6 Unknown Facts About People with Dimples

by Carter Toni

How can you resist a person with dimples? Some of the most handsome people in the world have dimples. The long and exotic list includes the likes of Harry Styles, Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Cole, Josh Holloway, Adam Levine, and more. While no doubt some of you don’t pay attention to dimples, many find them hella attractive.

But looks aside, people with dimples share similar characteristics. If you didn’t know that, here are six unknown facts about people with dimples.

We Specifically Created A Word For It

Dimples isn’t the correct dictionary term used to describe the small dent on our checks when we smile. The proper term is “gelasin,’ and it comes from the Greek word “gelaein.” But the Greek origin of the word translates “to laugh.” So we didn’t have a word for it. Not until the 1400s that the English introduced the term for the first time.

Until then, people with dimples on their cheeks had no way to describe them. While this very first unknown fact will get very few heads excited, it’s important to mention the origin of the word.

Dimples Occur Genetically

If you have dimples, chances are so will your kids. But did you also know that dimples are considered a genetic deformity? You’ve got nothing to worry about, as this so-called “genetic deformity” isn’t harmful at all. Dimples can also occur in multiple places, not just the cheeks. There are people out there with dimples on their chin, back, and more.

While we won’t get into why the deformity happens, what we will say is that we shouldn’t look at dimples that way. Sure, they might be a genetic deformity, but it’s not anything to worry about or be concerned about. At worst, it’s a sign of natural beauty and rarity in humans.

They Bring Good Luck

They say that people with dimples bring good lick. This is, no doubt, unique to some cultures that share these views as truths. Other cultures don’t pay as much attention to people with dimples, but many tribes did. It is said that African and Euroasian tribes put a lot of value on people with dimples. So much that they rode into battle as the personal bodyguards of tribe leaders.

But since we’re way past fighting with spears and swords, dimples are nowadays associated with beauty and happiness.

Dimples Are Rare

Studies show that between 20% and 30% of the world population has dimples. That puts the number in the billions. Now, you might be asking yourself “is that really rare?” The answer is yes. Even if plenty of babies are born with dimples on their backs or cheekbones, the chances of your children having them are quite rare.

The science is up on this one, but some scientists do say that dimples are inherited. We also mentioned that, but the truth is actually somewhere in between. If you have dimples, there is a bigger chance your kids might have. It doesn’t mean they’ll inherit the genetic defect 100%.

But since this genetic deformity is so rare, people with dimples are in demand. Don’t believe us? Just do a quick Google search on the most beautiful people with dimples. Not only is the list filled with handsome men and women, but there is a chance you might’ve had a crush on someone. So if you’re thinking of it, here is a post explaining why you should marry a girl with dimples.

They Make You Look Younger

This next unknown fact has more to do with charming features than being a scientifically-proven truth, but people with dimples on their cheekbones do look younger. Just look at Brad Pitt. Do you notice how he keeps looking amazing and young? Bear in mind, Brad Pitt is 58 years old!

People Used To Make Them

If this sounds strange to you, boy are you in for a surprise. Dimples were so popular in the 1930s that people used to get them through surgeries. The demand was so big that plastic surgeons couldn’t keep up. So a very smart lady, Isabella Gilbert, came up with a device that users would put on to make them appear as if they had dimples.

Even if the device was a huge hit, it did look quite scary. Just do a bit of Googling, and we promise you won’t have a good night’s sleep. Regardless, even wearing horrifying masks was acceptable as people were crazy for cheekbones dimples.

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