Best Social Media Tools For all Businesses

by Carter Toni

Are you aware of the most important social media tools that can improve your performance in your business? It helps you to stay on top of all of your social media marketing tasks.

If the top marketers are asked this one question,” What are the best tools for social media, you cannot do without?” The following tools for social media would be their answer.


Instagram is a favorite social media tool for the top marketers because of its story telling capacity and simplicity. Instagram rules from fun personal accounts to top corporate brands. It has an immediate and deep connectivity with people, more than any other social media platform.

Instagram is a favorite social media tool

Social Champ

Social Champ is your go-to marketing tool for all kinds of businesses in the market.

  • Do not work alone, and get your team on board with Social Champ’s Team Management feature for a smoother workflow.
  • No more hassle of switching inboxes and comment sections as a small business, now with a robust social inbox. Connect and engage within a single window.

Save time with unlimited scheduling options, an in-depth media library, and powerful third-party app integrations to boost

Promo video maker is your one-stop free video maker for advertisements. They have thousands of video templates made to fit any type of content, ranging from short videos, social media ads, explainer videos and everything in between, promo is your go to tool. They also have more than a million images in their database that you can use for your video. Using Promo video ad maker it’s like having an in-house design team working for all your business videos at a minimal cost. Promo will help your company stand out, target the right audience and turn them into customers with high-quality video ads.


Buffer is a favorite social media tool of the marketers because of-

  • You can install a browser widget with Buffer. It allows you to buffer any image or page you like, to be sent immediately or afterwards.
  • Buffer’s content Inbox can enter the URL of your favorite blog. Buffer can immediately create a very big list of tweets from that particular blog.
  • Buffer is a transparent company and it publishes documents what others may not want to publish for people.



Twitter is a favorite social media tool for many to keep in touch and communicate the feelings and expressions to other people. This is one of the best social media platforms to build an audience. Twitter can also be treated as a very prompt response vehicle.



Animoto has very beautiful templates, themes, and stock music. Animoto is a market building tool. It provides the top reaching posts types on social media platforms, such as Facebook, with its link posts and photo posts. Animoto makes adding text overlays very easy, that is vital for sound off auto play, in Facebook.


Content Marketing Research Monitoring Find Top Influencers BuzzSumo com

This social media tool makes you see what is real hot in your space in social media platforms and otherwise too. It helps you to craft ideas on the type of posts you should create to generate traffic and leads. BuzzSumo shows you who shared the content to make you reach out those influences immediately. You can communicate with those influences and ask them to contribute for your betterment.

Tweeps Map

tweepsmap tool

Tweeps Map is a social media tool that gives you a visual representation of where your followers are located geographically. It helps you to target your followers from specific areas, to make the content relevant and valuable for the followers.

Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer


This is a social media tool that can be termed as next to BuzzSumo. This tool is real great for setting up mention alerts and finding contents, to be shared socially. It can be shared through Keyword notifications. Moz’s page works directly with the mention authority feature. It also works with domain’s authority metrics to help sort through all the chaos you normally get, with “catch all” monitoring tools.



Planoly helps you to schedule and auto post your contents. It can also very quickly discover contents by searching for users name or hash tags. It has a simple bulk upload function where you can add your contents and plan it according to a schedule, which makes your social media feeds look appealing and cohesive. Planoly helps you source contents more easily and make your feed backs look better.



Sumo is a hybrid social media tool. It helps you to create social media buttons, such as Onsite, SMS, Flipboard, WhatsApp etc. It helps you to track your social counts on blog posts. It has a lovely Welcome Mat. It is a pop up that captured E mails.



Elevate is the social media tool that helps you to share, organize, and measure all the contents you post across your all measure social accounts, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also track engagements from Elevate.

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights

This social media tool helps you to figure your audience’s insights. Their interests, behaviors and demographics of, especially your target customers, are shown by this tool. It tells you everything about them that you want to know. You can know their job titles, education level, lifestyle, location, purchasing behavior, household information and many such more features.

Twitter Promote Mode

twitter promote mode

It is a most valuable social media tool as it is the advertising feature of the social media platform itself. Twitter gives its high profile resurgence to the advertisements. This tool gives constant and broader reach for a recurring monthly fee.

Kicksta or Kickstagram


Kicksta is the tool that makes uploading, processing photos, schedules and adding hash tags easier, to the first comment from your desktop. It gives you time to focus on your real time engagements.



Backly is a social media tool that provides shared credits to both the content publisher and the curators, who help in spreading their material. It is a simple and user friendly social media tool. It also integrates with other Buffer like social media tools.

Your face will appear in a pop up on the articles you share with Backly. You can also share your custom text and links that directs your visitors to your best contents.



Venngage is a social media tool that is fun for you if you like to experiment with your potential visual contents and your visual communications. It gives you access to all infographics tools that is easy to use and helps in speeding up your visual output. It includes your graphics, SlideShare, a presentation, as Venngage is very versatile and intuitive.



This social media tool helps you to keep your inbox zero and clear all your messages. It brings all your messages and mentions together and allows you to work effectively as a team member.

Rival IQ


It is a real trafic tool. It compares your own social media engagements rate and the top performing contents with your competitors. This tool is user friendly and insightful.

Rival IQ includes automated, custom reporting. You get a PDF or a Power Point deck with all information you need that helps you to make best decisions for your social media behavior.



