7 Business Sectors That Are Rapidly Developing During the Pandemic

by Carter Toni

The pandemic that started in 2020 changed the lives of all people worldwide. Lockdowns and quarantine were implemented to control the infection outbreak, as Covid-19 proved to be deadly to many, especially those already with health problems.

Although people couldn’t go out the way they used to, they found new ways to cope with the situation. This included home entertainment and games to pass the time. An example of a novel pastime is to visit casinos online: a survey about gaming habits with 1,500 Canadians revealed that 56% of them played online casino games during the pandemic.

But what other industries grew because of the outbreak? Conrad A. Brennan looked at other industries with increased sales in Canada during the pandemic. Feel free to learn more about him here.

1. Telehealthcare Services

Canada has about 1.8 million cases of Coronavirus and over 20,000 deaths, so Canadians became more cautious about going to clinics and hospitals in person. After all, the virus can be transmitted when air is contaminated with Coronavirus droplets and small particles. Therefore the risk of breathing in the virus is high when visiting hospitals with other patients.

As people tried to avoid catching the virus, telehealthcare services were in-demand. People with illnesses avail of consultations through telecommunication with their doctors for prescriptions, without stepping inside medical facilities.

2. Cleaning Services and Products

Transmission of the virus can also occur from contaminated surfaces due to droplets of Coronavirus. No wonder so many people became conscious of cleanliness: to avoid contamination, they hired cleaning services to disinfect houses, buildings, and other places.

Some people also bought personal care and cleaning products. For example, there was a 735% increase in hand sanitizer sales in Canada. Other products with increased demands are masks, gloves, personal wipes, household cleaning products, and bathroom tissue.

3. Game Companies

Malls, bars, stores, and other places were closed during the pandemic, because the Canadian government implemented lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. Canadians had to entertain themselves with something else, e.g., online games.

Because of the growing number of online game participants, the industry demonstrated an increased demand for new ways to compete with others. For example, casino gamblers often search for information about the skills they need to play better. Depending on their preferences, they can play slots, craps game online, and other video games where they think they can outdo other participants.

4. Fitness Equipment

Gyms were also closed during the lockdown, forcing some gym-goers to purchase fitness equipment to maintain their health and figures. Many people became conscious of their lifestyle choices and ate healthier foods to strengthen their immune systems. Online sports shops have become extremely popular, as one can purchase equipment without going outside. Some fitness addicts also performed improvised workouts by joining Zoom classes and watching YouTube videos.

5. Tutoring Services

With the threat of spreading the virus, classes shifted online. Remote learning was much harder to get used to, especially for primary school students. Parents needed to pay special attention to their kids by ensuring they attended their online classes and understood the lessons well. However, parents can’t skip work, so they can’t control their children all the time. One of the most popular solutions was hiring a home tutor, whose task was to help children with the lessons and topics they didn’t understand properly.

6. Used Car Market

Can you imagine how many people use trains and buses every day? Most of them don’t have another choice, even though they know very well that by taking public transportation, they are exposed to the risk of getting infected. Sharing a cramped bus with potentially sick individuals was scary enough for some people to consider buying cheap used cars.

7. Technology Companies

Remote work and study became our new reality during the pandemic. Today, one can hardly imagine their life without video streaming applications like Zoom and GoogleMeet. There are also video lectures, seminars, workshops, and more references uploaded to YouTube and other video platforms. The abundance of digital content for all tastes has resulted in an increased demand for phones, tablets, laptops, and computers to conduct these activities.


The pandemic outbreak has changed the way people live. Many industries that weren’t that popular before have made their way into people’s lives to help them cope up with the stress and uncertainty of the situation.

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