How To Keep Wildlife Safe During Summer!

by Glenn Maxwell

Wildlife is crucial to our planet and our quality of life. Without it, the world would be a very different place, and not for the better. This is why people have to look out for wildlife and make sure they take the necessary steps to keep them thriving for years to come.

Everyone knows what it feels like to try and make their way through a scorching summer, but at least humans generally have access to ice lollies, cold drinking water, and somewhere they can sit in the shade. This is much more difficult for animals, which is why people need to give them a helping hand.

This piece will offer a guide on how you can keep your wildlife safe through summer so they can keep doing their best work for the planet.

Remove Any Dangerous Materials from Your Garden

Summer is often a time when people are the most inspired to get stuff done in the garden – and why not? The weather is much nicer, the nights are longer, and your neighbors are sure to understand why you need to dig the patio up at 9 am on a Sunday morning.

However, you need to be careful about leaving certain materials behind in the garden overnight or unattended, as this can cause problems for the wildlife that inhabits your garden. For example, if you are using nets in your garden, make sure to install and dispose of them properly. If they are discarded incorrectly, this can be unsafe and trap all kinds of creatures unwittingly.

Leave Out Watering Holes

If the birds and the bees cannot find a water source in summer, they are in serious danger of dehydration. Take that risk away by ensuring they have access to water around your garden in different spots. Keep an eye on them and make sure they get refilled so they can have a reliable location to quench their thirst at all times.

It is best advised that you do not feed any wildlife food apart from birds, as this could serve as an invitation for them into your property and into your cupboards, which could lead to a vermin problem

For more information on looking after wildlife and feeding them without mess, head over to The Awesome Wildlife Company!

Look Before You Mow

It is no secret that wildlife like to hide in tall grass or find respite in plants and dirt, so it is important that people keep an eye out for them before they plow down the animals’ habitat with a lawn mower. Keep your eyes peeled for frogs, snakes, mice, and anything else you think could be lurking in your grounds, and move them to safety before you continue to mow or renovate your garden.

Call a Professional

If you have to deal with an animal that is large or unwell, calling a professional rescue will be the best option. This can get the animal in need the best level of care and help them rehabilitate to return to their natural habitat when they are ready.

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