7 Best Ways To Pick & Rank A Reliable Kratom Brand On Top

by Glenn Maxwell

The popularity of kratom products is increasing globally. And consumers use kratom products to treat pain, anxiety, and increased energy level. But most consumers use kratom to get relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms.

The kratom tree has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a plant native to Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The FDA is working to ban the use of kratom because it contains alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

These alkaloids have opioid-like receptor binding properties and may cause addiction if not used responsibly. That’s the reason many states also want to legalize these drugs. Scientists have done lots of research on it, but its benefits and harmful effects are still debated.

Kratom products are easily available online, and there are many brands selling kratom. But before buying kratom online, you need to learn the necessary factors to get an organic kratom.

Many vendors sell kratom by mixing it with other harmful elements that may cause liver damage, serious health issues, and even death. That is why choosing the right one and reputed brand of kratom is a big challenge.

Below, we discuss important factors that help you buy the natural kratom product from a reputed brand.  

Why Are Some Selective Brands Of Kratom Popular?

Some crucial factors make these brands popular among other brands. These properties make them unique and authentic. The main thing you need to check before buying kratom products is AKA approval and consumer reviews.

List Of Best Kratom Brands in 2022

  • Supernatural Botanical
  • Ketum Superior
  • Naya Kratom
  • Authentic Kratom
  • GRH Kratom
  • Kratora
  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Kraken
  • Divine Botanicals
  • Golden Kratom

Reasons Need To Rank Kratom Vendor On Top

Reliability Of The Vendor

The reliability and trustworthiness of the company is the critical point. Choose one that has supplied quality kratom for many years and has a good reputation. No one can get a guarantee from the new company. Some companies just get famous and make money while supplying bad-quality kratom. So choose the one that builds trust with their client and supplies a quality kratom.

Variety Of The Product

A good vendor also has different kratom products like tea, capsule, and powder. So you can get the option to choose the form you like. Various forms have different kinds of effects.


When you shop online, you have a comprehensive option to compare the price of different vendors. By comparing, you get aware of the average pricing and quality of the product. It is the best way to get quality kratom at the best price. You can also compare pricing by finding deals like free shipping and more. 

Assurance- Money Back Guarantee

A money-Back guarantee tells about the product quality. This means the vendor is sure about its product benefits. And it allows the buyer to shop without any doubt. Assurance is also a crucial thing. 

Assurance about the purity of the kratom, as you know, kratom is not a regulated product—the American Kratom Association checks and balances on kratom vendors or manufacturers. AKA gives direction to the companies who work in the United States and get the kratom in bulk from South Asia. So check if the vendor belongs to AKA. 

Another way to check for assurance is to check whether the vendor has a cGMP certificate. The cGMP means a vendor manufacturing the product with fair practice and belongs to a reputable company.

Fast Shipping

We live a busy life, and no one has time to wait. People select online shopping because it is convenient and saves time. When used for health benefits, you need a vendor who has a fast shipping service. That is why shipping is also an essential factor in choosing your vendor.


Transparency is an essential factor for the the-related product. you need the following things to check the transparency of the product like

  • The third lab-tested product
  • Safe and ingestible
  • Ingredients of the product
  • Source of the product
  • Dosage should be mentioned on the product.

If these things are missing, your vendor is not selling genuine products.


In online shopping, a benefit is you can check the product’s reviews. Before ordering anything, especially health-related things, first, check the reviews. If the supplier is authentic and reliable, you can make a purchase.

Another way to get the reviews is to go on Reddit and ask people or ask your friends and relatives about the product.

Characteristics Of Top-Rated Kratom Products

Selection of strains

Kratom has different types, and these types are subdivided into different color strains. Each strain has other benefits, properties, and effects. the four main strains are

Green strain

Gold strain

White strain

Red strain

The qualities and effects are divided like one is pain-relieving while the other is mood-elevating or increasing the energy level. Before buying, you need to determine which color strain you require according to your need. Finding a vendor with all varieties of strains will be a good decision since FDA does not support the use of kratom for medicinal purposes.


Origination of the product is an important thing to consider. The kratom tree belongs to South Asia. So it is vital to know from where the kratom originates. While kratom is not an FDA approved drug. but the consumer like this product and said kratom helps them to control many health issues

Natural kratom quality is the best quality, while some vendors mix kratom, which may be harmful to consume.

Lab Tested Extracts

There are two kinds of companies working in the kratom industry. One tests each batch of kratom before releasing it to the consumer. While the other works as a supplier between the growers and consumers. So choosing the tested one is the best way to get the natural quality kratom products.

Popularity Among Consumer

You can also find out which kratom product is more popular and beneficial by searching their reviews. And in other ways, you can ask people by using social media or your friends and family about the best kratom product. 


Responsibly take the dosage of the kratom. Whatever kratom product you are taking starts from the low dosage. Because the low dosage is a better option to avoid any harmful side effects, don’t take the kratom regularly. Use it only for medicinal purposes.

List of top-rated kratom products

  • Bali
  • Thai
  • Green Malay
  • Malaysian
  • Maeng Da
  • Borneo
  • Indo


There are lots of kratom brands and products available in the market. But not every vendor is reliable. Before buying the kratom product, you should know about the qualitative factor of the product. It will help you select the final product. Read the above-mentioned research-based information and find your ideal product.

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