8 Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry Brands For A Little Extra Sparkle

by Carter Toni

The Most Popular Ethical Jewellery Brands

We are always trying to find ethical jewellery brands that dedicate themselves to thoughtful sourcing, fair wages, and provide-back initiatives that really have an effect. Whether it’s a thoughtful accessory for our very own wardrobe, or perhaps a sustainable gift for the family members, jewellery is definitely an accessory that people can (and do) cherish for life.

So, we’ve put together the most popular jewellery brands that pair their values having a persistence for style and quality. Every one of these brands does incredible work-whether it’s sustainably ending cycles of poverty through employment, upholding traditional craft techniques, or sourcing fair-found gold along with other materials, there is a brand here that suits your values.

If you are popping the issue (or maybe you’ve already stated yes!), take a look at our help guide to ethical and conflict-free diamond engagement rings here.

1. Mejuri

MejuriBased In | Toronto, Canada
Ethics | Ethically sourced metals & stones, fair trade gold, environmental sustainability, fair labor
Price Range | $$$ [Mejuri doesn’t would like you to simply put on your fine jewellery on special events it wants you to definitely put on it every single day. The organization offers rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets which are handcrafted by specializing jewelers all over the world (in Italia, India, Columbia, and much more), with no traditional luxury markups. The types of materials include cultured freshwater pearls, genuine mineral gemstones, and diamonds which are ethically sourced low cost who follow conflict-free practices. Created in small quantities, Mejuri also drops new limited-edition products each week.]

2. Catbird

CatbirdBased In | Brooklyn, New York City
Ethics | Ethical working conditions, fair wages, recycled gold, conflict-free stones, gives back
Price Range | $$-$$$ [The lady-owned and -operated brand Catbird makes their very own jewellery entirely in-house in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Using more than 40 fairly compensated jewelers and artisans on-site, they crafts dainty, delicate, and stunning bits of jewellery for everyday put on and beyond, in addition to stocking other artisan jewellery like engagement and engagement rings. All pieces use recycled gold and conflict-free, responsibly sourced gemstones. Plus, the Catbird Giving Fund donates 1 % of sales (not only profits!) to organizations such as the ACLU and also the Food Bank of recent You are able to City.]


ABLEBased In | Nashville, TN
Ethics | B Corp, female artisan-made, fair wages & working conditions, responsibly sourced materials
Price Range | $$ [ABLE creates sustainable business possibilities for ladies in Nashville who’ve overcome adversity. The social impact brand believes that generational poverty ends when individuals can offer on their own and, by empowering women, entire families and communities are uplifted. All the jewellery pieces come in-house using responsibly sourced and recycled materials from small-scale vendors offering fair wages and dealing conditions. ABLE is our one-stop look for affordable jewellery and accessories.]

4. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten-Thousand-VillagesBased In | Akron, PA with artisans worldwide
Ethics | Fair Trade Federation member, artisan-made, responsibly sourced & sustainable materials
Price Range | $ [For more than 75 years, 10, 000 Villages is a pioneer from the fair trade movement. The organization has laid the research for sustainable alternation in over 30 developing countries through empowerment and employment possibilities. Jewellery is produced by independent small-scale artisan groups, co-ops, and workshops. The pieces are crafted with love using local materials and time-honored skills. 10, 000 Villages can also be the most popular stop for reasonable, hand crafted gifts from around the globe.]

5. Nisolo

NisoloBased In | Nashville, TN
Ethics | Certified B Corp, artisan-made, better-than-fair wages, transparent & ethical production practices, responsibly sourced & sustainable materials
Price Range | $$ [Nisolo collaborates with local artisans in Peru, Mexico, and Kenya in the development of its exquisite jewellery collection. From design to production, the Nashville-based brand works together with artisans, all while supplying better-than-fair wages and dealing conditions because of its employees. Nisolo is not only dedicated to producing beautiful, timeless products the socially driven company promises respect and dignity because of its employees (and also the atmosphere!). For gorgeously designed, well-made jewellery, shop here.]

6. Aurate

AurateBased In | New York City
Ethics | Ethical working conditions, seventh-generation artisans, sustainably sourced & recycled materials, gives back
Price Range | $$$-$$$$ Born from New york city, Aurate crafts the fragile, stunning gold jewellery that people love, created using 100 % recycled gold! Inspired by New york city icons (think historic building doorknobs and also the Brooklyn Bridge), all the sustainable pieces within this collection include flair and elegance, causeing this to be line ideal for the current lady. Crafted by seventh-generation craftspeople (yes, seven), you realize you’ll feel and look your very best flaunting Aurate. You’ll rise towards the defacto standard in each and every way.]

7. Accompany

AccompanyBased In | New York City
Ethics | Certified B Corp, ethically made by artisans, fair trade, gives back
Price Range | $$-$$$ [Accompany bridges the space between artisan-made jewellery and direct-to-consumer needs by having an readily available platform. The organization teams track of brands like Soko and Makua which are more original, ethically made jewellery one will discover. Shop pieces from Indigenous communities and jewellery produced from responsibly sourced materials (like Colombian wood). If you are searching for any socially conscious platform that believes in a single-of-a-kind accessories, Accompany will do the job.]

8. 31 Bits

31-BitsBased In | Indonesia, Uganda, & the USA
Ethics | Ethical working conditions, fair wages, holistic care for artisans
Price Range | $–$$ [31 Bits works together with artisans in Uganda and Indonesia to produce fashionable, high-quality jewellery. The organization employs ladies and takes care of its beneficiaries by providing counseling, healthcare, financial education, and business mentorships. And everything the fair trade jewellery brand does is funded through revenue. Which means your purchases directly impact and empower women around the world.]

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