Look Taller In Your Dress With These 5 Tips

by Carter Toni

If you are already thinking about your sweet 16 party and would give anything to be 10cms taller, all is not lost. We might not be able to stretch our spine, but we can create an illusion of added height and here are a few ways to do exactly that.


1. Wear Vertical Stripes – A print jumpsuit with vertical lines will certainly make you seem a little taller. This designer hack really does work and bold, straight lines are trending. You could do this with a long dress, which would have the same effect.

2. The Monochrome Look – An organized look seems to add some elevation and coupled with high heels, you could pass for a 5’10”. Avoid multi-color outfits, which are confusing and detract from what you are trying to achieve. Semi-platform shoes with calf straps also add a few inches.

3. Microprints Work – These are in big time in Paris and we’ll see the top models donning microprint garments in the spring 2022 collection; the best platform online to find a good microprint dress is the designer dress boutique. Browse at your leisure and you’re bound to find something that’s on special and a secure online payment seals the deal. Sterling silver jewellery is recommended with a gray colored microprint and a floor length gown allows for high heels that are concealed.

4. Over-The-Knee Boots – If you have the nerve, why not? The leg cut off point with boots creates a perception and anything above the knee makes you look a little taller. Another tip to stretch your pins is ankle boots, which will do the same as above the knee boots. Search online for stylish formal footwear and you should come up trumps! Boots also keep you warm and can be worn with many different outfits.

5. Go For A High Waist – This creates the illusion that your legs are a little bit longer. You can find the best 16th birthday dress at Peaches Boutique and at some of the brick and mortar dress shops near you. Google Images is your best friend when looking for some dress style inspiration, and spending an hour on the web with your best friend would likely lead to a result. Always order a few days early, in order to have the dress altered by a local seamstress and make sure you measure yourself accurately; a size fail could be disastrous!

While you want to give the impression you have a few more inches than you really do, great things do come in small packages and it is important we accept ourselves for what we are. What you might perceive as a negative, others might see as an attractive aspect of your personality. When special occasions come along, we hope the above tips add a little height to your look.

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