How Technology Has Advanced Online Craps

by Carter Toni

Craps, a fast-paced, engaging casino dice game, has been a popular attraction for gamblers from all over the world for centuries. Compared to other casino games, it is a fairly straightforward option. That is because here, games depend on the outcome of a pair of rolling dice. Many will say that this is a very basic game which is true. That is the point after all. Anyone can quickly learn to play and enjoy it.

Despite its simplicity, craps have not been stagnant through the years. Various aspects of the popular casino game including the rules as well as the style of play have evolved in many ways. This is largely thanks to the impressive technological advancements that we have witnessed over the years. Many other casino games have benefited from these and it is nos surprise that craps have not been left behind.

Perhaps the most popular forms of craps that many people will be familiar with are the more recent iterations. These are typically what you would find at a modern brick-and-mortar casino. Even more popular are the numerous variations of online casino craps. Over the last two decades,the growth of online gambling and mobile casino software developmenthas boosted interest in playing craps at an online casino. Again, craps were also impacted by this.

How It All Started

To fully understand how craps have been impacted by technology, we must first go back to the very beginning.As is the case with several other forms of gambling, we do not have an exact date for when humans began playing craps. However, we can narrow it down to a specific timeline.

Craps bear a close resemblance to Al Dar, a pretty popular ancient Arab game whose name translates to “dice.” In the 12th century, Arab traders brought the game to Europe. It is believed that the game made its way to Europe through Arab traders and started its journey of transformation after that.

Most of the existing historical evidence that exists at the moment suggests that craps may have been invented during the reign of the Roman Empire. This is most likely quite accurate as the game was very popular among Roman soldiers. However, unlike in the case of the craps games we know today, they did not use modern-looking dice. Instead, they improvised withknucklebones from pigs and these acted as the dice. It sort of explains why many dice feel and look like bones. The term ‘roll the bones’ also probably originated from this era.

English Inspiration

A more common theory that has been fronted is that game was derived from an English game known as Hazard. Between the late 1600s and early 1700s, the game of hazard spread to the opulent English gambling spaces. Among the most ardent participants were kings and noblemen. It was also a very popular hobby among noblemen.

This is mostly theory though. Still, the game was quite dynamic in the way it adapted to changing times. Technology was mostly an afterthought but all this set the pace for the amazing things to come.

American Influence

Craps, as we know them today, took shape in America where it was also brought by foreign settlers. On its arrival, it immediately caught on and expanded. People started playing the game in Mississippi riverboats, which toured through several states, thus enhancing its popularity further.

African Americans created the contemporary craps game. It went on to spread across the continent. That spawned various other varieties of the game with simpler rules than the Hazard.

The Debut of Modern-Day Craps in the 20th Century

In the middle of the 20th century, technology started to have even more influence on the casino experience. Today’s games were largely influenced by the changes that came through during that era. It quickly evolved into a game that combines aspects of strategy games and games of chance. This unique aesthetic made them a key attraction in casinos all over the world.

Enter the Internet

Towards the end of the 20th century, digital and computing technologies began to creep into several sectors. As expected, the gambling sector was among the first industries to adopt some of these technologies. These technological advancements made it possible for the casino to transition to the digital realm when the internet launched in the mid-90s.

The internet guaranteed a tremendous future for many businesses. It also meant a whole new range of amazing experiences for the customers. With the gambling sector now part of the ecosystem of internet services, the craps experience got more fascinating and even conventional craps games saw a surge in popularity as they became available online.

If you could not access a land-based casino for any reason, online gambling was the best option. Very many players even preferred it over land-based gaming. They had everything they need including the chance to play craps more conveniently, with the option of betting real money. For those that did not want to risk their hard-earned money, there was also the choice of playing casually or for fun.

The online casinos of today provide offer a wide range of craps variations with excellent graphics and features. All these are built with the customer in mind but there’s more.

Mobile Craps

After moving to the online space, the next logical step was for craps to become available to mobile gamers. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet you can now enjoy the dice games straight in your browser. Alternatively, you can download the mobile casino app to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy an amazing fully-featured experience.

Modern web technology and superfast networks have made fantastic gaming experiences a norm for craps players. The convenience is simply unmatched. That is complemented by a range of value-adding features like bonuses, and promotions as well as a range of safety and security features.

Live Craps

In 2020, the world’s first-ever online Live Craps game, located in an actual subterranean, speakeasy-style studio, was launched by Evolution, a popular supplier of Live Casino solutions. Live gaming represented a unique way of enjoying the game. It gave players a chance to get the best of online gambling and land-based casino ambiance with little to no compromises from either option.

This is the most complex that craps have ever been. There is, of course, always room for improvement. Still, we cannot help but marvel at all these amazing advancements that we as craps lovers get to enjoy.

As if that is not enough, the entire iGaming sector is enjoying tremendous success thanks to other technological developments. Blockchain and digital currencies are revolutionizing online casino payments. AI is making online gambling platforms more robust and safer. AR and VR are also well on their way toward bringing us to the next level of online immersion. Craps gaming is about to get even better than it already is and we cannot wait to experience it.

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