etc.

33. Confessions – Our wrong behavior towards others can make us hold a grudge against the others. If we make confession in church then you can easily feel relived from the burden of grudge and start your day positively.

34. Morning Brunch with Neighbors – One of the positive boosts that you can feel is to have a brunch together with your neighbor. The togetherness will make you feel very positive and make your day. And, you can get the brunch packed from outside.

35. Yoga –Yoga is one of the best ways to get an overall positive feeling in the morning. Get up early and try out some yoga, you will feel very positive throughout the day.

36. Brisk Walk –A brisk walk in the morning can make you feel so robust and positive. You will have all the energy to do all the work throughout the day and stay positive through brisk walk.

37. Walking in Beach – It is another best way to start your day positively by walking in the beach and hearing the sound of waves. The energy that you will receive from the beach and sound of waves are something unique. You will feel relaxed and much positive.

38. Learning from Animals – If you have animals near your surrounding like birds, squirrels, dogs, turtles then take some time out in the morning and observe them, you will learn how they live freely without worries and feel much positive.

39. Nature –Talking a morning walk in the nature is also a good idea to stay positive. It refreshes the mind and helps one to stay positive throughout the day.

40. Gardening – Plants can make you happy. So, don’t forget to do some gardening at your home or have at least one or two plants that will refresh you and also people feel positive around the plants.

41. Planting Trees – Go for a plantation drive in the city or society and gather people to help you out. You will feel much energetic, applauded and positive. Try it once. Early morning is one of the best times to feel positive and plant trees.

42. Praying to Archangels – Archangels are one of the best beings to whom you can pray. You can also have the angel figurines in your home and pray early in the morning. You will definitely feel an angelic positive vibe.

43. Part-time Work – Doing a part time work early in the morning like baby-sitting or pet sitting or some other work can make you feel very positive and energetic. Helping other does makes one feel great.

44. Watching News – Watching news can broaden your horizons and make you feel very positive. In addition, if you are office goers then you will have some latest topics or news to discuss with office colleagues.

45. Reading Newspaper–Reading newspaper early in the morning can be very good, and make you feel work oriented and positive. You can get knowledge and news about some local exhibition or local shop discounts or if you are looking for a job, then you can get that also.

46. Hot Water Bath –One of the best ways to start your day and feel positive is to take a hot water bath. Hot water bath can refresh you and has the power to get your body rid of pains and aches and muscle cramps. You will feel fresh and positive.

47. Making Tea – One of the best ways to stay positive early in the morning is to make a cup of tea. It feels really good and positive. Try once.

48. Eating Healthy –Another important thing, if you want to stay healthy then its very important for you to have a healthy eating habit. If you eat too much of oily food and heavy food, then it’s not good for health. To feel positive throughout the day you should eat healthy breakfast.

49. Cleaning the room –If you have a messy room, then your mind will also be messy. So, it is very important that you clean the room. Early in the morning when you see a neat and tidy room, you will automatically feel positive. Start juxtaposing and cleaning the room and see the change.

50. Mopping –Mopping is one such task that may sound boring, but when you mop and spring-clean the room, then you will automatically feel good and positive after the work has been accomplished.

51. Decorating – You can get up in the morning and start making some changes like decorating the house and shifting the furniture or showcase items, with a new look, you will definitely feel positive.

52. Dressing Well –Another way of feeling positive is to get up early, take bath, and dress the best way you can. Some times these little things make you feel very positive.

53. Hair Wash – If a hair is messy and dirty then it affects your looks. And if you look dull, then there is no way for you to feel positive. So, one of the best things is to wash your hair and make it tidy, it will change your old drab look and you are bound to feel positive.

54. Completing the Work –Make sure that you complete your work in time. If you leave half of your work incomplete then it becomes difficult to stay positive and happy next day. So, make sure to complete all your office work, so that next day you can feel positive.

55. Sleep well – Good sleep is very important for any person to stay healthy and happy and positive. Make sure that your sleep is undisturbed by anything.

56. Planning on Buying – Sometimes buying a new cloth, bike, or new accessory or mobile phones, make you positive and feels great. Of course, I do not suggest that every day you go buying to feel positive. But changing an old item and getting a new one can make a huge difference.

57. Plan your Days – Planning your days and holidays and weekends properly can make you feel positive and joyful, when the holiday approaches. Most of the time the reason for negativity is unplanned days that does not goes as planned.

58. Ask for Help – When in trouble or disturbed make sure to ask for help to any loved ones or neighbor or a counselor. There is no harm in asking for help and it will make you feel positive afterwards once you receive the help.

59. Feed Animals – Feeding birds, stray dogs or other animals are act of kindness and many people all around the world do the same and they feel very positive and happy. You can also do that if you have little feathered creature visiting your abode.

60. Go to Zoo – If you are lucky enough to have a zoo in your city, then it is a good idea to get up early and visit the zoo and watch animals. They have a different energy and can boost you with positivity and happiness. Go with your kids or partner.

61. Going to Park – Going to parks can also make you feel positive. Make sure to get up early in the morning go to parks.

62. Playing with Kids – Kids are the best energy pills with which you can feel very energetic and positive. If you get a chance play with kids in your surrounding early in the morning and see the change. You will feel positive and young.

63. Reading Bible –Reading bible is another best pay to stay lightened up with hope and positivity. Try to read psalms daily in the morning and you will feel positive.

64. Prayer Meetings – If you have any negative feeling, then one of the best things that you can join is small prayer meetings. Prayer meetings make you feel positive and you get great hope and boost with the prayers.

65. Herbal Drinks – Taking herbal drinks in the morning can make you feel very healthy and positive. So, make sure to have some cup of Herbal tea like Echinacea tea, healthy herbal breakfast like chia, and sunflower seeds in your cereal etc.

66. Getting Up Early–To feel positive, it is very important that you get up early in the morning and feel the beauty of nature, sunshine, air, birds and other early bird creatures and their sound. If you get up late, you will miss most of the part of sunshine and feel lethargic later. So, start your day positively by getting up early.

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