custom vape boxes

Vapes are sensitive products that are always vulnerable to breakage. An enclosed battery requires extra protection and a liquid known as ‘e-juice’. Both the battery and e-liquid have chemical compositions, and it is pretty challenging to keep these products intact if you want a smile on your customer’s face. Therefore, vape boxes are becoming popular in the United States. These boxes provide excellent protection to the delicate vape items inside them. If you are dealing in the vape business, the best way to boost your business is the packaging. This packaging serves multiple purposes. On one side, it provides extra protection to the product. You no longer have to compromise on the branding part of your packaging since this packaging is also branding friendly.

Let’s understand the importance of Custom Vape Boxes through a quick example. You have a product in hand. It is a vape with fancy corners, shiny textures, and luxury applications. You want to sell it and go to the nearby street for this purpose. You hold the vape in hand, but no one seems to care. People around you are far more interested in contemplating the mysteries of the universe rather than diverting their eyeballs towards your hand. You feel sad and disappointed. The next day you take a custom vape packaging box and then place the same vape. The package contains beautiful prints and laminations on it, and above all, there is a see-through window, and suddenly everyone seems to care a lot about your product. People are not thinking about the universe’s complexities and are madly attracted to your product. This is the power of packaging!!

Custom Vape Boxes Help in Branding

The first captivating feature of custom vape boxes is that you can do effective branding by using these. When TV, social media and billboards provide better advertising options for your product, you might ask why you prefer custom packaging. The answer to this question is simple. When you advertise vapes on TV, customers get excited to purchase as they have high expectations. After viewing your product, they visit your shop, but if they find the vape presented in odd packaging with no eye-catching designs, they will feel disappointed.

Therefore, to meet customers’ expectations, you cannot ignore the value Printed Vape Boxes provide to the product.

Similarly, this packaging is also helpful in long term branding. No matter how technologically advanced the world may become, the applications of custom packaging in the branding of vapes are unmatchable. This packaging has all you need for branding.

  • Design whatever you want to make these boxes catchy. Fill the front with attractive colors and apply the print logo to build a long-term brand image.
  • Your vape packaging must be unique. A box designed when creators explore out of the box brings more attention. Therefore, explore all the artistic elements out there. Use lamination and embossing to add an extra shine and luxurious texture.

They are Special Impression Building Tools 

Building a positive brand image is pretty challenging in modern times. This is because there are so many players in the market, and some of them may be performing better than you. Therefore, you need to be quite conscious of all the aspects that make Custom Vape Boxes more valuable. One of them is customization. When we talk about the beauty elements in vape packaging, we indirectly refer to the value that enhances after customization. In simple words, customization allows the business to expand more broadly. Without it, you won’t be able to design the best vape pen boxes for your vape products.

Let’s continue from the previous example. We learned that a vape presented in good packaging is better than no packaging. But let’s jump to the impressive building phase. A simple vape cartridge box with no design on it is not better for long term impression building. Customers may purchase from you for the first time, but you have to do extra work to make them your returning buyers. Of course, your competitors are doing it, and they must be advantaged.

For long-term impression building, you need to be conscious of the printing, lamination, embossing, and logo adjustment. All these features enhance when you apply customization. This is why an ordinary box is not considered branding friendly. On the other hand, custom Vape Cart Boxes help in impression building because you can beautify them. Use logo customization. Apply embossing. Print your product information with quality 3D printing technology, and then see how this packaging builds your brand impression.

Vape Cartridge Boxes Provide Extraordinary Protection

Besides branding and impression building, another unique feature of custom vape boxes is their protection. But to discuss it in detail, let us first discuss their composition. Firstly you can make these boxes from eco-friendly Kraft paper. Moreover rigid corrugated stock is also commonly used while making the custom vape mod packaging. It is generally ensured that the raw material is product protective for that purpose. It should bear maximum environmental pressure and can also tolerate unfavorable shipping conditions.

  • The Kraft and cardboard-based vape packaging have high tear resistance strength. It is not easy to tear and mould the materials; therefore, they ensure the maximum protection of the product.
  • These raw materials also have higher tensile strength. These are flexible materials and, when exposed to unfavorable conditions, then don’t change in shape quickly. In this way, they retain the uniqueness of the product as well.
  • Kraft paper is sturdy material in itself. When the layers of corrugation are added to it, the overall stress-bearing capacity of the Kraft based vape packaging boxes increases; therefore, it is an excellent material if you are considering designing vape boxes from it.

These Boxes are Customer Friendly

Another helpful feature of custom packaging is that it is oriented towards customer ease. Those who use the wholesale vape boxes have the main aim of providing value to their customers. No doubt it is very accurate. When you use custom vape boxes to encase your vape products, you indirectly make the purchasing experience of your customer more valuable. Providing value to customers must be the top priority of all the vape suppliers in the United States. For this purpose, use the window boxes for vape.

When you use the display and window boxes and encase the product in them, customers can see the product quite clearly. They don’t even have to open the packaging and then observe the quality. In this way, a window box helps customers in making quick decisions. Instead of roaming around countless options that apparently are hectic tasks, Custom Printed Boxes provide value to the customer; therefore, they love such convenient packaging.

These Boxes are Eco-Friendly

Now that we have discussed all the features of these boxes, let us discuss something more practical they provide. These boxes leave no impact on the environment even once you dispose of them. This is pretty simple to figure out.

  • Vape packaging boxes are made out of eco-friendly raw materials.
  • Eco-friendly material is the one that does not pose any harmful impact on the environment.
  • You can easily reuse the custom boxes, and they are also easy to recycle.
  • Because of their eco-friendly features, customers can reduce their carbon footprint as they are not using plastic-based conventional packaging.
  • They are beneficial for the environment. A box that you can dispose of without any worries is sustainable and can also determine the future of sustainability.

Affordable by all Means

Finally, the unique feature of custom vape boxes that is unmatchable in the modern packaging industry is that they are highly cost-effective. Suppose you want to outshine in the vape business the always avail wholesale vape packaging deals. The average price per piece falls as you deal in bulk orders when you benefit from such agreements. Moreover, the packaging suppliers always prioritize the affordability of their customers. They know pretty well that customers don’t like to pay a higher fee for the packaging, but they also want quality at the same time. Therefore, don’t forget to attract customers and always provide handsome wholesale deals to lure them towards your brand.


To conclude, I must mention that custom packaging is the future of packaging. Unlike conventional packaging, which brings various downfalls, custom packaging revolutionizes the global perception of product security, branding, customer attraction and everything. Moreover, the way custom packaging has helped brands increase the outreach of their products is revolutionary. In the next decade, the orientation of product manufacturing companies will shift toward custom packaging. Even today the hype of custom packaging is no less.

Everyone wants a unique style in everything. Customers want special styles to be printed on the boxes of their boxes. They want charisma. They love uniqueness and it is what custom packaging provides. It is because the custom vape packaging gives valuable branding opportunities to businesses. It is eco-friendly, branding-friendly, helps in building a positive impression and at the same time is highly affordable. So what else are you waiting for?

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff