Tantric Sex — The What, Why, & How For A More Mindful Experience

by Carter Toni

No question we obtain confused, flustered, and left unsatisfied like a society inside our unique sexual encounters. We’ve been brought to think that to be able to “have sex,” we have to have sexual intercourse.

Exactly what the dictionary does not put in words may be the sacredness of any sort of sexual encounter. It does not celebrate the union between physiques and people-the approaching together of souls and also the search for movement and freedom.

Tantric sex is available in like a tool to broaden our meaning of sex and just what hopefully to provide and receive with the experience.

NOW, Let us Discuss TANTRIC SEX. What Exactly Is It EXACTLY?

Tantric Sex is really a meditative practice which involves deep-rooted closeness it may be performed alone or having a partner. The concept would be to get rid of the finish objective of reaching orgasm and rather cultivate a much deeper mind-body connection as well as an enlightened condition of presence.

Tantra is definitely an ancient Hindu Sanskrit word which means to “weave,” and Tantric sex is “the weaving and growth of energy.” It is also been referred to as the joining of maleness and feminity, or “dark and light” powers, to produce one union.

This “way” of getting sex isn’t frequently practiced in western society. We’ve produced a typical around sex that certain must achieve an finish goal, even when which means not fully experiencing and enjoying the raw connection that may happen through touch or breath. Tantric sex is really a tool for healing. It can benefit individuals who had been wounded during sexual encounters, because it offers new methods for exploring touch that honors your body and also the soul. The practice is gentle, slow, and should be practiced with persistence.


Incorporating Tantric sex takes practice, also it can make time to feel fully comfortable. It may feel vulnerable and strange initially because we have not been trained to experience sex inside a conscious or present way. But, with ongoing commitment, the knowledge may become customized and free.

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