It is a popular social media tool. It allows you to post images on Twitter that are posted on Instagram. You can set specific criteria by using hashtags. You can also set it to post to Twitter automatically by default.

IFTTT also supplies you with limitless recipes of social and cross platforms.


Followerwonk is the social media tool that helps you to identify where your real audience is. It also tells about the most appropriate time they can engage with you. This tool helps you to find followers, who overlap with similar social profiles or influencers.

It has an analyze feature that integrates with Buffer. It tells you exactly when to post your most important posts and updates for people to see.



Foursixty is the best social media tool for social commerce. It allows you to create shoppable Instagram feeds onsite. It also helps in adding them on pages like home page, product page and the checkout. It is a highly recommended tool for any brand.



WordSwag helps you by turning your social media ideas into beautiful graphics. It is a mobile application. It turns your quotes, ideas and contents into attractive graphics. You can share them in Facebook, Instagram, and in any other social media platform. You have a highly appealing and a high quality graphics with WordSwag, within five minutes.


Edgar helps you to drive more traffic to your website than all social media tool put together. You share your posts on Edgar and it stays in rotation forever. Edgar makes you save more than six to eight hours every day.



Oktopost is the social media tool that amplifies and collaborate features to get positive reviews for the B2B companies, both internally and externally.


It is a hand curated and content promotion platform. It can distribute everything. Every article is reviewed by a real person for review and approval. It promotes only the high quality contents. Quuu adds the article to its huge distribution network, once the article gets a green light from the approver. It helps in having huge amount of clicks and shares in each of the articles.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has a big impact in business, with the introduction of bots. Facebook has empowered you to have direct contact with your customers; Messenger is a step ahead in helping you to communicate directly with your customers.

Native Linkedin Videos

Videos made by even amateurs are also getting thousands of views in Linkedin. Linkedin has made it easier for you to post your videos and your captions in the social media platform. Native video on Linkedin will blow.



Brand24 is a dashboard that allows you to see every person, who has shared your brand on social media. You can go to them individually and respond accordingly. It helps your brand to stay on the top. You can also your competitors with Brand24 and take the information of the potential customers, those need your help.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator

It helps you to reach to the decision makers at companies, which can turn into your ideal clients. You can ask them for meeting, for generation of leads etc.



Qwaya allows you to treat and optimize Facebook, exactly similar to optimizing Adwords. It can help in robust campaign structuring, split testing, and automatic tool set. Qwaya is Godsend when you are managing big accounts and mega budgets.



It is a comprehensive social media dashboard. It offers some unique functionality. It can auto post with queues. You can share your evergreen posts on a periodic basis, across a wide range of social media platforms and networks. You can also choose your post from a queue as often or as little and make it stop sharing on a due date.


It is a tool that allows you to give your readers immediate and easy way to share your content, just by creating one click boxes of preloaded Tweets, hashtags and mentions. Blog integration is non technical and they even have a ClickToTweet generator that can be used by you to add links to E mails and PDFs.



Evernote is the social media tool that allows you to organize your storytelling content and make your social media strategy more successful. It enriches your content by having a collection of photos, GIFs, infographics, sound bites, quotations, industry facts; your designing and thinking get crafted with your content.



Canva is a browser based design tool. It allows even the non designers to create impressive designs and images. Visual content is important for social media. Canva helps you doing just that.



Sendible has features those are available in other social media management tools. It can schedule, share automatically through RSS feed, do analytics, do team management, and can monitor keywords. It connects to almost all social networks.

Instagram Story DMs

It is a game changer tool for you. It has an “Ask me question” feature. It offers real time personal solutions to the audiences who are struggling in their online businesses.



PopSocial provides an efficient way to grow and engage your audience on Instagram. It is very affordable also. It is a good tool for companies with limited budgets.

Your social media stack must have It not only shorten links but also tracks links, measure performances from your campaigns and tell you which channel can bring you more traffic.



Ripl is the video tool that goes beyond static images. It allows you to create an animated visual. You can post it in any social network of your choice.



InShot helps you to create social video content on the go. It is extra quick and easy to edit tool. It can edit creative videos in different size formats.



PostPlanner is the tool that is built for engagement and to give you access to the most important posts on Facebook and Twitter. It can provide you a very big list of status ideas.



Pocket helps you to batch all your social media readings. You can find interesting material and save it to Pocket. You can read it later, at your leisure time. It can also share with Twitter and Facebook or send it to Buffer.


It lets you scale your Twitter account intelligently. Narrow programs them with interaction with hashtags, audiences and influencers, keywords and many such factors.


Repost is a simple yet effective tool. It simplifies the challenge of engaging with others by sharing contents and give them due credit. It gives the brands an opportunity to tell their storey. It can build consumer loyalty and secure customer retention.



It is a good tool for anything. That may be content, analytics or SEO. It has a keyword idea tab. You can get every data just by typing in a particular keyword. It is an extremely valuable tool for doing an analysis before doing any optimization.


Blog is a form of social media. You can support your own media with quality contents. You can also optimize your blog for all Social Medias. It is for search, the influencers and for your business.


It is not a most trackable social media platform. It can give your followers a look behind the scene. It is both for your business and for your personal life. It has many views. But you need to be creative for this platform.


You are your own and best tool. You can create best of the contents by focusing on constantly writing and work constantly. All social platforms give you access. Your writing should be able to keep them hooked to You.

Have you any suggestions related to social media tools? Would you like to share more information on this topic? Check in and share the social media best.

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