A Beginner Guide to Buying Amazing Paintings Online!

by Glenn Maxwell

Noble Portrait

Galleries, artists, painting styles, and prices—sometimes you may think that it is just impossible to figure it out. However, do not panic! The art industry is not as scary as it is painted (sorry for the pun). If you would like, you can become a successful art investor. In the meantime, we will offer some tips to beginners who are taking their first steps in shopping for amazing paintings online.

Know What You Like

Today, any sphere of our lives is consistent with certain trends, and painting is no exception. From time to time, one or another artist rises to the top, and the paintings become objects of admiration and stunning investments. We may observe the same when it comes to various trends in art when one or another painting manner is in the public eye.

If you feel that you can’t give in to everyone’s delight in certain works of art, don’t be scared, because you shouldn’t. The perception of a painting is very intimate and delicate, and tastes here can differ greatly. Listen to the advice of gallery experts and art dealers, but do not take it as the ultimate truth. After all, you will admire your collection, so your emotions and feelings are paramount here.

The most brilliant paintings are custom paintings. Noble Portrait is an example of a community of artists that delivers outstanding custom paintings that cater to your preferred style and feel.

Set a Budget

Works of art pricing in ordinary art galleries may vary, but when it comes to digital stores, the range becomes almost endless, not to mention the fact that the variety of exhibits makes your eyes run away. Budget planning is what you really need in this case. You narrow down the range of your possibilities, the choice becomes much easier, and the wallet does not lose weight at an alarming rate.

The only exception to this rule is buying a painting that has become a revelation for you. If you have fallen in love with a work of art, allow yourself a little more. However, don’t go beyond what’s reasonable too often.

Do Your Research

You need to keep abreast all the time to become an experienced and sophisticated art investor. If that’s still a long way off, start small. You can establish communication with famous art collectors and try to get acquainted with gallery founders and art dealers. If you shy it all away, specialized forums and public sites will do.

All this research is very useful, and you should not neglect it because:

  1. First, you can navigate prices better.
  2. Secondly, you will learn about new trends and names, as well as paintings that are worth a look at.
  3. And thirdly, over time, you will join the club and can count on favorable offers from some gallery owners.

Don’t hurry!

Besides admiring the wall art, you have to evaluate many points. These are:

  • the size,
  • the matching of the palette,
  • the potential for placement,
  • the combination with another décor.

Also, learn about the availability of appropriate certificates of authenticity and the artist’s signature on the work.

Spontaneous purchases can really be very successful. However, we do not recommend taking risks. Study the work thoroughly, weigh all the pros and cons, and then you will understand for sure whether your desire to buy it is just a random impulse or whether it is really what you have been looking for all this time.

So, we discussed the subtleties of choosing a work of art. Now we have to determine where you may make such purchases and how to find a good gallery or digital store.

Find out more about the digital store

The website of any online store, even if it belongs to a large art gallery, is nothing more than pixels on the screen. Try to get as much information as possible about the gallery where the paintings you like are presented. To form a more or less clear opinion about the store you can:

  • to contact its representatives or founders.
  • to talk to your friends in the art world.
  • to read independent forum reviews.

The points that will help you state the reliability of the digital store are the following:

  • Payment methods.
  • Delivery and information about the protection measures for paintings.
  • Free returns.

Buying a painting that has become an object of sincere admiration for you is a pleasure. However, do not lose your mind and keep track of the material side of the matter. Keep all invoices and payment receipts, as well as correspondence with the gallery staff. All this will come in handy if there are any problems or when you decide to sell the painting.

And the Last Little Note for Beginners

Getting to know wall art from scratch does not involve wholesale purchases. Buy one to two paintings, enjoy the results for a while, and then look for a new work of art. Let your collection be replenished slowly but without any superfluous or inappropriate exhibits. You can start your journey with the community of Noble Portrait.

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